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March 22, 2012

Charles asks…

Government Grants for giving a student going to adult school money for rent & food?

I still need to finish up my courses to graduate… I need my grade 11 & 12 english as well as grade 12 math but NEED Photography or computer arts or any kind of art class for a program I want to apply at a college when I graduate.
The thing is just when I’m going to apply or planning(I’m post-poning the idea temporarily), I found out my mom plans to move to brampton & I’m in toronto; I mean the house is bought and whatever, we are a low-income family & I had a job but was quit due to unfair treatment.

So my question is can the government give me a grant like money for an apartment or schooling at least so I can stay in Toronto? I would get a part-time job obviously and would get a roommate(if can or allowed by government if they are willing to help) to help pay but would the government help me?

PS. I know there are adult schools available in Missisauga or even Brampton but they are extremely far & they don’t have the course I need except only english classes.

Administrator answers:

Grants in the US can be found under Government grants. Or just under I’m not sure in canada though. You would have to check under your governments listings for grants and the info you need. I’m sure they have some sort of program for school and what you need.

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