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July 22, 2012

Sandra asks…

looking for a cheap apartment to rent for 6 months in the marbella area of spain from march 2007?

Administrator answers:

Go to and click on their site for spain.

There is a section for subleting, it will definately be able to help you.

Linda asks…

Are there any cheap apartments for rent in Venice, Los Angeles?

I’m planning on moving to LA. I’m looking for cheap apartments in Venice. Are there any? Otherwise, I’m going to change districts.

Administrator answers:

A cheap apartment in Venice would be very scary, and by cheap, I mean over $1000 a month for a 100 sq ft unit with a bathroom down the hall. Venice has some very rough neighborhoods. An old 600 sq ft house, on a tiny lot, a block from the beach, rents for $4000 a month, the 200 sq ft loft apartment on the alley, mini everything, rents for $1500 a month, and that’s under market is because the tenant is the landlord’s relative. It comes complete with a homeless person who keeps going into the locked backyard, but at least he’s not using it as a bathroom anymore. Venice is an acquired taste.

Apartments in LA will cost you on the low end $800+ for a studio/single, and $1200 for a one bedroom. You may not like what you find at those low prices. It’s harder to find apartments that are less expensive, because that is about what the approved Section 8 voucher amounts are (welfare housing help for the poorest and disabled, the wait list got so long, they no longer accept applications), and most of those units are in the least desirable neighborhoods. So of course, apartments in nicer, safe locations will cost more. Westside apartments are significantly more expensive.

Google: Los Angeles rental scams, and rental scams There are lots of them in LA, be careful.

Good luck!

Charles asks…

How do I find cheap but good apartments for rent in Florida if I live in Pennsylvania?

either Florida or Virginia. help me?

Administrator answers:

Then do your home work – find out what the crime stats are for that area, and what schools.

Keep in mind, in FL’s bigger cities, usually “cheaper” means “less desirable” (i.e. Not so safe)

Susan asks…

Where can I rent apartments in Bangkok for few days?

Hi, I’m gonna stay few days like a week in Bangkok. I prefer to rent an apartment rather than a hotel room cuz apartments are cheaper than hotels. I don’t mind to pay deposit but many apartments don’t offer daily or weekly rent. I know some apartments do rent for a single day or a week. Do you know where can I find apartments which I can rent per day on internet?

Administrator answers:

Not a good Idea- with apartment you need to pay deposit and if you have problem – ie toilet broken you pay or deal with local police.
Hotels can be found for 500 Baht or less – check out or

David asks…

What apartment is cheap to rent for 2 people near UT Austin?

A friend and I are looking for an apartment to rent for the 2010-2011 school year. We’re looking for a nice place that isn’t too far from campus so we can get back and forth pretty easily. I lack a car, so a place with nearby public transport would be awesome. Would be nice if we were near some convenience stores–things like that. All we need is a kitchen, bathroom, 1 or 2 bedrooms–and that’ll be fine. I’m just not really sure where to look. Our price range is around 2k-7k.
*Per year, at least.

Don’t think we’re willing to pay more than 700 a month.

Administrator answers:

For what you are looking to pay annually, you will need to rule out two bedrooms because you won’t be able to find anything in that price range, especially the closer you get to campus.

You may be able to find a 1 bedroom for around $500, but even that will be tough. Most 1 bedroom options in Austin are going to run between $525 and $600 a month, and most 1 bedroom options closer to campus could run an additional $200-300 per month. These estimates don’t even include phone service, cable, etc.

Here is a link to a campus property search engine that might help you out. You can input the distance, the price, the size, etc. To see if anything pops up.


I hope this helps; good luck with everything!

Chris asks…

Does anyone know of a 2BR apartment for rent in Massachusetts for $1000 or less?

I just moved from NC to MA and am looking for an apartment that is cheap rent and on the cheaper side to move in. I have looked at craigslist and cant find anything. Anyone who knows where to look or anyone with an apt for rent, Please Help!! THANKS!!! :)

Administrator answers:

Plenty of places. Check Craigslist

Helen asks…

What are some times within driving distance of Ann Arbor? Looking for cheaper rent than Ann Arbor apartments?

I know Ypsilanti is cheaper but I have only heard bad things about it. What else? Somewhere safer, with affordable rent.

Administrator answers:

Novi-20 minutes
Brighton-20 minutes

Try the west side of Ypsi (around Huron River Drive) and Pittsfield Township.

Sandy asks…

Where is the most English speaking part of Italy that is reasonably cheap to rent an apartment?

I want to go to Italy to live and work for an unknown about of time, long term preferably but I am unsure on which are the best places to go, I don’t care for the tourist parts of Italy such as Milan, more the cheap and hopefully English speaking parts. Please help me with some suggestions. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Hi ! I’m from Italy, Milano . I live there for work but isn’t very very beautiful. There’s only Duomo and work. The people in Milan or in Lodi or in Pavia (places near milano) is usually impolite (scortese).

I prefer Napoli beautiful!!!!!!!!!! , here the people is kind, funny, you can see people play mandolino, sing… Beautiful. Food is really good!! Example. (Frolle, Pane, Spaghetti, PIZZA) You should visit this city….. Here is the Fashion, really not in Milan!

There’s no Mafia or Camorra !!

Sicily (for the food),
Bologna (you can eat Lasagne!).
Como (beautiful)

Maria asks…

apartments for rent that are cheap?

i was wondering if anyone knows of any apartments that are real cheap. i just recently became a single mother and barely started working. i need to find a place fast.any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
yeah..i went on and its only for texas…i live in california..but thanks anyways…

Administrator answers:

You’ll have better luck looking somewhere LOCAL, instead of asking on an INTERNATIONAL discussion forum. Try reading local newspapers, or call a local Realtor, or check the local Craigslist.

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