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August 26, 2012

Jenny asks…

Are there apartments to rent in Butuan for a month instead of staying at a hotel?

I will be in Butuan for about 20 days. Would it be cheaper to rent a furnished apartment than to stay in a hotel? If so how would I go about finding a furnished apartment in the city?

Administrator answers:

There are very strict rules & standards that have to be met to enter & visit Bhutan, you cannot travel & stay any where you wish. You must make arrangements thru the Bhutan Tourisn/Travel Agency. Upon entry to the country you must provide a sum equal to $200.00 per day,in turn this will provide you lodging,most meals,& guide. Average tourists are kept in reins of the guides from the Govt. The Butanese are a most gentle,kind & show respect to the visitors,but this country remains dedicated to their GNP which is the Happiness of their people. They do not want to be exploited & are solicitous of latest technology.using only that ,that will be of use. Many of the Bhutanese that travel to U.S. Or other countries for advanced studies, return to Bhutan,for them it is truely their Shangrila. Less than 2500 visas are given each year ,so you must apply. You cannot show up at the bordeer & expect to be let in.

Thomas asks…

I want a cheap accommodation in Trieste for a period of 30-40 days. Where can I find the information?

I will be going to Trieste as a student in ICTP for a period of 40 days. I would like to have a cheap hotel accommodation or rent a cheap apartment or stay as a paying guest and it should be near to the ICTP centre or close to Adriatico Guest house. Can anyone suggest where can i find the information. Does anyone know about any estate agents that i can talk to who can give me a double bed studio room for rent. Please advise me. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

We stayed at this hotel years ago:

Hope that helps!

Nancy asks…

where would i go under to found apartments for rent in portland,maine?

looking for cheap rent the biggest size would be 2bedroom,can go smaller.

Administrator answers:

Try this

Real Estate Services
Financial Services

James asks…

where can i find cheap apartments in tenerife near the clubs??

im looking for a cheap apartment in tenerife to rent on the 25th july for up to 9 ppl . in los cristianos or las americas

Administrator answers:

No such thing that time of the year. You need to get out of town, to get cheap, veronica’s area no way. If you are only there for a week then pay the same as evryone else. If you are there for more time ie a month then you may have a chance for a short term let. If you are a bunch of guys then thats out. Check out the local radio stations websites.

email them they may be able to help

good luck RR

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