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May 18, 2012

Robert asks…

How do I go about moving to another city?

I’m 19, my boyfriend is 20 and we want to move to Buffalo, NY. We live in NYC and are currently surviving off of minimum wage. I’ve lived in Buffalo for 3 months in college, and the houses/apartments are cheaper up there than they are here in NYC. How do I go about this? Where do I start?

Administrator answers:

First thing is for both of you to land good jobs up there. Once that is taken care of, you rent an apartment. Once you have the apartment, you move up whatever you want to take with you, and purchase other stuff once you are there.

The whole thing revolves around money–the actual moving is as simple as getting in a car and going, but without decent jobs you won’t be able to rent an apartment or afford to set yourself up.

You can start by driving up there to look around and apply for jobs. If you know anybody living up there, ask if you can flop with them for a few days in return for cooking meals for them.

Ruth asks…

Senior in college planning to move to nyc with little money?

I know I’m dreaming big for someone with no money. But I feel like it it is something I can make happen.

I’m graduating college in May of 2012 and I want to go to grad school at NYU. But I don’t have the finances to do this whatsoever. How does a broke 21 year old move to a city as big and expensive as NYC and get by?

How do I prepare to make this transition?

My best friend lives there now and I have already given her the heads up to help me find apartments for cheap (might be living together even).

I’ll be working from now until I move to NYC hopefully in May. I don’t make very much and I will probably estimate I will only have may be $1000 saved considering I already am in a situation where I have to support myself and my paid jobs don’t make much…

Please give me any advice, even if it’s telling me I’m crazy for considering this and should move home first and find a better paying job first.

Though I would rather not move back home right after college.

Administrator answers:

I grew up in NYC. My parents live in an apartment that costs over $1 million and is only 2 bedroom 1100 square feet. My niece and nephew each live there in separate apts and another niece just moved to a difference part of the city. One bedroom costs typically like $1200 a month in a small apartment not so nice neighborhood. NYU has dormitories and financial aid. Investigate directly with the school. Tuition is outrageously high, but most people get some financial aid. The city itself is expensive. To many people it is the best place in the world to live, but it is among the most expensive cities.
The web site is attached. Salaries there for part time and full time jobs are higher, but not nearly enough to offset.If you are dying to live in NYC in grad school, your best chances without a bankroll or being a genius where they will fund you by the school is the CUNY system (City University of NY). I answered a question about it once here. Not all CUNY is Manhattan, and costs outside Manhattan in NYC are lower than in NYC. There is commuting potential from New Jersey by mass transit rail and buses, but first need to get over the tuition/fees/supplies/books hurdle.

PS – Dreaming is not crazy, and sometimes dreams can be fulfilled. Investigate all options of financial aid, but if you cannot make it happen, understand you picked a tough one. Harvard is another dream goal for many people as are other top schools.

If not now, and you want to try living in Manhattan, after you graduate you can apply to work at the various corporations that match your degree (probably masters degree most likely).

Lisa asks…

should i move to nyc or oklahoma city ?

ones nice a big and well costs a lot to live in and one well i have never seen apartments so cheap i saw some for 500$ for a 3 room

Administrator answers:

OKC is a nice place to live, but I don’t know where you are from and what you like to do. You are right about the cost of living being lower. You can buy a nice house or rent a really nice big apartment for what you pay for a hole in the wall apartment in NYC.

OKC is very big and spread out so you have to do a lot of driving.

Carol asks…

My good friend from Germany is coming to New York to visit, and he wants to stay in a cheap hotel in NYC?

I would really appreciate it if someone on this website can help his question. His question is listed below word for word;

?artour Kai July 2 at 9:41am
“I am sorry for bothering (again…).
I have big problems with my accomodation :(
I can’t stay at the girls family who is comming with me.
So i need a cheap hostel or hotel for like 30$ / € per night.

I looked online i found 2 cheap ones but there fully booked :(
It was the ‘Radio City Apartments‘ and the ‘Best Western Hospitality House’

Maybe ur family knows a cheap hostel or just something where i can sleep. I feel stupid to ask u that bro. :(

Hope u can help me. I already have my tickets & i dont wanna throw the 700€ i paid for them out of the window.

I would even go to Queens / NY and sleep in Arthur Spooner’s basement lol. just kiddin’ :)

I’m really ashamed man but its the only way to come to NY
I would apreaciate if u/ur family could help me to find something.

Thanks in advance.

As you can see my friend is in need and he leaves for New York shortly. Please help him out. thanks alot

Administrator answers:

If he’s looking for a hostel, may I recommend the following.

Hosteling Int’l NY
891 Amsterdam Av at West 103rd Street

around $35 a night and up

Jazz On the Park
36 West 106th Street (between Manhattan Avenue and Central Park West)

starts around $30 a night

Central Park Hostel
19 West 103rd Street (corner of Central Park West and West 103rd Street)

$30 at night and up

The Big Apple Hostel
119 West 45th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues)

$35 at night and up

You can also try the YMCA, there are two locations in Manhattan.

Vanderbilt YMCA
224 East 47th St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 912-2500

West Side YMCA
5 West 63rd St.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 875-4100

If he’s looking for hotel, may I recommend the following.

The Wellington ~ 55th St and 7th Ave

Hilton NY ~ 53rd St and Ave. Of the Americas (6th Ave)

Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers ~ 53rd and 7th Ave.


The Pod Hotel New York
230 East 51st Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue)

Millennium Broadway Hotel – Times Square
145 W 44th St (between 6th and 7th Avenue)

The Westin New York Times Square
1535 Broadway (between West 46th and 47th Streets)

The Comfort Inn Times Square
305 West 39th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck

Mark asks…

Im a female. moving to nyc after highschool. advice wanted!?

so im highschool. ninth grade but before graduation. im going to save up a ton of money. during those school years im going to do everything i can to save up money for a cheap apartment in an avergae neighborhood. also for living casually. and yes when i go there im going to get two jobs. but heres the thing. im a female. living in texas and i cant wait to get out.. start a new life. but i dont have any family in ny. nor do i know anyone from there. and i dont think by graduation. id have people that would come with me. i mean im going to go on craigslist. looking for an apartment around eight hundred with roommates. of course ill get to know them tho. but i mean how do you go about being a single female going to nyc alone. even tho you have already have an apt and roommates and a job waiting. i mean is it still safe.

Administrator answers:

Your plan will be VERY hard to implement. It is very expensive to live in New York City, and without any support from friends or family you are going to have a very difficult time.

I would suggest you go to college in New York City, if you want a less-risky way of getting your foot in the door here. Get as much student loans and financial aid lined up as possible, apply, get into and attend a college in NYC. While in college in NYC, you will be experiencing the city with less risk, and you will be earning a degree that will give you better job prospects when you graduate. And after you graduate you can decide if you want to stick around NYC or not.

Michael asks…

Moving to NYC with 10k.?

Alright…. I am planning to move to NYC pretty soon here.
I am going to take about $10,000. That’s really all I have right now, but I figure, as long as I get a job asap and I have a roommate in a pretty cheap apartment that we should be okay for at least a month? I just really want to get there as soon as possible. I am basically just wondering if you guys think it will work out?
Yeah, I was thinking I might need a little more money.
I think I should just sell some things.
I am also a photographer (freelance) so I think I’ll try and get a little more business to try and get out of here.
NYC is the place I have always felt that I belong, ever since the first moment I stepped on the ground there, that’s why I want to get there asap.

Administrator answers:

I believe so but I am not sure .

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