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October 29, 2012

Joseph asks…

Standards for apartments filing evictions & when they evict do they sue for rent in remaining months of lease?

This is my third time paying my rent late, this time my check bounced. It bounced Monday & they have yet to leave a notice on my door. I’m wondering if since this is my 3rdtime they are just going to go ahead & evict me. If they do evict me will they sue me or hire a collection agency to pay for the remaining months of the lease? Or will they just require me to move etc. also, how soon will this show up on my credit? If they are planning on evicting me I wanted to go ahead & get another apartment (cheAper one) before they would decline me for an eviction.
Thanks for any help

Administrator answers:

They may not use a collection’s agency; that is illegal for it to PRECEDE a court judgment.

If you NOW have the necessary rent $ and late fees, pay those now.

Then the LL won’t have any reason to complain. The law here is simple
let’s say they went to court and filled out legal papers against you. NO problem.
You will get a paper, landlord name vs your name, Unlawful Detainer or whatever
your state calls it if they use a dif name.

When your court date comes up, you go, and take plenty of cash with you.
The judge will ask you “mr tenant/respondent–can you, today, pay x dollars rent
and court fees and late fees?” If you say yes, and you bring out your cash, the
court will dismiss the case against you. NO credit report.

Available to guide you further

Laura asks…

Where would I find a cheap but nice apartment to rent for a week in Paris – one that is near public transport?

Administrator answers:

Paris has such a dense public transportation net that just about everyplace within the city of Paris proper is near public transportation.

Paris is not the most expensive city in Europe but it is not cheap and there simply aren’t any “cheap but nice” apartments for one week rentals.

The cheapest accomodations in Paris are places like the Hotel Tiquetonne where you can get a double for 50 euros a night. Http://

There ARE apartments that you can rent for a week and they are good value for the money but you simply aren’t going to find a place you can rent for €100 euros a week or some other fantastically low price.

Here are some companies that specialize in short term apartment rentals for tourists:

Susan asks…

Where can i rent a cheap 2 bedroom apartment? (anywhere) (school project)?

it is a school project that i have to do for math to round up all my money. i get $850 a month and i have to pay for apartment gas prices utilities and going out and all that stuff but i get to have a roommate so i get to split the proces :] so what should i do? look in the newspaper or shop online?

Administrator answers:

I would do both..go to

and go to housing wanted..and look helps alot trust me!

Chris asks…

does anyone know where to find cheap rentals?

Me and my boyfriend are trying to find a place to live around joliet, kankakee, morris area of illinois. Does anyone know a website that shows listings of cheap houses or apartments for rent. Or section 8 houses?

Administrator answers:

You can try or You can also contact a Realtor who works in your area because they have access to houses and condos that are for rent that would not be on the web sites that feature rental buildings or complexes. I live near that area and I am a Realtor if you have any questions please e-mail me.

Mark asks…

I’m looking for cheap apartments in Austin, TX?

Preferably the rent would be around $300 per month, but $400 is alright, too. I don’t mind living in the college ghetto, or in a small place. I’m just looking for a beginning point on my apartment hunt. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Unless you are renting a room from someone, there is no place that is charging $400 for rent. If you really can’t afford more you are going to have to look for a roommate or a special situation with a private owner.

Here is a list of places under $500

If you can afford more you can try this website to look around

Mandy asks…

I am going to stay in Rome July 19th – August 7th. Does anyone know how I can rent cheap apt for 1 month?

Hostels are more expensive and I want to rent an apartment so that it will be cheaper. I’m going there to look for a job so it doesn’t have to be fancy. If anyone has a friend who would be willing to rent a room or an apt. for those dates, please let me know. I’m a female professional and I am very clean, nice and sociable. =) I appreciate any help. Thanks!! =)

Administrator answers:

Perhaps you could look up convent stays but these are generally far away from town. You could also check out apartments on

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