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May 6, 2012

Jenny asks…

Cheap rental Apartments?

Does anyone know of cheap rent apartments in the LA area?
If not, do you know of any good websites to search for apartments?

Thanks in advance!!!!

Administrator answers:

You can browse local classifieds sites like..


Good luck

Lisa asks…

Where to go to rent a CHEAP apartment/flat in Rome?

I need an apartment in the city of Rome for about 30-40 days in June.. does anyone know a cheap place/location I can research into? THANKS!

Administrator answers:

What do you consider cheap?. Accomodations here in Italy are generally more expensive than in the US, for example. My one bedroom apartment in a small city in northern Italy costs about the same to maintain as my 4 bedroom house in Colorado, but without air-conditioning or any land.

You might try sites like: , . Generally, it will be less expensive if you’re well away from the tourist areas.

Ken asks…

Cheap 2 bedroom apartments for rent including utilities?

I am looking for an apartment for rent including all utilities, with 2 bedrooms in the oak lawn, evergreen, chicago ridge or crest wood area…. Trying to stay at 600-775?? Help!

Administrator answers:

Try and look under housing available. If you cannot find anything listed, you can make your own post and the nice thing is, this is a free site. And keep in mind, a “cheap apartment” will no doubt be in a not-so-good area. Good luck.

Robert asks…

Where to find cheap apartments for rent?

Turned 18, ready to move out of my house and into an apartment with a friend of mine. We live in the GTA, and are wondering where we could find a cheap apartment to rent out? Preferably in Toronto or just outside it

Administrator answers:

Try Craigslist and just the newspaper. You can also ask a real estate agent – its free since they are paid by the landlord.

Chris asks…

Apartments to rent in spain?

Im looking to live in spain for the summer maybe. Get a bar or restaurant job. Are apartments cheap to rent out there? Or would i have to share an apartment and just rent a room???

Administrator answers:

Worry about getting the job first

William asks…

good and cheap apartment for rent in amsterdam?

we’ll be there for 3 nights in 26 may and we are 4 persons
we need a good located apartment (not far from the touristic sites) and not very expensive one…
any help please

Administrator answers:

This place is OK

(The one star is the how many starts the hotel has not what people have rated it)

I used to work there, the staff all speak english and are friendly and will stay out of your way.

It’s in a great location, walking distance to everything but not one one of the REALLY touristy place.

Helen asks…

What are the cheapest apartments for rent in the Bay Area? I wanna move there sometime this year?

Administrator answers:

Treasure island! It’s cheap and it’s right between two major cities (of course San Francisco being one of them). It’s easily accessible by car or by public transit. Rent is ridiculously cheap and there are no water or electricity bills to pay since the houses don’t have meters. If you could find someone renting a room it’s REALLY cheap (as low as just a couple hundred) but that means roomies. If you’re looking to live alone, you could always opt for one of the smaller units!

In San Francisco, a studio will run you anywhere from $1200-1500.

Good luck with your search.

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