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January 15, 2013

Charles asks…

After a visit years ago I fell in love with NYC, still a wish to live there few years, how to realize it?

I’m not real professional in something, also not rich enough to just go there and rent a room.

Administrator answers:

That’s the problem with NY. If you’re not rich, it’s difficult to live here. A studio apartment will cost you $1000+ per month, excluding gas and light, if you wish to reside in Manhattan. You will need a job paying at least $60,000 per year, if you want to live comfortably. If not, expect to live in public housing and expect to be short on funds. It’s the only option for folks with no money. Renting rooms is not cheap. Costs start at $100 per week, and that’s conservative. Think twice about moving here.

Robert asks…

where can i buy a cheap studio to dance?

i want to buy my own dance studio and I”m wondering where i could buy it at? It has to be in nyc

Administrator answers:

Is this a joke? In NYC where a 2 bedroom apartment goes for over a million dollars to buy. You did say BUY not RENT. If you had about 10 million dollars, you could BUY a cheap small studio.

James asks…

What is the cost of living in California and New Jersey?

I’m just wondering the comparisons…I currently live in California, thinking about moving to Jersey…

Administrator answers:

Well in NJ that depends on how close to NYC you want to be. I suppose you could find a decent one bedroom garden style apartment for around 1200 per month. I tend to think food prices at grocery stores are maybe 10% cheaper but I am a good shopper. Taxes may be higher though. Although sales tax does not exist on clothing or food, it is usually 7% on everything else except in Urban development areas that have sales tax breaks down to 3.5% There are some appliance places that have locations in such areas because they are big ticket items that can offer a decent break.
Now in the southern part or western part of the state rents may be slightly cheaper. Also home prices would be cheaper. In fact if you were to drive 40 minutes west of NYC houses are around half what they are within 15 minutes of any bridge or tunnel to NYC. However there are also wealthy neighborhoods in the outer areas that do get a premium, and there are some depressed areas close to NYC that have very high real estate taxes however there home values have fallen apart. They are generally more urban in the population mix in the areas where RE values have gone down the most.

So to put it another way a home buyer could find a home half way between Pa and NYC for 130,000 all the way up to 20 million or so if that was what they wanted. But a good area with a decent school system close to NYC would find tiny 1200 SF homes that can be 270K while the same home would be 130K 40 minutes west of there.

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