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February 26, 2012

Donald asks…

Where Can I Find Cheap Apartments For Rent?

I’ve tried all the big websites,,,, but they all seem to only have the big name apartments on there which are all expensive. I’m looking in the area of Burbank, CA and I just need something like an efficiency but one that’s under 700. So if you know any websites or apartments please let me know :) :) Thanks.
Ok I see what you guys mean, basically you have to sacrifice one or the other. Well thank you for answering the question :) I know how annoying it can get when people ask questions that you assume they should already know haha. Thanks:)

Administrator answers:

Generally it’s quite difficult to find a single in an ok area under $900, or a one bedroom under $1200. Usually rooms to rent in homes cost the same as singles and come with a lot of problems and rules.

While some of the buildings listed online are the expensive fancy buildings, not all of them are. Often the big buildings have very small apartments so they can rent them at lower prices compared to other similar buildings with larger units. Or they have singles, which can go for $200 – $300 less than a one bedroom. So the apartments you’re seeing on the low end are likely really on the low end for the area.

The best thing to do is to cruise the neighborhoods and look for signs if you’re not finding any listings. It isn’t necessary for many landlords to run ads for the older smaller buildings, usually they’ll find tenants through neighbors or their current tenants, so they just put up signs in the yard. But it’s going to be really really tough to find something under $700. Maybe in the valley (like Van Nuys, North Hollywood) you could find a single for $700, but even that would take a lot of looking.

It’s hard finding a single in a nice older (so usually cheaper) building, because mostly those type of buildings didn’t have singles, they have one bedrooms. The kinda icky old large buildings usually in the downtown areas did have singles, but a lot of those were torn down and businesses were built.

Did you try craigslist? Http:// Be careful though, lots of scams.

Good luck!

Mark asks…

Does anyone know any cheap furnished apartments for rent(for travellers) in Australia?

im going to Australia in a while and havent had much luck for furnished apartments that are affordable.
it doesnt matter the location cause i plan to go a bunch of different places in Australia.

thanks !

Administrator answers:

To everyone looking to stay in Australia, I would recommend these 2 sites: when you are looking to rent or share an apartment. This is the biggest one in Australia or at least in NSW.
Http:// all sorts of hotels, motels and apartments. Best site to compare and find cheapest hotel deal.

Helen asks…

i need a night shift job! any one know who is hiring? warehouse jobs mainly… or cheap apartments for rent?

i have a day job but part time then go to college and need a night job for when i get out of school my rent just went up and i so don’t want to move back in with my parents so im looking for a second job but no luck and no luck with finding a cheaper apartment :( current rent is $585 went up to 695… if you know of any apartments or jobs in these areas Rialto, San Bernardino, Colton, or Riverside please let me know for either thanks alot in advance

Administrator answers:


They are hiring nightshift and they give college assistance money. Good luck to ya :)

Steven asks…

What US cities have the cheapest rent for apartments?

I’m in NYC and I need to move out of my mom’s house. I’m getting old (I’m 29). But I don’t foresee myself paying any exorbitant amount of rent here in the big apple, so I think I must relocate to another city.

Does anyone know of a fairly safe city in the US where the rent is cheap? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance.

Administrator answers:

Cheapest housing in the US, of any large city, is in Indianapolis, so the rents are probably the lowest there too.

But Indy sort of sucks. Other option might be Columbus Ohio (home of OSU), far more cultural, yet still cheap.

Daniel asks…

Where can I find local, good, cheap for rent apartments for Miami, FL? I tried craigslist and Miami Herald?

I also tried “El Diaro De Las Americas”.

I really need to find a place asap.

Administrator answers:

Check in The Flyer. If you don’t get it in the mail, ask someone or check Publix.

James asks…

is there a cheap hotel/apartments to rent in cape town for a few days?

preferably near the airport thanks..thinkin of goin in dec..& wud i be able to get a flight from cape town to petersburg as i kno petersburg airport is only small?

Administrator answers:

The answer is yes. Try for great apartments, near airport/CDB and at excellent rates. Loads of units to choose from and very busy, so book early.

Jenny asks…

where can i find a cheap apartment for rent in orange california?.?

or in garden grove in california.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know how cheap but try rent. Com or

Michael asks…

who knows of any apartments for rent?

does any one know of any really cheap apartments for rent in erie pa… millcreek area.

im looking for a studio or one bedroom

if you could please help that would be great!

Administrator answers:

Have you tried looking in your newspapers classified ads under apaprtments for rent?

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