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March 7, 2012

Thomas asks…

What is the best place to search for cheap apartments in New York City?

New York Times Real Estate section? Craigslist? Individual brokers? What are the pros and cons?

Administrator answers:

The cheap apartments are near the Unicorn farm on W. 38th Street. Just down the block from Leprechaun & Fairy Bank (which, conveniently, has no ATM fees). Despite what it sounds like, it’s kind of a seedy neighborhood. But don’t worry, all the hookers have hearts of gold.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of some cheap apartments in NW Washington DC, located near Howard University?

Preferably a three bedroom, I am not trying to exchange price for quality. I am looking for a nice place at an affordable price.

Administrator answers:

No sorry – did you try

Jenny asks…

does anyone know of any websites that deal with renting cheap apartments or houses in aspen, colorado, usa?

looking for cheap lodgings in aspen, colorado, usa – either an apartment or house to rent that is relatively cheap! if anyone knows of any, or any good websites, it’d be very much appreciated if you could let me know!
thank you very much.

Administrator answers:

There is nothing cheap in aspen ,co.

Richard asks…

Where are the best cheap apartments in Houston?

I’m looking for a nice, safe place in the 1960 I-45 area, any suggestions? Thanx!

Administrator answers:

Contact Houston Apartment locators, they have the best contacts for this.

Sandra asks…

What is a good website to find cute, cheap apartments?

My boyfriend and I are looking for a cute 1 bedroom apartment that is affordable. Any good Realtor websites??

Administrator answers:

John asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap apartments in the centre of Rome?

It’s for two people and I’m mostly interested in a central location (walking distance to all of the major attractions) for under £500 for a week.

Administrator answers:

Apartments in good locations in Rome tend to ask more per week than that, but look at the web sites others have mentioned. I booked mine via

Susan asks…

Where can I find some really cheap apartments anywhere between 300 and 450?

I have been looking at apartments for a few months i notice alot of them have there own cable providers but what if I want a certain cable provider can I get my own. I live in Hendersonville tn I am trying to stay here or in gallatin.

Administrator answers:

Try looking on I have found an apartment there before.

Also try calling 211 this is a national referral help line they might be able to lead you in the right direction.

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