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May 14, 2012

Sandra asks…

Is there any cheap places for rent in Clatskanie Oregon?

I’m low income and need an apartment or cheap house to rent.

Administrator answers:

Well as you must know there is not much of a rental market there.
You might keep checking the local paper “the Chief” for the classified adds. See the link below.
I just found a 2 Bedroom Apartment for $500 a month.
Check it out and keep looking.
You might get lucky on Craig’s List, who knows?
Good Luck!

David asks…

Apartments to rent in Seville?

So, im moving to seville to study and i need to find some apartment asap. The problem is, everytime i try to check it on the internet all i get are really expensive apartments, or holyday houses or short term houses to rent. So, can anyone give me some websites where i can see some cheap apartments to rent in seville for long term?

Administrator answers:

Property management companies in the area or local newspapers

Donald asks…

we need help finding a apartment with cheap rent $200 to $325?

that have lights, gas , water , sewer and garbage paid for .

Administrator answers:

You probably won’t find a deal that sweet unless you apply for assisted living, section 8 housing. Most places depending on the neighborhood charge between $400-$500 for a one bedroom, and about $550-$650 for a two bedroom and usually pay garbage and sewer.

Sandy asks…

Is it impossible to rent a cheap apartment in Paris?

I wanna rent a small apartment in an area thats not far from the central parts of the city. I like the idea of living in one of the historic apartment-buildings that seem to be everywhere in the central part of the city, but they seem too beautiful on the outside to be cheap, because I understand that Paris is insanely expensive as a rule of thumb. So, is there no chance of finding an old idyllic little apartment in a place like I just described? I know beautiful apartments like that are sooo much cheaper to rent in Berlin, but I just really wanna try to live in Paris for a while. Is there any hope for this dream of mine? :-)

Administrator answers:

Sorry but the chances are zero,especially if you want an historic building
try to share if you can and lucky enough

Paul asks…

Looking for apartments/rooms for rent in/near Westminster, MD?

Anyone know of any cheap apartments/rooms for rent in/near Westminster, MD?

Administrator answers:

Try craigslist for your area.



Helen asks…

Cheapest rent in the US (excluding ghettos)?

What towns and cities in the US have the cheapest apartments for rent?

Please don’t count places that are cheap because of drive-by shootings and unlivable crime situations.

Administrator answers:

I dont know if its the cheapest but at Mountain Village apt in Crossville TN its $295 for a 2 bedroom. I hated the town though. Nothing to do.

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