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November 7, 2012

Susan asks…

University of Houston Apartments, how come its cheaper to rent one with more rooms?

How come its cheaper to rent an apt with more rooms? Shouldnt it be the other way around? my friend and I are going to share an apt and we want the cheapest rates possible, however wouldnt it be silly to rent a 4 room apt when there’s just 2 of us? Thanks for you insights :)

Administrator answers:

Call and ask. That could be per student, not per apartment.

Carol asks…

Can I get a student loan to help pay for a cheap apartment?

I’m trying to move downtown closer to my college, and if I get a cheap apartment can I use a student loan to pay for just the rent? And how would I get the loan?

Administrator answers:

Some student loans go strait to you like the Wells Fargo Education Connection® Loan its go strait to you and not your school, might want to contact wells fargo if you can use it on off campus housing, you most likely can.

Sandra asks…

for anyone living in ashland, kentucky…?

i need to move very soon. i am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment with cheap rent. it is hard to find apartments online for this area. any suggestions? help would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:


ask this guy for a referral.

Also, look up real estate in your YELLOW pages book!

Paul asks…

Is Oakland CA Apartments are Cheap ?

Aim planing to move to Oakland CA to go to school there to become a nurse I’ve been looking for a nice Cheap that coast up to $400.00 or $300.00 a month for rent so what should I do should I keep trying or just save up some more money and move some where else ??

Administrator answers:

Check – it’s one of the best local resources for rentals, and you can check by area (Oakland is sprawling).

At $300 to 400, you are looking for a room, so check share rentals. Oakland is only cheap as compared to San Francisco.

Thomas asks…

Long term apartments for rent in Spain?

I am looking out for cheap 2 bedroom apartments in Barcelona Spain in the budget of 400-500 Euros per month for a year or more.
Please suggest some apartments or websites where I can find info about such apts.

Thank You
God Bless You

Administrator answers:

Try the links:

Helen asks…

Where can I find the cheapest rent in Canada?

Where can I find either the cheapest rent in Canada for either apartments, farm houses, basements, or just in general cheapest livingin in Canada.

Administrator answers:

Try looking on Tons of places to rent on there.

Mark asks…

Would it be best for me to rent a bad yet cheap condo/apartment and start saving for a house in the future?

Or would it be best to rent a nice condo/apartment which i’d have no problems in calling it “home”?

I’m still young and won’t get my own place for years, but in the future would it be smart for me to just get a really horrid apartment or condo and suck it up for a few years, or should I just have at it an rent a place I could honestly enjoy and would have no qualms about inviting people over?

The newer apartments or condos here in Southern California are really nice, expensive, but nice.
I mean the less I spend the more money that’ll be saving for a home, but would it really be worth all that trouble if i’d only be saving a few hundred dollars a month on rent? I mean it’s significant and will add up to a lot over the years, but still.

Administrator answers:

You don’t have to live in a horrible apartment to save money. If you shop around in advance, you can find an affordable place in decent condition.
It’ still a good idea to compromise on some things though. I had the option of renting an apartment with a new carpet and re-modeled kitchen. I chose to rent a different apartment in the same building with an older carpet and kitchen because the rent is $40 cheaper. I’m going to save $480 a year in rent.

Laura asks…

cheap apartments in houston wit no history or job?

im movin from a another place but wont have a job when i get to houston but would have money for 2 months or 3 rent would someone help me out please

Administrator answers:

Try looking for a rental room or garage apartment in the Heights or in Montrose. They are a little more lax about the requirements when you rent from an individual.

Nancy asks…

hi who knows where to find cheaper apartment FOR RENT around espana, sampaloc manila…thanks!?

Administrator answers:


Check the Real Estate “For Rent” section.

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