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December 20, 2012

Helen asks…

my mum and i want to stay in NYC for a month, is there anywhere to live besides hotels?

Since 30 days is too long for living in a hotel(too expensive, not comfortable, and some other limitations), we are looking for somewhere to stay during the summer for a month. can we rent an apartment room for 30 days? or is there any other worthy alternatives? thanks for the advice.
ps: we want to stay in manhattan.price shouldn’t exceeds $3,000. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Hi There.

You should check out the site, here you can find safe and affordable short-term rental apartments in NYC, which is cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel. Good Luck!!!

William asks…

How much would a very small apartment cost in Greenwich Village, NY?

I’m in Australia and I am moving there. I would like a place in Greenwich Village. A place that is cheap but not dodgy and has a nice feel to it. I would like to rent an apartment there, but I am prepared for a VERY small one, even just with 1 or 2 rooms. Although I would like about 3 or 4 rooms but it doesnt matter. THANKYOU

Administrator answers:

Small is a studio about 400 sq. Feet. This will rent for 1500 a month plus utilities. There is nothing cheap in NYC
You need to contact a real estate broker to find you an apt. Go online, locate one and email your price range.

Maria asks…

Why shouldn’t Americans simply Learn to Live With Less?

Far more Americans own cars than need them.
Many Americans have wasted vast amounts of money on houses, when rent controlled apartments would be far cheaper.
The cost of all this is dependence on foreign oil, global warming, and failing cities.
And what is the benefit?
I think everyone is entitled to having their basic needs met and their fundamental human rights upheld.

Administrator answers:

Perhaps they should learn to live with less. It depends on the individual.

The question is how should they learn that lesson: by force and fiat, or by free market forces? You can force a man to live with less simply by putting him in a jail cell. But if you try to force an entire society to live with less, you turn the entire country into a jail.

Incidentally, rent control tends to raise the cost of housing in general and favor only those who are lucky or connected enough to get a rent-controlled unit…at the expense of those who take the financial risk of providing housing. Rent control inhibits the construction of new housing and takes away incentives for upkeep and maintenance of existing units. So housing stock tends to shrink in a rent-controlled market, putting upward pressure on housing costs in general. It also creates a black market for housing, just like artificial pricing does for any commodity. Read “Live Rent Free For Life!,” which chronicles the beneficiaries of rent-controlled apartments in NYC who then sub-let those apartments at market rates (which are artificially high BECAUSE of rent control).

EDIT: “I think everyone is entitled to having their basic needs met and fundamental rights upheld.”

That may be true, but you also want to determine for everyone what their basic needs are. Don’t you think it’s a “fundamental right” for individuals to determine that for themselves?

Paul asks…

How much is typical cheap rent in NYC?

Im hoping to look in NYC this summer for a few months and was wondering what i should except for a short term rent in NYC at the cheapest but safe place. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Well, the minimum length of time for an apartment rental is a year, so, if you’re only coming for a few months, then taking a short-term rental on a bedroom in a roommate situation would be best for you, and those usually start at maybe $500 a month?

An added benefit to a roommate situation is that you’ll be sharing with people who live here already, and they can help you out as you learn the ropes.

The link below is to the roommate section of the New York CraigsList site, so check it out, but be very careful because if the deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably a scam, someone looking to steal your money. Hey, what can I say, that’s life in the big city.

Good luck!… :D

David asks…

What is the standard of living like in New York?

My friends and I are planning on moving over to the USA over the next couple of years or so and was wondering how much we would need to save up to actually be able to make ends meet. Naturally we would need to find work over there too but having some finance would lessen the blow so to speak.

Administrator answers:

It depends where in NY you mean. NYC area, upstate, Long Island?

In New York City – you will need a ton of money. There are cheap areas (Harlem, Inwood, Washington Heights, etc), but even there a 3bdrm apt will run you $3,000 a month and up. Then you have to figure setting up and paying utilities will be extra.

Most NYC apartments are through realty brokers, so figure on having at least first month, a month of security (some places want 2), and a month for a realty fee – almost $10,000.

For some, the realty fee is a percentage of the YEARLY rent – so 12% or so of $36,000, whatever that comes to.

You can get something else in one of the surrounding boroughs for much less. In Brooklyn, you might be able to find a 3bdrm for $1,000-$2,000, depending on the area and how nice it is. Then figure on security, & most likely a realty fee.

In most parts of Queens and Long Island, the average for a 3bdrm seems to be $1,300-$1,600. Again, the same deal as before with security, utilities, & fees.

So those are some of the costs downstate. If you’re planning to move somewhere else in NY, like Binghamton, Albany, Buffalo, etc, it will obviously be less.

Susan asks…

I Need Help I Am Thinking About Moving To NYC?

I want to move to NYC particularly near the train system. I am thinking of Brooklyn or Manhattan.

I would like to apply for subsidized housing, I need a 2 bedroom.

I live in Boston, MA right now. I want to move to NYC by January.

How would I get my stuff from Boston to NYC? I do not drive, and will not have access to a car.

How much do you think I will need to move?

Administrator answers:

A 2BR government subsidized apartment is not easy to get on such short notice. There is usually a huge waiting list to get into these types of housing. My grandparents got into their govt subsidized apartment in Chinatown after a 15 year wait! I doubt you can secure one in such short notice.

To move all your stuff to NYC, you’d have to hire some movers to truck all your furniture, clothes, electronics, etc… The cost to move your stuff could cost up to $2000…depending on how much stuff you have. Of course, you’d have to have an address first so they know where to deliver your stuff to, so that means you’d need to come to NYC a month or two beforehand to sign a lease to a place.

If you want to go cheap, you can probably take Boltbus or Megabus to get to NYC for less than $10. If you have any friends in the city, maybe hit them up for a favor and crash with them for the weekend while you search for an apartment. Make sure you do your homework first and find out which part of Manhattan/Brooklyn you want to move to. Search some rental sites to become familiar with the areas. If you don’t get a rent-subsidized apartment, expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $4000/month for a 2BR apartment in Manhattan….Brooklyn, depending on where you decide can be almost as expensive if you’re in Brooklyn Heights but much less if you go further into Brooklyn. Look around on the internet to see what the going rents are in each neighborhood so you won’t be surprised when you start looking around.

Donald asks…

What would be a good hourly wage to live in NYC?

I’d like to live here, hopefully with my wife in the near future. I plan on attaining a bachelors degree or masters in mathematics. How much to live comfortably. Slightly above middle class.

Also, I have a question about living in Tokyo. Check that out too please and thank you.

Administrator answers:

Well if you live in Manhattan the rent for a small 1 bedroom will run u about $2,000 – $2,500 a month. Typically heat and hot water is included in your rent (not always though). If you live in one of the surrounding 4 boroughs you cal save a lot on rent.
Electric is expensive during the summer because of A/C’s. But con ed has a level pay plan where they spread out the cost of your usage over 12 months. That way you don’t get hit with a $300 bill in July and August and $75 the rest of the year. And yes it can get as high as $300. It’s ridiculous. Cable and internet will rum you about $150 a month for time warner or Verizon fios. They run promotions where you can get cable, phone and internet for $99 a month but that’s before $20 worth of “applicable taxes”. And that rate is only good for one year. After 12 months they jack the price up. Groceries usually run me about $200 a month for me and I live alone and work Mon – Friday, 9 – 5. I also live in a surrounding borough so its abit cheaper for me. Food prices are ridiculous in the city.
Honestly, I’ve lived in NY my entire life and I think the cost of living in the city is ridiculous. I dormed there in college and enjoyed every second of it. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world but now that I’m older I realize that’s its just not practical. At least not for me. After college I moved back to staten island where I have a large 1 bedroom apartment with a balcony, a view of the park and water and I don’t even pay $1,200 a month in rent. I still work in Manhattan though so I travel back and forth everyday. It’s what most people do.

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