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November 20, 2012

Thomas asks…

Where is a cheap place to live in Washington state?

Ok, I really want to get some body to move to Washington and we need a goal for her first twin months of rent while she looks for another job. So where is a cheap…apartment complex or something, and relatively close to Tukwila would be SO nice~ I need her here soon, please help, list the top 10 cheapest places to live in Washington.

Administrator answers:

Bellingham, WA (North) is relatively cheap and it is in a city like environment.
However, since you are looking for a place in Tukwila, Renton is a good option.

James asks…

Can you pay for an apartment in advance?

I have a decent amount of money, enough for a years rent in a cheap apartment, but no credit and no cosigner. Will they take 6 months, or a year or whatever in advance to solve the credit issue?

Administrator answers:

Most place accepts advance payments, but you will need to check with your Land Lord in advance to see if they do.


Donna asks…

How much do you pay for the rent of your Apartment monthly?

tell me please wher are u living, and are u alone or with ur wife or husband?
I am in Japan living alone, I pay 200 dollars for my apartemnt and 150 dollars for others like gas, electricity, water and so on…
I think for a student it is much money,what do you think ?
in ur country apartments are cheaper or?
I have one room and one kitchen.
toile and bath, are out side common.

Administrator answers:

I live in Downtown L.A with my bf and our dog an we pay $1700 a month + $200 bills, is a loft so no bedroom just an open space with big windows bathroom inside, of course! Nice place though…

Linda asks…

How does apartment rent with roommates work?

I’m deciding on places to move with roommates but my question is with more roommates is the rent cheaper?

Also if the rent is say $519 with 4 roommates does that mean the rent is divided by 4 and each of us have to pay $129.75 per month? or do we each have to pay $519?

I know this may be a dumb question for some of you but I’d appreciate the answers to these questions cause as you can see I’m new at this.

Administrator answers:

Yes, if they are charging $519 a month for rent then each tenants or renter usually pay the $129.75 but some rooms may not all be the same size so who ever has larger rooms my pay a larger portion. The landlord doesn’t care who pays it, just as long as he or she gets the $519 a month or certain interval. Also, they usually charge the monthly or weekly rent for the house or apt, not the number of people living their. I guess it is possible that there may be an odd situation where the landlord would charge each person. At the end of each month or interval, one way or another, a lump sum is due… This is a question you should be asking the landlord. No way for us to know the rules for that premises.

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