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September 9, 2012

Thomas asks…

anyone no apartments in brooklyn for cheap?

my friend and i want to get our own apartment we live in brooklyn we was gonna slip the rent in half and each of us pay half we are looking for two bedrooms in BROOKLYN and we are 18 & 19

please let me know where we can get apartments for rent. please!!! cheap 2 bedrooms 1,000 the highest!

send links or hookups and leave numbers if u no thatnk – you!!!

Administrator answers:


You will have a extreamly hard time finding an 2 bedroom for that price, and if you do…be very aware of the neighborhood.

William asks…

Which is better rent (and save)? or rent to own program?

I dont know which is best. To rent somewhere (apartment) cheap and save for a down payment or rent to own program?

Administrator answers:

If you were my kid I would say rent and save for later.

The rent to own deal usually does not work out and if it doesn’t you lose all of that money, the owner keeps all funds in the event you can not close the deal when it expires, usually in 2 years.

Richard asks…

Cheap apartments for rent in milwaukee wi?

Im looking for a 2br apartment in milwaukee wisconsin my price range is 300-500….do anyone kno where any at ??

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

Where in MANHATTAN is a CHEAP apartment and what is the normal rent for someone in/just out of college?

Where is the cheapest place to live in Manhattan? Any websites i Could look at to help me find a cheap apartment. And also what is a normal rent for the average person to pay in Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

My friend, you better off trying to rent in Harlem, but you will not find any studio apartment cheaper than $700 or $800 per month. Therefore, I would recommend looking into the outer boroughs.

Good luck

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