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May 5, 2012

Mark asks…

I’m having a panic attack, so overwhelmed!! Feel like the whole worlds mocking me! Any advice plez!!?

I’m in my 20′s and recently graduated college last may, and yes I have a job but it’s only a seasonal temp position at a theme park that lasts till November. My field is graphic art. So for the past three weeks I’ve been job huntin like crazy. I put resumes out like everyday and been following up with postions I’m still interested in and theres been a few responses and prospects but no real offers yet!! and its driving me crazy. I just wanna job in my field thats more permanent so that I can get steady income and cause I’m still living at home with my parents like a f**king loser!! Everyone who I know thats my age already has their own place, well thats what it seems like anyway, so I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong here. I’ve been working my a$$ off trying to find that job that will get me my own apartment. Yes I pay some bills now like my insurance, food, gas, and other necessity items. I have over $8,000 saved up to pay student loans and stuff. I’m extremely low maitnenance and don’t ask a lot at all from my parents, but I still feel like a loser cause I haven’t found financial freedom yet. Agggh, I’m going nuts here, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life before I hit menopause!!! Of course my mom supports me and praises my strong efforts in finding permanent employment, but I feel like shes saying that cause shes my mom and is just trying to make me feel better, that she’s mocking me and doesnt really mean it. No one else around me judges me for still living at home, but I feel that deep down that they really do and just don’t wanna be honest and come outta the closet and say that I’m a loser. I feel like such a dipsh*’t. My mom also says that if I keep acting all worried freaking out and living in fear, then it’ll just take longer to find another job and push things away–WTF?–I tell her that I don’t act nervous in front of interviewers and potential employers and I don’t freak out in public or anything. I always act professional in emails, conversations, and know job interview rules, and dress and act for the part, I proofread resumes before sending, so I don’t see how I’m pushing opportunities away–she then says it’s not about my behavior in public, it’s more about my way of thinking, that I think too negative and I’m projecting all this “negative energy” out in the universe and what I think about becomes bigger–I’m sorry but if I’m putting in my best effort in finding another job, I don’t see any logic in that; I need a scientific explanation. I mean, what is the deal with this “negative energy” bullcrap?? So is there anything I’m missing here, as far as finding a job goes? Am I like seriously falling short of something or am I just putting too much pressure on myself? I appreciate anyones input.
Woo hoo!! Yay! A scientific explanation from the last answerer John! The serotonin and learned behavior thing makes a lot of sense now, lol. ;-)

Administrator answers:

Believe it or not, I actually read your whole rambling diatribe. ;-)

If you write like this in any business correspondence, you will not get a job. It reads like you didn’t take a breath. Plus you gave too much of yourself in here. Remember, people really don’t want to know everything, especially in business relationships.

However, in this forum, honesty is a good thing.

Let me tell you about myself, then I want you to look at the people around you and compare them to me.

I’m 44 and work of the USPS. $52,000 a year, great benefits, crappy hours, psycho coworkers, divorced, and no life. Does that sound like any people you know? I’m a wage slave!

You are in the Perfect place right now to be the master of your own life. Stay at home and think about starting you own business. Do most of the work from home, then move it to a van, then maybe a store front in a few years.

If you don’t know what to do, then look at the places you are applying to. What do they do and who are their customers? Copy them. You don’t have to be original, you just have to do a good job. Start small, live at home, do the work there, then expand slowly.

Talk to your mother about this and see if she will help you. You have a great future in front of you if you will apply yourself. You friends who are wage slaves and using all their money to pay for rent and cable TV will be jelous of you in a few years.

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