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September 23, 2012

Richard asks…

finding a cheap apartment in Noblesville Indiana?

I am trying to get out of my screwed up section 8 apartment complex and into a set rent apartment for me and my 9 month old. I live in Noblesville Indiana and want to try to find a cheap apartment with a set rent somewhere. I have about 300 saved up right now but get paid again in two weeks about 250. Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can move that is cheap and in noblesville. I dont want to move out of this city cause of my job! THANKS

Administrator answers:

Look at these sites:

good luck with the search

Mark asks…

What is the cheapest apartment or cheapest places to rent in Utah?

I have a friend in Brazil who is wanting to come visit Utah for about 6 months. She already has enough money for the plane ticket and has her visa. Now she just needs a place to stay. She has about $1120 for a place to stay. What would be the best option for her or if not 6 months with that much money where would be the best place that she can stay and for how long? Please Help?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest apartments in a decent area would be $650. If she has $1,120 a month to spend, that could work. If she has only $1,120 total, she needs to find a job as a caretaker for a shut-in which would let her live for free.

Mary asks…

What jobs can i get all over the world?

alright i have this fantasy, that right after high school to leave the US and travel everywhere in europe and do some soul searching for a couple of years, and rent cheap apartments and get a part time job enough for room and food…
what jobs are there?
dont rain on my parade, im allowed to fantasize however i want.

Administrator answers:

Pretty much every country in Europe has all of the same jobs we have here in the United States, so that shouldn’t be an issue. The real question is, what countries will allow US citizens to work there? That’s what you need to be figuring out.

Carol asks…

Why is the Isle of Dogs/Docklands/Royal Docklands CHEAP to rent in East London?


I’m moving to London soon and will be staying with a friend. We have been looking all around London – Shoreditch, Islington, West Kensington, Pimlico, Tower Bridge, etc and so far we have found the the Isle of Dogs to be relativley cheap (anywhere between £275- 300pw for a decent place).

I don’t get it… From what I can see the Isle of Dogs is full of new apartment blocks, 2 bedrooms most have 2 bathrooms, close to Canary Wharf and links to the city (still zone 2), yet the rent is cheap (roughly £280 pw for a good place). BUT if you go anywhere else (other places listed) you find that to get anywhere near the same spec your looking at £350 pw minimum and the places don’t match up to those on the Isle of Dogs, as they are often 1 bathroom, older and smaller with no view.

My question is WHY? Is there a large gang problem? Airport noise? Bad transport? Dead nightlife (not important if your living in these places!), a lot of crime? Or is it simply it used to be a bad area and now its good. Or is it just me that thinks £280 pw for a 2 bedroom apartment is cheap? I would have thought since its so close to canary wharf there would be loads of bankers staying on the Isle of Dogs which would push rent up high!

Please help! Thanks, Mark.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t say the isle of dogs is a **** hole like the other person did, but it is on the cusp of tower hamlets and i think newham which are considered rough, but honestly I dont think they’re really that bad. Alot of East London is being redeveloped, so getting better and better. The odd time you can hear the airport, but only relatively small planes go into city so that really isn’t an issue either. There isn’t really any gangs on the island, but once you come off, its completely different, but that’s not necessarily bad. You get more ‘normal’ stuff, like standard shops, schools, ordinary stuff where as most of the island is offices and apartments. And the odd bar. Oh and theres quite a nice cinema too.

The island also got hit quite badly by the credit crunch, I believe the majority of the bankers could no longer afford the high rents on the apartments, and so the landlords are still now tryin to fill the blocks. For ages the apartment building have been quite empty, which in my humble opinion is a good thing, really quiet, but obviously not for £ purposes. There is now loads of competition, i mean there are so many apartments on the island now, as well as all the places you listed. Particularly there are many more nice places in East London to rent, so competition has driven down prices. Shoreditch, hoxton etc have become the place to live now rather than the island too.

Regarding transport, the dlr runs on the island, and the annoying thing about it is that for quite a few weekends its not been running, due to “engineering works.” Similarly neither has the jubilee line which means the odd time you end up going half way round the world just to go two stops, making the isle of dogs seem a bit cut off at times. They have however introduced alot more buses that incorp. The island now so its getting better. Also due to the fact there are less people living there, the traffic on the island is less, so if your driving its a lot better, you generally have to get checked by security going on to the island, (think bombs) but now the time has sped up!

Id also point out there are kinda two sides to the island, whats the posh side and whats known as the rough side, but its more just a normal inner city side, normal houses, pubs, gyms, where as on the posh side is bars and apartments and fitness centres. Obvious difference is the price, and maybe the accent!

Also there is a huge difference between the island on a weekday and the island on a weekend or after work, like friday nights are really good around canary whalf, there are quite a few pubs and bars which are full, atmosphere is great, but come sat afternoon is so quiet, and so the shops etc shut alot quicker on sat and open later in the week due to the people, where as alot of other places in london its the other way around.

Also shoreditch is kind the new “in” place to live hence the price tag, Pimlico and Kensington are quite middle class and posh so they will also be quite expensive. Tower Bridge is quite central so that why it’s expensive. Islington is also a nice place to live its kind of 30 something paradise with restaurants and wine bars, i think if your travelling to cental london (zone 1) then the isle of dogs is easier, and a bit nicer journey. But Islington is north london, and that has its reputation too.

Go check out the feeling of the place before you sign anything, oh and not every apartment on the island has a great view, some just have views of the next apartment block!

Jenny asks…

Small towns in Canada with cheap rent?

Have dual Citizenship in the US And Canada. I moved down to the US for three years following ten years in Canada. Now i am planning to move back (free health care, much more stable politics, etc…). I love small towns, (at least >10000, preferably less than >5000) and need cheap rent, but job opportunities are not really an issue. I need a cheap 2 bedroom apartment for me and m dog (2 bedroom needed because I have a baby on the way).

Suggestions? Also if you couldlist the actual price of the apartmentsFor instance, Wolfville, NS seems charming, but I cannot find reliable apartment listings.

Administrator answers:

Can’t help with the town, but make sure you are in residence in Canada at least three months or more before the baby is born. It takes three months to re-establish your health care in most provinces. Someone had to pay $1 000 000 for a birth recently because they didn’t have insurance in Canada.

Maria asks…

What’s the cheapest monthly rent in Singapore?

My friend and i plan to stay in Singapore for a month to really relish the amazing country, however, we’d still want to keep it on budget. We’re looking for a really cheap dorm/room/apartment to rent.

Administrator answers:

I think you are coming to look for job. Because no body will want to tour singapore for a month. It is too long

James asks…

I’m a single mother. Moving to Harrisonburg VA in a few months Im looking for a apartment and daycare center?

I’m a single mother soon to move to Harrisonburg VA. I wanted to know if they are any daycare centers for a 3 year old and a cheap rent apartment for rent.

Administrator answers:

Since your online, you can also check out city guides or online directories to see if there are daycare centers and apartments near each other in Harrisonburg.

Mandy asks…

Where is the best place to search for apartments to rent?

I want to move out. So which website is best to search for apartments that are cheap. but still good to live in? plz help

Administrator answers:

I’ve found my apartment by using this website you can also look in your local news papers.

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