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March 12, 2012

Daniel asks…

Whats the maximum amount of money you can make to qualify for low income apartments with a family of 3?

I live in Wyoming

Administrator answers:

It depends what county you live in.

Here’s a link to income limits by state and county

Lizzie asks…

Where’s a Website for Low income apartments for the St.Pal-Minneapolis Area?

I want to move in the St.Paul-Minneapolis area but i dont know any sites that have low income apartments listed or any information on this topic could someone in the minnesota area help me?

Administrator answers:

Go to yahoo and search for it… So easy ..

Donald asks…

I want to build some apartments for low income rentals. Is there a grant or a special program that can help?

Administrator answers:

Yes there are — but you must be a non profit to receive those grants and housing programs. That means getting certified by the IRS that you are a 501C3 organization

One example is the HUD Dollar Program where you can purchase housing properties for $1, which is available only to local governments and housing non profits they work with

Jenny asks…

im looking to move out this summer and im looking for some low income apartments with no waiting list?

Any low income apartments in the bay area or sacramento area with no waiting list

Administrator answers:

Move out of where?? Your parents place??

Are you 18 employed full time, Have an education, and future?? You want to throw away $500 a month and more,,,

Why?? So you can have your main man over when you want??

Maybe you might want to check out the military,, Low income housing there in abundance..

If not finished with school.. Stay in school..

Have and 18 year old son here, going to be going to Purdue in the fall…. He better not just decide to move out… Will kick his butt.

Chris asks…


Administrator answers:

You can apply for housing assistance with the housing authority.

Linda asks…

what low income apartments are for rent in atlanta?

lookin to move at end of the year i have a disabilty i need low income and a washer and dryer connection

Administrator answers:

You need to contact the housing authority to get on the list there. They use a yearly lottery system there, not a waiting list. There are an average of 2000 applicants per available voucher there, so you are going to have to get very very lucky to have your name drawn your first round.

Helen asks…

looking for low income apartments in chicopee/west springfld?

with heat and hot water included.or with all ulitilties inclueded

Administrator answers:

The department of housing for your county can give you a list of any like this that you qualify for and have openings. Usually there is a waiting list, sometimes several years.

Sharon asks…

How to find a low income apartment in San Jose , CA?

Can anybody help me to find more information about
apartment for low income in San jose?
I need to know where and how to apply those.
Thank you so much

Administrator answers:

I found 6,404 rentals in San Jose using Cazoodle Apartment Search. Check the list and start to narrow it down to what you think you could afford.

Mary asks…


Hi my name is dasha i’m moving back to michigan i need to find low income places up to at least 600 for rent could you help me find some in these locations about in the headline.

Administrator answers:

All of the low income housing is handled through the housing authority. You have to contact them to get on their waiting list. It is long there, it will take you about 5 years. They will not allow you to sign up until after you reside there for 6 months,.you have to establish residency first.

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