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February 21, 2012

Sharon asks…

Question about apartment hunting?

I live in NYC and am trying to move in to Manhattan but the rent in the best parts of the city such as upper west side, Soho, etc. are outrageously expensive. So, I was told that all apartment buildings are required to rent a certain percentage of their units for lower income tenants, is this true? And if so how can I find these apartments?

Administrator answers:

I doubt that they would freely list those apartments on their websites, but I think you’ll find some if you call their rental offices.

Robert asks…

Need some good advice, preferably from those over the age of 25

I need some good advice since I don’t know what to do. For over a year now my mother (and pretty much my entire family) has been pressuring me to marry my mother’s godson. They all believe his circumstances in life make him the perfect choice for me. He doesn’t have any family, lacks a good education, and works 2 low income jobs. Since his arrival t America a year ago, he has become very dependent on my family to help him out (he has no other family but his mother who turned her back on him at the request of her new husband).

I’m very conflicted as to what to do. On one hand, he’s a nice guy who will no doubt be very respectful of me. On the other hand, there are so many things that make me hesitant to marry him. First, I’m a 22 year old female whose fed up with her family (specifically her domineering mother) telling her what to do. Growing up, I never had a social life since my mother felt it was a waste of time and my mother actually chose my college major for me. I now have a job I hate and am bored with my life. What I want is sometime to myself—to have a social life, to find out the job I really want, and just learn about myself instead of letting my family dictate who I am. I’m also saving up some money to try and find a place of my own.

But this guy has a great deal of respect for my family since he views us as very educated and well off financially. He listens and heeds every bit of advice they give him. Additionally, if we were to marry, we’d most likely live in my parent’s second floor apartment—very close to them. I highly doubt he’d consider moving away since, well, logically we’d save more money living rent free in my parents home (for the record, we live in NYC where rent can be pretty high). So basically, marrying him is guarantees that they’ll still be in control of my life.

Secondly, this guy is very traditionally. From the moment we marry, he’ll want to start working on having a family, which means I won’t have time to figure out my life for myself. And trust me, saying no isn’t an option since the moment I do, my family will get involved and take his side.

Third, I look at my cousin and think to myself that I’d like to have what she has. Her fiancée is madly in love with her and her with him. The guy my mother wants me to marry doesn’t not feel that way about me. He likes that I’m sure of but he’s more interested in me because he believes his life will be a lot easier with me. I’ve tried to explain to my mother that I want someone who loves me the way my cousin’s fiancée does but my mother tells me that will never happen for me.

Currently, the guy has been dating another female and is thinking of marry her but he wants me to make my decision first. I’m not too sure what to do. Despite all of the reasons I’ve stated above, I’m very fearful that I will not be able to find someone who’ll treat me as good as he does. So here’s my question: if you were to find someone who treated you very well, would you marry them even though you have doubts or would you take the risk of ending up alone or someone who doesn’t treat you as well?

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t even have to think about this one.

Sounds as if you need to cut the cord and be more independent. You are young and have yet to live your life. You have lived it all for your family and in the process have lost yourself. Marrying this guy isn’t going to do anything for you but instill a feeling of regret–that’s not fair to you and to him.

Tell the guy you won’t marry him out of convenience and go and live your life. Parents will be parents, but YOU have to take it upon yourself to live your own life outside of family obligations and traditions.

Sandra asks…

Life in the Housing Projects?

I was on the New York City Housing Authority list for low- income housing for 12 years. Finally, after renting a furnished room in a Brooklyn ghetto area, I got my NYCHA letter of acceptance into the Far Rockaway (Queens) projects.

I was overjoyed for finally getting a chance to rent my very own apartment with view of the beach. However, little did I know what awaited me in the projects:

1-loud noise all hours of the day
2-gang activities on the outer perimeter of the building
3-prostitution inside and outside the building
4-drugs lords everywhere from the A train to the beach to the projects
5-urine and poop in the elevators
To make a long story short, I decided, after 3 months without solid rest and sleep time, to give up my apartment. My rent was $387, which nonexistent in NYC.
What do you say about my sad story?
Have any of you ever experienced disappointment to such a degree that it leaves you feeling without hope?
How many of you ever lived in the projects?

Administrator answers:

I’ve never been in the projects. Your story is worse than Good Times.

But if I could rent a place in Los Angeles for under $400, I would invite the hookers and drug dealers in the building and take the steps!

You get what you pay for.

Steven asks…

How can I stop being jealous?

I have a best friend that I can admit I am insanely jealous of.

To start off, she’s amazingly beautiful. We went to NYC one day and she got stopped three times, all by people saying how beautiful she is and saying she has beautiful eyes. I got nothing.

She lives in a nice house, and she has two loving parents, and an older brother. I don’t have parents [ mom died, dad ran off ], and I can’t live with my brother. I live in a really small apartment.

She has a great job that pays great money that she didn’t have to work to get. It was just handed to her. Meanwhile, I’ve been searching all summer for a decent job, and didn’t get one at all. Fun part is, is that she doesn’t need the extra money. She just does it for some extra cash. I actually need the money. My family is low income.

She’s happy and high spirited [ wonder why ] and I’m usually angry and melancholy.

She’s a great friend, but now when I hang out with her, I cannot have fun anymore. I actually despise it when I hear she’s coming along with my other friends. Today I actually was thinking of not being her friend anymore.

As you can tell, this jealousy is eating me up inside, and I don’t want to lose a great friend due to my problems. What can I do to stop being this way?

Administrator answers:

Stop observing her and just focus on what you have… And that is your alive! So live life to the fullest aim high and think big :)

Susan asks…

With the economy going sour should I just cut my loses and bring my investments home to Brazil?

With the economy going sour should I just cut my loses and bring my investments home to Brazil?
I’m from Brazil, lived in NYC my entire chldhood

My father worked as a Garbage truck driver in the NYC union for more than 30, made quite his fortune with smart investments, mainly apartments. He passed away a year ago, I being his only son took all his posetions, now I own 6 apartment buildings each generating about $3,500 dollars a month. Needless to say, with the low cost of living, I had quite the income from those apartments alone.
At one point at its peack, the apartments generated around 65,000 reais a month when the reais to dollar exchange was 3.2 for dollar, now its 1.5 per dollar, and my monthly income has shrink by more than half when compared to back then

I was wondering if you think its best I cut my loses and start brining the money home by selling the buildings, I’m hesitating since I’m optimistic about the economy of the USA improving in the near future and the exchnage rate going back to how it was.

What do you reccomend me doing?

Administrator answers:

You came to this country because it offered a better life just because shit hit the fan now don’t abandon it we need your taxes to bring economy back..forget Brazil the economy there can only grow so much do you really want to walk down the street watching over your shoulders or get car jacked at a red light?

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