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November 8, 2012

Thomas asks…

is there any 2 bedroom apartments or houses for rent in guelph ontario at a cheap price?

Administrator answers:

I dont live arore so i dont kno…but maybe google apartments in ur area

Helen asks…

Do you know a estate agent in London with cheap properties for rent?

I would like to rent a house/apartment of 4 or 5 bedroom in London (zone 2 or 3) for max. £300/week.
Would you recommend me a estate agent that fulfil my needs? Please include the website. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Sorry but that amount will not cover a property of that size in that area.
You will need to wake up to the actual prices that you will need to pay in the area.

Look at any of the sites that advertise like zoopla, gumtree etc and start to read the local papers and the evening standard. This will give you an overall idea of how much will pay for what.

A flat (small) is about all you will be able to afford.

Mary asks…

Townhouse or apartment in Killeen, Texas…?

I’ll be moving to Killeen, TX in mid-August and was trying to decide where I should live. After hours of research I’ve come down to two choices. One is a one bedroom/one bath apartment, cheaper to rent but you still need to pay for your own utilites, smaller, but gated community or a townhouse, bigger, pay for your own utilites. I’m an RN so paying for either wouldn’t be a problem. I just want a safe, clean environment but I don’t want it too expensive because I’m trying to pay off my car. What do you think? Apartment: Townhouse:

Administrator answers:

The apartment is in a better area. They’re really not that far apart, geographically, but crime rates in Killeen are high, and you might feel safer in the gated community w/limited access. Our law enforcement staff is growing rapidly, with the goal of 2 officers per 1,000 population in the next year or two. Please feel free to e-mail me for “best location” recommendations, I’m happy to help (not a realtor, either!) Family & I have rented frequently & now own our own home here in Killeen for many years.

James asks…

I am moving to hawaii for a year immediately after graduation…Any advice?

I am graduating the end of summer this year and will move to hawaii for one year. I want to have a blast and explore all of what hawaii has to offer. Any advice on what I should before the move would be appreciated. I am looking to rent a cheap apartment and going to find a job preferably on the beach or as a waiter. Nothing too demanding, as i said it is just a year before I actually get a job.

Administrator answers:

SAVE YOUR MONEY! There aren’t any cheap apartments here, rent ranges from $950 to well in the thousands. If you don’t have any friends here, I suggest going to Oahu where there’s an established public transportation system. There’s probably one on Maui, but on Kauai, you’ll need your own car or a friend with a car. You’ll have an easy time getting a job as a waiter, but you may need some certification to be a beach attendant (cpr, first aid). People do NOT hate white people here, they don’t like STUPID white people, so long as you’re polite and don’t stare at people, you should be ok. Depending on how long you have before you grad, you should look into getting a job at a corperation where ever you are and transferring so you don’t need to wait till you get here to find one. Hotels are always a good start.

Well, other than saving as much as possible, you should check out the local newspapers and see if anyone needs a roommate. Try getting your housing situation together as soon as possible.

Chris asks…

Cheap apartments in the Terre Haute (IN) area?

So, my friend and I are moving out of our homes and into an apartment. We get $9 an hour w/ 12 hours a day 4days on 4 off so we make pretty good money for our ages, but yeah. We still want a cheap apartment.
So long as it’s not rat-infested, it’s good. We don’t care about fancy things, dishwashers, shiny appliances, or 2+ bathrooms. We just want it affordable, preferably $500 a month, maximum. Plus, the utilities included with the rent payment.

Anyone know of any places? ;_;

Administrator answers:

Why dont try FREE CLASSIFIEDS in your area, Place an Wanted Ad for your requirements

Betty asks…

i notified the landlord of my grandfather’s passing but cant afford his rent for dec, what can I do?

and what happens to his security deposit. there are no repairs that need to be done just normal things after living there for 10 years. i have lived with him. i have alot to move out of the apartment and my grandfather just passed so I can only afford to get a cheaper apartment and not the december rent.

Administrator answers:

Work an arrangement with the landlord to remove grandfathers stuff.
If your name isn’t on the lease you are under no obligation to give him another months rent but
I certainly would have my friends come over and help you move out this week so your completely out of there with no papers, dirt left behind. I doubt if you will get the security deposit they will more than likely change the rugs, paint the entire apartment and might even update appliances.
Ten years is a long time to live in one place.

Mark asks…

safe cheap apartment in north dallas?

im moving to north/far north dallas… im a single women so im needing to know which areas to avoid and also any places where the rent is cheap. my job is in frisco. frisco is a little too pricey for me……pls help

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

Where can I find a haunted apartment for rent?

Somewhere in Dallas preferably or in the state of Texas. Oh, and something that is cheap too. Now, here is for those who asks why:
I been dealing with the paranormal my whole life. I am also a paranormal investigator. I do not mess with the Ouija board or do any of that weird magic crap. Now if someone would have any info on a possibly cheap haunted apartment in the state of Texas or at least in Dallas, please tell me and give me information on it. It would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Invite someone over kill them then live in the apartment they will haunt you.

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