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December 22, 2012

Mandy asks…

How Much does it cost in Brooklyn or Manhattan..??

I wanna move from my country to NYC and I wanna rent an apartment . I wanna know the least cost of one there and what’s the best neighborhood for me..??

Administrator answers:

Cheap would be 1,000 a month if you dont plan on rooming with someone and that would be in a pretty bad neighborhood.

Nancy asks…

Cool ideas for a Harry Potter themed party?

So I’m planning a small Harry Potter themed birthday party. It’s not for awhile but I was wondering what ideas you had for it. I can’t really do anything over the top, and mind you, it will be in a relatively small NYC apartment. I know for sure we will watch one, if not more, of the Harry Potter movies, and perhaps people can dress up as their fave characters, but what else?? Activities? Decor?

Administrator answers:

Hey there

For food, check my answer (the second one in ‘other answers’ by Bellatrix) here >;_ylt=AgjjmiBuVw6Aa1iw6Hj_GvUhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110408062155AAuwvOi (I’d copy and paste it here but I think it’ll make my answer too long and you’d probably not read it)

Activites: There are loads of board games and video games available. You could get the ‘Harry Potter: Scene it?’ of which there are two editions available. There is also a Harry Potter version of Cluedo/Clue. There are also Wii/PS3/Xbox games of all the films and theres also the ‘Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4′ which from what I’ve heard is really good. An idea is, depending how many people that are attending, you could give everyone their own houses (out of the four at Hogwarts) and people can earn the ‘points’ by winning games

Decoration: There are plenty of plates, cups, napkins and etc. Available and although I don’t know how old you are, I’m guessing they’ll be a bit childish as they’re aimed at kids. You could make a smoking cauldron as a sort of centrepiece with a nice effect using dry ice ( ). You can also get a Hogwarts banner for about $13 at Amazon (I’m pretty sure you can find it cheaper using Google Shopping or whatever). You could also decorate with streamers in the house colours (red and gold, blue and bronze etc)

I hope that helps :D

Sandy asks…

Im thinking of moving to New York City after I graduate from college I will be a hotel manager. What are some?

pros and cons of living in New York city? Im single and Im in my 20′s. How is the dating scene in NYC?

Administrator answers:

NYC is perfect for young and single or even young couples. There are lots of things to do. (Manhattan I believe has something like 12000 restaurants alone) If you are a culture vulture, there are a lot of museums and cultural events all year round. There are also a lot of bars and clubs in the city as well. There is tremendous diversity in the city also. The dating scene here is great because of the amount of people here. Pretty much, I think it is tough to be lonely over here. NYC also encompasses a big area. We have 5 boroughs that are each a little different.

The cons-Really expensive. The outer boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx) are less expensive, but are still expensive. Also, renting a place will be difficult, especially if you don’t have a rental history. The way that apartments figure rent is they take the monthly rent and multiply it by 40 to 45. That is how much you need to make a year to qualify. (Ex.- rent is 1000 a month, they multiply it by 40, so you need to make $40,000 a year at least.) Also, it is crowded. Sometimes, maybe you want peace and quiet. You won’t always get that here. Crime is also here. There aren’t running gun battles like in the early 90′s, but you have to keep your wits about you to keep yourself from being a victim. The subways, although cheap and reasonably efficient can be very crowded, sometimes smelly and dirty.

The main gripe in the city is it is expensive. If you can hustle and make your money you will have a great time here.

David asks…

Where can I find a 1 bedroom apartment in Northern New Jersey near New York around $800 a month, some paid uti

Looking to relocate to N. Jersey and worki in NYC, please help need apartment fast. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can’t. Bergen and Passaic Counties, which are closest to NYC, start at $1025 for a one bedroom, and you can get a small studio for $810 in Clifton, NJ, but NONE of the utilities are paid for – except by you.
Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties in NY and Long Island, NY are all commuting distance into the city, but they’re also not cheap.
You might be better off going to or to find a place to share that’s affordable.

Lizzie asks…

Where to buy nice and cheap furniture for my room in London?

I’ve seen soooo many things at Urban Outfitters but it is too expensive!!

I’m moving to lodon and my room will become my only living space so I want it to be comfortable ;)

Administrator answers:

Try the markets portabella market is good but car boot sales are good also house clearance sales you can get designer stuff for ten pounds buy exchange and mart also loot newspapers look on newsagents doors one tip only go in day time take someone with you also tell someone where you are going ok try the car boot sales you can paint furniture to fit in with your style please dont take your cards take small amount you want to spend if moving into new apartment go to locksmith change the barrel in your yale lock you buy a packet it costs 15 pound you dont need drill oor nothing its very simple the instructions are on packet tell locksmith you want to change barrel it will include two new keys so the person living there before cant get in im used to london i was born here i live right in the center behind oxford street i also live in nyc usa so this is my advice welcome to london it is a amazing city join church and sports clubs to make pals

Daniel asks…

Do people in the upper west side in nyc receive section 8 housing assistance?

I’m wondering about those who live in the upper west or upper east side of manhattan. Are any of them on section 8? Will someone explain to me how section 8 work exactly?

Administrator answers:

NO with a vacancy rate of less then 1% all landlords have no interest in cheap rents for section 8.
Lowest rent for a Studio apartment is 1500 a month. Section 8 does not use taxpayer’s money to pay that high rent.

Steven asks…

How do New Yorkers do their laundry?

I know some apartment buildings have washer/dryers in the basement. However, how do you find time to sit there while your clothes wash? I live in your typical American town, so I can just put my clothes in W/D and do something else, run some errands, etc. Do a lot of people use laundry services, and are they very expensive? Just curious-it just seems like washing one’s clothes would be quite tricky in NYC.

Administrator answers:

A lot of people who don’t have machines in their building or a laundromat close by have it picked up and dropped off when it’s done. Many laundromats offer this service. They’ll come to your home and pickup your bag(s) of dirty laundry, wash & dry it and deliver it back later that day/night or the following day. You pay by the pound and they fold & fluff everything up nicely for you. It obviously costs more than doing it yourself, but it’s really not super-expensive (although not cheap either). For some, the convenience and time saved is more than worth it. I have done this a few times because my job at the time made it impossible to get it done regularly (I traveled a lot).

I’ve also dropped it off at a nearby laundromat and picked it up later in the day. Again, paying by the pound and getting everything nicely folded and fluffed. Very convenient when you’re pressed for time.

Nowadays, I drop a couple of loads in (I have machines in my building’s basement) and head back up to my apartment, then go back down a half hour later and repeat for the dryer. I don’t wait in the room.

Ken asks…

What to know about moving to New York City alone?

What are the best/ Cheapest Boroughs to live in? How much money should I go with? How to save money in New York City? What are some good facts about The City? Where should I go or call about a good job? BTW Im moving to New York City by myself. Should I look for roommates? & How Should I go about getting a roommate? Craigslist? or Just go walk around asking? I want to know EVERYTHING about New York City.

Administrator answers:

Cheapest boroughs are Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. The Bronx isn’t really the best choice since there isn’t much there and it has the most gang activity. It also depends where you are in Brooklyn, if you plan to live there. Personally, Queens is a good choice – also, depending where you are.

Save money? Hm, get a decent job while trying to look for one that is in your area of expertise. I suggest to get a job close to where you will live because transportation during the morning and at 6 is tough.

Apartments here are small and cost more in Manhattan. So stick with the outer boroughs.

Looking for a room mate? Honestly, either you know them really well or get an apartment on your own because you never know.

-There is no point in having a car if you live here because you can just take the subway.
-Manhattan is huge and has many different parts that take years to explore – trust me, I’ve lived here my whole life and I still haven’t.
-Queens has the best food. In Jackson Heights, you can find the Indian/Bengali neighborhood. In Flushing, you find everything Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. There are many different food places.
-Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn, is what we call the “Russian neighborhood” since it’s basically the Russian community.
-Little Italy isn’t really Little Italy anymore since the only think Italian left is the restaurants. Chinatown is right next door.
-SoHo has nice boutiques and shops with cobblestone roads. Then, if you walk a few blocks over, you can find Chinatown where there is the best bubble tea.
-Chelsea has the most art galleries.
-Central Park is the oasis – you can find the wackiest people there and its slam, right in the middle of the city.
-People don’t usually go to the Bronx unless if they go to Bronx Science (high school) or live there.
-Staten Island isn’t really “considered” a borough for New Yorkers.
-NYC traffic is the worst
-Spend your money carefully.
-The MOMA museum is the most interesting museum and has fascinating exhibits.
-Bryant park has the best ice skating ring, especially in the winter because it’s outdoor. There are also these really nice little stands around.
-Union Square has this Christmas thing where a bunch of stands are put up and its a very beautiful thing to see.
-The Bald Man’s Chocolate is one of the best places to go for everything chocolate.
-East Village is where you find all the cool people.

And honestly, I cannot even tell you everything about NYC in one answer because it’s so big, beautiful, and amazing. It’s the best city I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to many places but somehow NYC always lures me back.

The only way to find out about NYC is to throw yourself into it.

Carol asks…

How can I get $1000 to $5000 or more to pay for my apartment every month in NYC?

How can I afford and get that money, what type of jobs pay you that kind of money?

Administrator answers:

Experts recommend that you spend no more than 30% of your gross income on housing. Let’s round that to 1/3 for simplicity of math. In order to pay $1000 a month in rent safely, you need to make at least $3000 per month, or $36,000 per year. There are LOTS of jobs paying that much (especially in NYC, where salaries tend to run higher than in cheaper parts of the nation) — in every field from teaching to banking to media to construction work — but almost all of them are going to require a college degree.
If you have your eye on a $5000/month apartment instead, you’d need to make $180,000 per year to do that comfortably — and the internet will be happy to help you find out what kinds of training and experience you need to earn that type of salary.

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