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April 6, 2012

Donald asks…

I’ve gotten accepted into all major Florida universities…but is community college a good option?

I really need help picking a Florida college/university…this is so difficult! Too many options!
Here’s some background information on myself:

- Senior
- 3.7 GPA
- Top 5% in class (rank 20)
- 24 college credits earned in high school (AP and dual enrollment)
- Undecided major, although I think business major is what I want most, specializing in entrepreneurship; I’ve owned 3 of my own successful businesses since I was 16
- Have NOT visited any universities yet
- 75% of my tuition is paid for already via Florida Bright Futures

I applied to all of the major schools in Florida (resident), which are University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, and Florida Atlantic University. I’ve found out that I’ve been accepted to all four, and all for the 2011 Fall Term, except for University of Florida in which I was accepted for the Summer B term (starts July).

Now many people have told me that I’m stupid for even considering this, but I was thinking about staying here in Palm Beach and going to Palm Beach State College (previously Palm Beach Community College). The main reason I’m even considering this is because of the financial situation I would be in…my parents are going to try to help me out with some college expenses, but the housing will most likely be my own responsibility (I think they said they’d buy my meal plan and books).

I’ve applied for FAFSA, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be getting yet, but I think it will be a good amount due to the fact its only in my dad’s name, and his income for this last year was like $10,000, just because the economy is so bad and no one is building large homes (he is an estate builder). So anyways I know I’ll be getting some money from that, which will help, alongside hopefully a 75% tuition scholarship from Florida Bright Futures (my SAT score was 30 points too low to get a full ride). This can be applied to either a university or the community college, along with the FAFSA money.

And finally I know this isn’t something I should be basing my whole decision on but it is something…I have a girlfriend here that as of now I’ve been dating 5 months and I really do think I’m in love with her…however she’s a year behind me and if I went away to a university (besides FAU which is close to home), then I would probably have to break it off with her.

Here is the list of pro’s and con’s for each option that I’ve put together:

Palm Beach State College:
- Get paid to go to college through FAFSA; tuition is ~$1,200 semester, FAFSA pays more than $3,000 per semester, and that’s without any help from Bright Futures even!
- Still could live at home (eek!), but save ~$10k total (2 years in a dorm cost) on housing expenses
- Options to explore different majors and take different electives to see what I like best at a cheaper cost then doing so at a university
- Save on meal plan, which would be ~8k total in a dorm for unlimited meals (which I have at home)
- Ability to keep my job at Hollister during the year and lifeguard at a local waterpark during summer
- Staying with my girlfriend for 2 more years, although that would mean commitment and having to get married to her or something once she graduates…which I don’t want yet, too expensive!
- Already earned lots of dual enrollment credits here, which I think can be transfered.

Florida Atlantic University:
- Close enough to home (40 mins) where I could live on-campus or at home still.
- Looks better than PBSC when I transfer after a year or two
- Tuition is cheaper
- Almost the same pro’s as PBSC

University of Central Florida:
- Great party school (good or bad thing?)
- Not really a strong business program though
- Lots of friends going there and getting apartments (cheaper housing)
- Close to theme parks in Orlando
- Only 3 hours from home

Florida State University:
- Beautiful campus!
- Good business program
- Awesome area with lots to do around town
- Originally my first pick for college
- Lots of pretty girls I’ve heard (;
- Only con is how far away from home it is…7 hours. Which could be good or bad!

University of Florida:
- VERY strong business college
- Ranked top among public schools
- Great football team
- 5 hours from home
- I heard Gainesville is a boring city however? And the campus isn’t that pretty?
- Admitted for Summer B, not Fall term. Meaning I’d have to leave this town in July, which seems so close :/

So as you can see I’ve really though this through, and I’m getting lots of opinions for both sides on things. The main issue I’m having is whether to stay at home and go to PBSC (or maybe FAU), or to go off to one of the universities. Remember, money is what it comes down to, but if I have to take a student loan because it’s more worth it to go to a University and get a better job/connections, then I’

Administrator answers:

Community College is a great way to finish your generals on a very low budget; you can then move on to another school for more specific education.
Assuming you’ll maintain grades in community college, other colleges will gladly accept you after you’ve complete your generals.

Ken asks…

what you think about this (Chinese are billionaires thanks to us the American people)?

BEIJING (Reuters) – The twenty-six year-old daughter of a rags-to-riches property developer is China’s wealthiest person, with a $16 billion ( 7.8 billion pound) fortune, Forbes magazine said on Monday.


Yang Huiyan shot to the top of the China Rich List after the firm her father founded floated on the Hong Kong stock exchange in April, creating five billionaires at once.

Her low-profile father, Yeung Kwok Keung — who worked as a farmer and on construction sites before making his fortune, according to Chinese media — had transferred his stake in Country Garden Holdings Co. to his daughter in 2005.

Also Asia’s richest woman, the Ohio State University graduate this year married the son of a top Chinese official she met on a blind date, the China Daily reported.

She is one of the few on the list to have inherited her wealth, in a country where booming economic growth has created fortunes virtually overnight.

The economy has expanded so fast that the country’s 40 wealthiest people are now all dollar billionaires, compared with just 15 last year, Forbes said in a press release.

Their combined net worth more than tripled to $120 billion, from last year’s $38 billion, Forbes said.

But as the number of the super-rich grows, officials in Beijing are stepping up efforts to tackle the gulf between rich and poor because they fear it threatens social stability.

Real estate was among the most lucrative sectors. Eight of the top ten have big property development interests.

“Household incomes are rising rapidly, and a growing number of people are moving into cities from rural areas. Those trends are creating great business opportunities for property developers,” said Russell Flannery, Forbes senior editor and compiler of the China Rich List.

Country Garden, based in the southern city of Guangdong focuses on building villas, townhouses and large apartments.

Yang’s father is still chairman and chief executive while she sits on the board as an executive director.

Last year’s number one on the Forbes list, Wong Kwong Yu, slipped nine places to squeeze into the top ten, even though his fortune rose by nearly 50 percent.

Forbes compiles its list by looking at stakes in listed and private companies and other assets. It excludes Hong Kong residents like tycoon Li Ka-shing — estimated by Forbes to have a $22 billion fortune in January.

Administrator answers:

When I was young I was constantly reminded of the starving people in Asia. In the late fifties China had a famine , and over 17 million people died from lack of food. I am pleased that China is now doing better, but would be even more pleased if the increase in wealth were helping more people, but developing capitalism always produces extreme disparities. The problems in the US is of our own making. We have a trade deficit with all of our trading partners so putting the blame on China is silly. They account for only 10% of our trade deficit. The US is still the richest and most powerfull nation on earth and whining and blaming others for our problrms is unseemly.

Betty asks…

Can a 17 year old rent an apartment with a 18 year old with no job?

I’m 17 turning 18 in two months and I don’t have a job. I just got kicked out of the house by my dad last night and I’ve been staying with a friend for one night. It’s impossible to live with my father. He’s an alcoholic and he’s mentally, emotionally, physically and financially unstable. He kicked me out due to an argument we had and because he got upset he went on a verbal abuse frenzy. He said stuff like “you’re a dog, and animal, you’re nothing” and much much more, over and over again just screaming it. When he’s not yelling at me he’s talking to himself, cursing someone. When I disagree with one small thing and try to talk it over with him, he becomes like this. He’s constantly threatening me to move if I give him trouble. I live with my dad because my parents are divorced. My mom couldn’t put up with my dads abusive ways anymore. My brother and sister live with her but I have to live here because it’s closer to school. I’m trying to finish high school and do well but its extremely difficult living with a man who needs help, and has many many problems. I’ve tried to help him before but a lot of yahoo answerer say that its not my duty to help him, and that I should be focusing on myself and I can’t help someone who can’t even help themselves. I tried calling my mom yesterday night but like always she doesn’t care. She heard me crying, my dad cursing me in the background, throwing my belongings out the door and slamming doors. She was driving friends at the time so she spoke to me in English so her friends wouldn’t know our problems, MY problem. She told me that she’d call me back when she gets home and eventually she hung up on me. I call her back 2-3 hours later with my dad still yelling from the top of his lungs and she told me that if I can’t sleep, I should at least let her sleep. Acting totally oblivious to my problems and the fact that she didn’t keep her word in calling me back.

My friend came by shortly after and helped me move all my belongings to his house, and I got permission from his guardian to stay for 2 days tops. This was the first time my friend saw my dad and he said that he was pretty shocked that I was living with him for almost a year. I lived with my whole family until last last year when my mom divorced him and moved. Living with my mom was too hard to get to school because it took me almost two hours to get there so I eventually dropped out.

I have to evacuate here asap because I don’t want to bother my friends family for a second longer. My friend is 18 but he doesn’t have a job. How can he possibly rent an apartment? And when he does, does he tell the landlord that I will be living with him? Does that lower or higher my chances of getting an apartment with my buddy? Would rent be more expensive with 2 people living in residence? Would rent be based on how much we make/our income? What if a parent co-signs? And do I have to have my parents consent since I’m not as of age yet or would they brush it off since I’m turning 18 in two months? How much is it for 3 months rent and deposit for a government housing apt at downtown Toronto? Is there apartments that are specialty priced for teens who have to live on their own? And can my friend and I apply for welfare for the time being, just until we find jobs and get back on our feet? Or is welfare at 18 only for pregnant teens? Any help or words of advice means a whole lot to me. All I have is my friend I trust with all my heart and this plan we have for us. Were young adults now right? How do we live on our own and become responsible, independent young adults?

I’m trying to find solutions and ways because I’m firm on this and I have no other options. Paying 3 months of rent in advance does give us time to get a job.

Additional Info: I’m a full time student, finishing off my sophomore/senior year. I haven’t been at school for the past two days and counting this would be three. I don’t want to jeopardize my education any further. I really need this place because I need to live in an environment that won’t threaten my education. My friends been looking for an apartment for a while now so this would be beneficial for both of us. Were always there for each other and having a close friend around would really give me that motivation I need to move forward and be strong. I’m taking time off today and possibly tomorrow until I get my friend and I an apartment.

Administrator answers:

You cannot legally sign a contract to rent a place until you are age 18.

Call the department of social services. They will help you find free housing until you can go on your own.

Sandy asks…

Should Hong Kong government and the lawmakers establish a pension fund,say 5 thousand dollars for age of 60?

It is pain in the ass for me and my Chinese hudsband and young Ashly to live in a public housing apartment in Hong Kong. Our plan is to retire in Phillipine where the living standard is much lower than Hong Kong. MY hudsband doesn’t speak English or Phillipino language. I speak three different languages. My hudsband will probably get a culture shock when we both retire in my native country. THe Hong Kong public sector has squeezed a lot of Hong Kong dollars by land sales, property transactions and rental incomes, income taxes and business taxes, gambling and stamp taxes from the stock markets. All Hong Kong civil servants are overpaid and collect the fat cat pension. THe Hong Kong civil servant pension should have adjusted to have the upper limit. They should provide pension fund for the getting larger senior citizens community. Say, five thousands for those ages reached 60 and have resided Hong Kong for at least ten years. This will certainly become a public demand in Hong Kong now.

Administrator answers:

It seems as though you aren’t seeking an answer, but I would say that no government should establish any pension plan.

People should be free to keep their money rather than hand it over to the government, then invest it as they see fit. After you pay taxes then account for corruption and government waste, the return on investment into a government pension would be horrible.

James asks…

Should I major in Finance with my bad credit?

I am a junior at GSU, about to be a senior, majoring in Finance. I know employers in different fields check credit reports/scores and base their hiring decisions on that. I would change my major to Accounting, but would prefer not to, plus it is SOMEWHAT similar in terms of hiring criteria. It is never too late to make a change in direction, but Engineers could be denied employment based on credit as well..

As of my debt…I paid off two credit cards with smaller balances, but still have one unpaid for around 11k, several couple-hundred-accounts, a 4k apartment debt (that I was held responsible for months after moving out, and it should’ve been person’s who took over the lease, which I successfully sued the person for, but they still hold me responsible) And kk+ medical medical medical…

I understand there are companies that will still hire me upon graduation, but most likely for lower pay. ONE of the career paths that I would prefer is Financial Consulting, but am I out of luck on managing others’ funds/accounts/finances until I pay my debt off?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I know I could work while still working on my degree and gradually pay it off, but right now prefer to be a F/T student to complete faster and take a brake from minimum wage bogus jobs that take time from studies and put GPA in jeopardy and don’t generate any reasonable income.

Administrator answers:

NO major company will hire you to start handling Clients Accounts Those go to someone with time in the company.

William asks…

Working has become the meaning of life?

I moved in with my roomate for a few months we moved and now its me ,my roomate and her two kids.Things were going well till I got laid off.Now ever since then Ive been looking for a job ive turned in tons of applications and even some interviews but no luck yet.
Lately they both work and been complaining about me not having a job almost making it seem like Im not looking.They mention how they gotten jobs easy and I could too.Well theyve failed to realized theyre 9 years older than me and have tons of experience Im only going on my third job.Im already depressed about not having a job I dont need other stress on top.
My aunt says i can move in with her but she’s two faced and she may not really mean it but even if i did I wouldnt have my own room Id be stuck in the same room with my two cousins who are my age.
Ive been trying to look for a low income apartment.No luck because theyre reserved for people with disabilities or Seniors.So basically I want to move out on my own.No roomates.But I dont know what to do or where to go.If I stay here any longer Im going to go insane! Can you help me or give me suggestions?
Maybe the title is throwing people off.Im going to find a job regardless.
Im really worried about my living arrangements right now.

Administrator answers:

No, work is the means to get money, and money is also a means to acquire something you desire.

Chris asks…

would this be a disaster? :/?

Well heres the deal… im 18 and my wife is 18. We both have crappy jobs at sears bring home a total of $1300 a month. We are going to get our own place within a few weeks. If we do, with our income we will need to get a one bedroom apartment.

Now, heres where the question comes in. My dad past away a few years ago, so my mom is all alone in low income housing and gets a disability check for $600 a month. If my mom moves in with us, we can rent the 4 bedroom house we were looking at. Its extremely nice, huge yard for my syberian husky, shop in the back so i can continue working/painting cars, and its towards the country so i can even some horses and piggies for my girlfriend (mom and girlfriend LOVE animals)

We all get along pretty well. Me and my mom dont always see eye to eye though, but mainly thats because we live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment all my life and i hate it. I just want everyone to be happy, but thats hard.

Would it be a disaster for my mom to move in with us? I worry about her alot being all alone and shes a senior citizen. We could also get a much nicer place if she helps with rent. By the time she decides to move out, ill have a good job enough that i could pay the extra rent without trouble.

Sorry for the long post… but im scared things would become ackward such as me and my wife having sex :/
wow sounds like someone needs to get laid

Administrator answers:

You want your mom to move in so you and your wife can get a 4 bedroom house??? How freakin selfish are you and her?? It is just the 2 of mentioned no y the hell do you need a 4 bedroom house?? Cause it has a nice yard for your dog?? PLEASE!! I have an idea, why don’t you and your wife each go and get another job, so that you can afford this place ON YOUR OWN!!
You then say that you worry about your mom being all alone. Well, to me, that sounds like an after thought. Something you say to make yourself look better. Like you are doing it to help her out!! She has a place 2 live! YOU are the 1 that wants a better place..out of their price range!! And all you are worried about is it becoming awkward when you and your wife have sex???? Boy, you need to get a serious grip on your morals!!

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