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October 15, 2012

Lisa asks…

are there any cheap places to rent out for a new years eve party in london?

are there any really cheap hotel rooms or hostels or apartments that rent out on new years eve? i was planning to do a new years eve party with about 30 people each spending about £10 each on the room
why not?

Administrator answers:

It is the busiest night of the year in one of the most expensive cities on the planet and most if not all of the premises that are licenced to hold celebrations are already booked and paid for months in advance. What you want can not be done at the price you have in mind and as it is already September, probably can not be done at any price.

Mark asks…

Okay I have a question about Lexington, Kentucky?

Okay I would like to move to Lexington, Kentucky. Yes I know what Kentucky is like I live there but i want to go somewhere in a bigger area, I want to live in a suburban area, like where you can walk the streets and not get mugged and stuff, I would like to rent a apartment cheap and utilites are paid, any suggestions for towns or apartments?

Administrator answers:

I live in Winchester, Kentucky. I love it here. It’s close to a big city so if you wanted to work at one of the hospitals,

you can easily drive there everyday. Winchester is a nice small town. Well, kinda. I think the population is somewhere around

30-40 thousand. A lot smaller then you are used to, anyway. But, I’ve lived here all my life. Everyone is like I hate living

here. Yet, no one has moved away lol. So, it’s not that bad. I think the school systems are pretty good, too. There are 2

middle school and one high school. And I counted 5 elementary, but I probably missed a couple. And there are 2 private

schools. A Christian and a Catholic school. We are currently trying to sell our house. We live in the country. We love it

but, we just need a change of scenery. The countryside in Winchester is absolutely beautiful. We live in a little country

neighborhood called Trapp. Look on and you will find our house. If you would like to know more about out house, just

Joseph asks…

Where should I rent cheap furniture for a short-term stay?

Trying to find somewhere to rent furniture for a short period. I will be living somewhere temporarily (3-months) for an internship and most apartments are not furnished.

I have heard of Rent A Center and CORT. Which would you recommend or is there a better place/way of doing this?

Administrator answers:

Seriously if you’re living in New York City your best bet is Salvation Army or thrift store for a few measly necessary items. What ever you do: Do not buy a cheap mattress in one of those small mom and pop furniture stores (BED MITES are in refurbished mattresses). I highly suggest either a cot byo sleeping bag, or transportable air mattress. Anything else for furniture in New York City I say walk the streets of Manhattan on garbage day: You’d be surprised at the furniture folks throw out when their remodeling, cleaning out from abandoned apartments, etc. I’ve seen plenty of nice leather sofa’s and dining tables with chairs thrown out with just lil nicks.

Carol asks…

What’s it like to live in the Vauxhall area of London?

Can you find a nice apartment for cheap rent?

Administrator answers:

I lived in Battersea and it wasnt the best but the public transport in Vauxhall is the best. You have a Tube station, a British rail station and a bus interchange !!

Sandy asks…

Buy a cheap house or rent a nice apartment?

I’m at a cross roads. For a while I’ve been thinking about not pissing money away every month and jumping into the market. The problem is that my income situation does not allow me to make house payments any larger than what I currently rent for +/- 100 bucks. I realize that in order for me to get into the market comfortably I’m looking at home prices <100K. Well, to no surprise the houses are old and dated and the neighborhoods are sketchy where I live (shreveport/bossier city, LA). For that same monthly payment I’m pissing away on rent, I live in a NICE apartment.

So my question is: is it a fair sentiment to consider that the opportunity cost of throwing away money on a nice apartment (and have a good QOL) is worth the equity not being built on a sketchy house worth less than 100K? I concede renting is worthless money-wise, but I cannot sift through the listings and look at these neighborhoods and feel as though it’s worth my time when I can be renting a nice place and have QOL.

Administrator answers:

I think you’re answering your own question. I learned recently that it’s not very easy to walk away from a mortgage like a rental. If you’re sure you are going to stay put for the next 5yrs or more then buy otherwise continue renting. It’s too much work to keep moving every 1-3yrs and if you have to add sellling a house to that then its no fun. Homeownership is for when you’re ready to settle down and stay put for a while.

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