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April 11, 2012

Mark asks…

Low income housing in Illinois for disabled adults?

I am trying to help someone find an agency that handles low-income apartments for rent in the southwestern suburbs. I have gone to several websites with no luck. This person lives in a building that has been sold and needs help asap. What can she do? Please, serious answers and replies ONLY.

Administrator answers:

I work for a housing provider in Southern Illinois. I would need to know more information to help you out. Please feel free to contact me by email.

Donna asks…

affordable low income apartments in the bay area san francisco, san pablo,richmond,berkely,emeryville ?

young couple moving to bay area looking for clean safe affordable housing in the bay area. any info is a big help and much appreciated. not too familiar with bad areas and been looking cant find any decent complexex for less that $1000 a month. thank you for your time.

Administrator answers:

Check this website

Ruth asks…

any info on low income apartments?

trying oto find low income apartments in the south bay california…any info on apartments in lawndale ,torrance, redondo beach,manhattan beach…or any websites that are great for finding apartments??? or a number ????????????

Administrator answers:

This is very interesting you might want to search here;

William asks…

where can i find a list of low income apartments for rent in ca?

Administrator answers:

It does not work that way, you have to qualify in the county you want to live in. You have to either live or work there before you can even apply. Your case worker will give you a list of the ones you qualify for once your turn comes up.

Mary asks…

Where can I find low income housing or apartments in or very near Keokuk, IA?

We moved in with my boyfriends family and are looking for jobs. We have a baby on the way and are trying to move out as soon as possible since 2 more people may be moving in. What can we do to try and get low income housing or apartments until we get on our feet?

Administrator answers:

You need to apply with the housing authority, you can’t simply move in without going through their qualifications and waiting your turn. You will not qualify until you both are working at least 30 hours a week.

James asks…

Low income apartments ?

I was wondering how does someone qualify for a low income apartment, and what apartment complex’s in escondido, san marcos or poway are low income?

Administrator answers:

Go to and search by city.


Lisa asks…

low income apartments for single mothers?

Im a young single mother living in wilmington delaware looking for apartments with low income. and i cant find any programs someone help?
i also do have A job.

Administrator answers:

I’d say your best bet is to find a job (maybe two if needed) and find a good priced apartment within your budget of pay. It may not be the fanciest apartment or the easiest road, but it will be yours and you will have the satisfaction knowing that you are the one supporting your family.

I wouldn’t rely on the government or public assistance programs. They are unreliable and chances are the apartment or dwelling they would place you in would not be a good on for you and your child.

It’s much more rewarding and gratifying if you can support yourself and your child without the assistance of the government. I’m not saying that the programs are all bad or that they have no place, but try to do it on your own before turning to them.

You can do it :) I really believe you can. You’re already raising at least one child on your own so I know you have the fight within you to make it work and make a happy life for yourself without relying on others.

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