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January 5, 2013

Richard asks…

Can an 18 year old rent an apartment?

I am 18 years old , and my boyfriend is 20 years old. We both finished high school, he is working and attending college, and so am I. We want to move in together. I know it will be hard. We live in new york city by the way. What is the cheapest that we can find with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen? And how hard will it be to live on our own? Is it a good decision to move in together? He works and makes about 700 a week and I make at least 500 a week. Would that be enough?

Administrator answers:

You can *legally* rent an apartment, yes, but the problem will be finding a landlord who’s willing to rent to you. Most landlords like to see a steady, verifiable employment history of at least two years, and a decent credit history.

If the two of you make $1200 a week, you could afford rent of about $1200 a month. Good luck finding anything decent in NYC for that amount.

My advice? Wait a year or two. Save money. See if the relationship lasts. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a one-year lease with someone you don’t want to ever see again in your life.

James asks…

Is their still a large black population in Harlem or is it now mostly Hispanics and Whites?

Harlem has always been a centre of African-American culture, so I’ve been disappointed to learn the black population has been decreasing rapidly for awhile now. East Harlem was a Hispanic area but it now seems they are the majority in Harlem. I know Central Harlem still has a black population I’m just wondering approximately how many? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Central Harlem is still as much as 70-80% black, the highest percentage in NYC for a black community. The new condos are very expensive and a new mix demographic fill these buildings.

HOWEVER, Central Harlem is still a low income area. The area has a high poverty rate. It’s unfortunate that the new construction isn’t for long time Harlemites.

If you are low-income, you can apply for the housing projects. Coming from Australia some things might be a shock. People smoking marijuana on project benches, gangs, etc.

The tenements (old shabby apartment buldings) are still cheap as *new* (white) people generally do not flock to them. However, people are holding onto their apartments and it may be hard to find an opening.

The cheapest areas of NYC: housing projects if u can get accepted, South Bronx, East Elmhurt Queens, low income parts of Jamaica Queens, East New York Brooklyn, Brownsville Brooklyn etc

East Harlem, known as El Barrio, lies east of central harlem and is known for its large Hispanic population. HOWEVER, the black population lies around 35-40% of the area. You may want to look here. However, known that many of these relatively cheaper areas have high violent crime rates

Another thing about Harlem is that these new people will tell you its pretty safe. But if you are living a hood life and have friends in the projects and tenements, you known that its not the best environment for a child to grow up in…. The new people form a virtually completely separate community

hope this helps!

ALSO do not look at the Hispanic and Black population as completely separate. In East Harlem the two groups live as one and relate to each other as the majority of these people are going through the same struggle. Most hispanic kids (puerto ricans and dominicans) assimilate into a culture heavily influenced by African American culture

William asks…

How much does it cost to live in america?

Is it cheaper over there? how much money would i be out to move into a standard apartment etc
id really love to live there

Administrator answers:

Its a big country so you need to narrow it down. NYC, Chicago, and California are very expensive. Small towns, the south and middle of the country can be many times cheaper.

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