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December 29, 2012

Robert asks…

The cost for living in California,or other palces, for an Italian?

I live in Italy and I wish to spend some months in the USA, California, how much money I need to live there? I’d like to rent a little apartment. I’m retired and can’t spend mas than 1500 euros for all the necesities.
Thank you for the answers!
Can you tell me which are the states or cities of the states chipiest?
Me puedes responder en espanol tambien! Gracias!

Administrator answers:

Different parts of the country has different housing costs

California, New York City and most other big cities can be very expensive

but you can also find much cheaper housing in away from the big cities

so its worth going on youre computer and looking around to different cities

I live in Upstate New York, Rochester (an hour from Buffalo and Niagara Falls, 3 hours from Toronto and 5 hours from NYC, 10 hours from Chicago)

and you can get a nice apartment, funished for under $1,000 US per month

Ken asks…

Would I be able to afford to live in NYC?

£40,000 per year
Would live in a small apartment
Is the lifestyle expensive
Would it be better to live in somewhere like Brooklyn and commute?

Administrator answers:

Don’t know what the conversion is and don’t want to look it up. But, unless you’ve been offered a job by a US firm – or anticipate that you will be – you won’t be moving to NYC or anywhere else in the US. It’s extremely hard for UK citizens to get work visas in the US, even more so with the current unemployment rate here. No need for US companies to look at foreign workers.

This question is asked here almost every day, so you could go back and look at past answers.

It costs “a lot” to live in NYC. Brooklyn is generally cheaper than Manhattan, but it’s still hard for a single person to find an affordable apartment – having roommates is common.

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