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December 22, 2012

Sharon asks…

How much would it cost for a family of 4 to go to nyc ?

live in sacramento
ages 53, 47, 17, 13

The 13 year old can be younger or old according to discounts .

Administrator answers:

Flight 350$ each,1 hotel room 250$ a night, metro card 30$ each for the week. Museums, go to the ones that you can get in for free or for a suggested donation, (like 2$ each pay what you want) that would be natural history and the metropolitan, also go to web site and print out vouchers for meals at a huge discount , also try and go to local deals for NYC there are hotel and meal deals there as well as show discounts. NYC can be done on the cheap after you pay for your flights and hotels since you dont need a car rental. Make sure you get a copy of time out ny to plan the week , or use there online site.
Sometimes you can get a larger studio apartment or timeshare rental on ebay or Craig’s list, like the manhattan club, its got a kitchen and its great for 4 people. NYC is only expensive for people who live here because the rent is so high. As a visitor you can use the coupons and promotions even go to a website called goldstar comps to get more free or really cheap things to do in nyc like madame Tussuad’s wax museum or bodies exhibit. A trip to disney would cost a whole lot more to do a whole lot less.

Sandy asks…

i live in texas and want to move to new york. how would i go about doing that?

i want to live right in the city or really close.
i dont know where i should start looking for an apartment at.
i dont have much money so i wouldnt want to do anything way too expensive.
any help, or suggestions?

Administrator answers:

The first user has already said you a lot.
So I can say you only the cheaper and safe places to live in NYC:Queens,where a lot of people,many many young people come here to spend less;Brooklyn,Park Slope is a neighborhood located in the west of Brooklyn, is located between 15th Street and Flatbush Avenue between Prospect Park West and 4th Avenue;
Lower East Side of Manhattan (between Canal Street and Houston Street and between the East River and Bowery);Sunnyside in Queens;Chinatown,Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill e Greenpoint

Michael asks…

I am from chicago and i am considering moving to NYC is there reasonable priced apartments there?

I want to know whats the best place to move to in new york city. I am 24 and my boyfriend is 36 and we plan to move to move next summer. We wanted something under 900.00 dollars a month in a pretty nice area. I heard brooklyn and the bronx were really nice and cheap.

Administrator answers:

I mean it will be hard but you have to pay one months rent one months security and some places you have to pay a brokers fee

It is very rough and congested living in NYC I live here too many people and too many carz alot of excitement but it depends on finding a nice area the nicer the area the more you will have to pay so you would definitely have to do your research and choose something that will be suitable for you because they just approved another rent increase so it would be very unlikely that you will find something for that price in a nice area and I am just being honest with you cause I am paying about 1700 a month for a 4 bedroom and the area is like crap and you would think not because I live right across the street from a church

good luck


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