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January 6, 2013

Donna asks…

Moving to Gainesville Florida for college U of F, are there any jobs?

How is it living there and what’s the environment like? Is the nightlife good for a 23 year old. I’m only gone be there for a year so which is the best apts and the gated ones.

Administrator answers:

You are going to love it there. There is lots of night life and any kind of restaurant and shopping you can think of. Football is huge and the town is packed tighter than NYC on home game weekends, but its a blast. There area a few small areas that have higher crime but they are easy to avoid once you learn where they are. Down town is improving with new pubs, shops, farmers market and festivals.

The newer apartments are the best. Homes (old OK) west of campus are good too. Avoid the cheaper places in the NE section because of higher crime. The town has a safe public bus system, dominated by students. Jobs are hard to find (not impossible) small town, huge college with 1000′s of students looking for extra cash. So many students fall in love with the place that they want to live there after graduation, so even full time jobs are a fight to get.

Gainesville is actually one of the best places to live in FL. Enjoy yourself.

Helen asks…

Any ideas on where i can stay while visiting new york? want it relatively cheap and central near times square?

I am wanting to travel from scotland to new york for my 30th, dont want it to be too expensive

Administrator answers:

Cheapest hotels within 1km from Time Square:
1. American Inn
2. Manhattan Broadway Hotel
3. Mayfair New York
4. Candlewood Suites NYC -Times Square
5. Metro Apartments
6. Amsterdam Court Hotel
7. Ameritania at Times Square
8. Hudson, A Morgans Original
9. Paramount Hotel Times Square New York
10. Washington Jefferson at Times Square

If you are looking for the closest hotels to Time Sqaure, they are:
1. Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel
2. Crowne Plaza Times Square
3. Time Hotel
4. Stay.
5. DoubleTree Suites by Hilton NYC – Times Square
6. Radio City Apartments
7. W New York – Times Square
8. New York Marriott Marquis
9. Sanctuary Hotel New York
10. Best Western Plus President Hotel at Times Square

Nancy asks…

how can people afford to live in NYC?

looking at the prices for houses in NYC i wonder how people can afford to live there. a normal one bedroom apartment in manhattan costs over $1million!!! heck, an average house in queens or brooklyn is around $750K too!!!!!
is everyone a doctor/lawyer/banker there?
i wonder how people with normal jobs can live there….how does a school teacher or police officer survive earning just $50K/year????
even the suburbs are extremely expensive…..surely not everyone commutes for 2 hours each way every day just so they can find affordable housing.

Administrator answers:

I actually live in NYC (Manhattan) and I grew up in the suburbs here. The real estate hasn’t always been what it is now. The city is always expensive, but even 10 years ago the suburbs were sooo much cheaper it’s ridiculous. I know people who have their houses in the burbs paid off completely and now they have to move out because they can’t afford the property tax. They got their homes at 350K or so and now they are worth 800K. Many can afford it though because although prices are very expensive your income is higher.

It’s also a very different lifestyle. Very few families live here (in Manhattan). There are a lot of singles and couples. Most of us rent. While rent is $2000/month or so telemarketing you can get $16/hr (which I do) and my husband gets 60K a year as a consultant with high annual raises and bonuses. We get 100K here and if we did the same job somewhere else we’d get 60K.

People have their priorities and if one of the top ones is living in Manhattan or NYC then they make it happen. Lots of people live in 3 bedroom apartments with 2 other people they don’t know so they only pay $800/month. It sounds crazy but it’s just life here. Sometimes 6 people live in a 3 bedroom. You sacfirice room for the lifestyle (which I don’t think is a good trade off). I’m looking to move out because every year they raise rents higher and higher and I want a family.

I used to do real estate here in Manhattan and it’s not really 1mil for a 1bedroom. Maybe if it’s a really good size and in the hottest area… But you can find a 1 bedroom for around 500K that would do. I don’t know how people move to NYC from anywhere else because the amount of living space you’ll end up having is just a fraction of what you’re probably used to… But for us NYers it’s just what we are used to.

So yes, most if not all the people who own an apartment or something in NYC are rich. But lots of the people renting are struggling actors or such and they sacfirice space for location. I know people who commute 2 or 3 hours to work… Which is ridiculous. If you know the right spots to look and the right people you can get something affordable in this town… But for most people.. You’re better off moving somewhere else.

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