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December 27, 2012

Steven asks…

Going to move to California soon I am so nervous any tips?

I currently live in NYC. I hate it here.

-People are really rude
-Not may attractive people.
-Everything is SUPER expensive.
-Not many job options when there are jobs
-Just got dumped 3 months ago
- I hate the schools here no friends and its really hard.
-The same food restaurants.

I really have had it. I dont care anymore I got to move. To keep my sanity,

Administrator answers:

LA people are friendly, but I find the people in NYC fine. LA friendly doesn’t mean people will go out of their way to befriend you, it means that most won’t be rude if you speak to them or make an effort. But then I found it that way in NYC. (Except those rude people that walk in the middle of the street, especially in the middle of the bus lane — thank goodness they’re trying to do something about that.)

I guess it depends on where you hang out or what you like because there seems to be many very attractive people whenever I’m in NYC. So you might not be any more pleased with LA.

While rents in LA are cheaper for a comparable apartment than in NYC, in LA we don’t allow the kind of subletting to lots of people in one apartment. In fact, they are really cracking down on that in LA due to recent problems. So your rent may actually go up in LA, but you’ll likely have a nicer standard of living. Food and other items are usually a bit less expensive in LA, we have more access to big stores like Target and Walmart with lower prices. But you’ll likely make up the difference with car expenses, and you’ll want/need a car here. Our public transportation isn’t that great, but it’s fine in some areas. However, since LA is so spread out, you’ll likely start to feel isolated if you don’t have a car because it takes forever to go long distances on most public transportation, our light rail/subway is very limited. If you’re going to rely on public transportation for awhile, be sure to check it out from where you intend to live to your job. Live near your job, what should be a 10 minute drive can take 30 minutes or more in some areas during our long rush hours.

The job market is a bit better in NYC than in LA, it’s still really bad here. Try to have a job before you get out here or it’s possible you could be jobless for 4 to 6 months or even a year. Minimum wage is $8 an hour, which if you can get full time hours (most entry level employers only give 30 hours so benefits don’t kick in) will only cover rent in a low end studio apartment and some food, that’s it.

If you are used to late night, you’re not going to have the same type of late night here in LA. In fact, in some areas everything seems to close down at 9pm. I love that everything is open all night in NYC, and so much variety, and they deliver in the middle of the night. Maybe you’re not exploring the city as much as you could if you think that there is only the same food.

You’ll pay non-resident fees for public college here, and you most likely won’t be able become a resident during your undergrad years, especially for the public 4 year colleges. Non-resident fees, which are in addition to tuition, range from about $5500+ full time 9 months at community college, to $23,000 full time 9 months at UCLA.

Moving isn’t likely going to solve your issues, as life here really isn’t all that different from NYC. Both are expensive, have people who are really busy with their own lives, and high unemployment.

Good luck!

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