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April 30, 2012

Daniel asks…

What should I do about this situation with my mom? Am I being selfish?

I offered to help my mom pay for this course, it costs $900+ (more than $900 but under $1000). The deposit was $350+, and then three monthly payments of nearly $198. The deal was that I would pay the deposit and one monthly payment, and she would pay the remaining two monthly payments. I had some trepidation that she might not pay her part, but she assured me that she’d pay, even wrote it down on her calendar.

It’s almost time for her to make her first monthly payment, and she comes to me saying that she might be late on the payment because she owes the dentist more than she thought she would. I just KNEW something like that would happen. I feel bad because I do earn more money than her, but in my opinion it was her choice to live at home with Momma all her life, working low-paying part-time jobs that are below her skill level and not do anything to achieve full independence. The one job she did have that was at her skill level and paid a decent income, she quit, which I thought was really stupid.

This class is supposed to teach her skills she needs to finally get a job where she can make a living like an independent adult. I offered to HELP her pay for the class, but now it looks like I’ll be the one paying for the entire thing.

I feel guilty and bad about asking her to hold up her end of the bargain because I earn more than her, and also I do love my mother. But still. I’m not rich and I’m trying to save up for an apartment plus pay back student loans. In her mind, I’m sure I come across as selfish, since I do make more than her. But $900+ would be a huge dent for me. I resent her for not being an independent adult and taking responsibility for herself. What should I do? Should I just let her slide this time and not pressure her for the money (and not offer to help her financially in the future)? Or should I keep pressuring her until she realizes that she has to hold up her end of the bargain as well?

Administrator answers:

Have her hold up her part of the agreement, she should feel like an a@@ for even telling you she doesn’t have the money whether or not it is true. Sounds like she needs a few hard lessons in life to learn how the real world works. No need to be hard on her, but no need to be soft either.

Lisa asks…

I need advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation or who has known some one who has?

I have lived with my boyfriend for akmost 4 years and we just moved from Ohio to Virginia about 11 months ago. Before the move everything was not great really. We have hardly been one of those couples who are lovey dovey. We fight a lot about almost everything. I am 22 and he is 26 so it may be the age difference. Also I come from a bigger family but they are not that well off. I have to pay for all of my schooling and they can’t offer any assistance. His family is rather small and they consist of his mom who lives in Texas, and his aunt and uncle and 2 cousins who live in Ohio. His family are pretty well off. They were able to help us in our apartments because his credit is not too good and plus we don’t generate enough of an income that looks good on paper when filling out the stuff for the apartments. He has on a few occasions during the heat of the battle told me that my family are losers because they can’t offer any money to us if we need it, or offer any type of assistance any other way. It hurts me but it is true, they can’t offer any assistance but I still love them, but he does not understand why I defend them so much when he says stuff like that.

He also makes more money than me but it has not always been like that. For about a year or so we were making the same amount. For about 2 or 3 years he has made anywhere from 3-7 dollars more than me. He often tells me (also during the heat of the battle) that he is the bread winner and that I should not cause arguments and I should pick my battles. Things that I have argued about that have led to the verbally abusive explosions have been things about me not wanting to have anal sex, me getting pissed off if we go out to a bar or resturant and he calls the bartender/waitress honey, sweetie, or baby (and it is not in a way that someone does it who just is that way, it is sort of flirty), if I dont want to have sex, about him smoking pot, about my friends (I have none because he finds fault in all of them. He wants me to have friends with money and connections. He has talked about them so bad that I feel like I am choosing between him or them if I defend them or want to hang with them), also about my past job that I had. I did not have many responsibilities and he did manual labor and he felt like he should be the one who deserves the job like I had. I am a nursing student and the schedule can be very demanding. He has said it is a low life job and he is right but it just sucks to hear him say it like I am a loser.
So I recently went out and did research on schools back in Ohio. I found an LPN school because all RN schools have a 2 years wait. There were no schools in VA for LPN (if I wanted to pay 20grand at some technical school). So I told him that I was going back for my edducation for 21 months so that he could no longer harass me about my job. He wants me to get another job that is more challanging even if I make less. He told me he would respect me if I was a manager at McDonalds vs. my recent job of a bank teller. So everything was good for like 2 months and he was cool with me going but them like a week before I was supposed to go he started crying and freaking out. So I said I would stay. But them we had gotten into a few other fights and he has called me a bi*ch, cun*, loser, fatass, he even told me he made out with “a big ti**y bi*ch from alabama and wished he would have fuc*ed the shit out of her”. This was in response to me not wanting to do anal sex after I told him that I would. I told him I would because I was trying to work it out with us but he was making me feel like anal sex was the only way for him to be happy. He said that he has had 3 other girlfriends who have done that for him and I don’t love him because I don’t give all of me to him. But he does not turn me on I have really no desire. He does not tellme I am beautiful or anything and he is really demanding and does not make it a intimate experience. I keep telling myself that maybe I should just give in but I cant when the time comes down to it. When I went to stay with my friend after the big fight when he told me about kissing another person at the airport he was demanding that I leave saying he does not want me. When I left he starting calling and texting me every 15 minutes saying how sorry he was and how much he knows he will never find antoher like me. So like an idiot I went back, and then his story cahnged from him making out with the lady to her kissing him out of no where. He also told me he was smoking crystal a few years ago when we first moved in together when he went back down to Texas to pick up our furniture. He made the trip back from TX to OH in 2 days… That was during the heat of the battle and when I came back he said he was lying. He also said he made out with someone there too and then cahnged the story. I want to leave but I feel like there is good in him… HELP

Administrator answers:

Its your life, but if he is doing drugs, and he seems to be a controller. The minute u talk about getting an education he isn’t comfortable with that, because having a good job would enable u to leave him.he also tries to force u into things your not comfortable with, won’t make for a very rewarding relationship. U can do better than him.

Nancy asks…

My first (and ONLY) credit card–given my circumstances, exactly how should I use it?

I received my Amazon Store Card in the mail today after being approved last week. I have a $600 limit on it–almost what I make every month! :-/

Anyway, I learned about the *right* way to use a credit card when I was 16-ish and have been looking into cards since I was 18. I only wanted ONE card, I decided, and I wanted to make sure I picked the right one. Much to my surprise, I was approved for the card.

My primary concern is establishing whatever credit I can before October-November when I begin applying for apartments. I’m 19, after all, and don’t have much in the way of credit.

My score is 685 (Transunion and Equifax–no score from Experian yet), and that’s based, from what I can tell, entirely on my $5k in student loans that I haven’t defaulted on that I’ve had for 2 years. This August, I’ll be borrowing another $5k, for a total of $10k for my undergrad degree as this is my last year and I’ll graduate when I’m 20.

So, just how much should I spend each month? Right now, after paying my bills, I’ve only got $300-800/mo discretionary income, so the less I can put on the card, the more comfortable I’d be. As much as I trust myself financially, the last thing I want to do is wind up in CC debt. I figure I’ll definitely put my cellphone bill on my card, since that’s consistent every month ($35). How low can I go–with respect to how much I spend–while still improving my credit score?

Any other words of advice?

Administrator answers:

The name confuses me. Is this Amazon STORE credit card really an all purpose credit card? {If not, I doubt you could put your cell phone bill on there, but really, idk.} universal cards are mastercard, visa, discover, and american express.

IF you can make regular purchases, just purchase up to 1/3 = $200 a month on stuff you would normally pay cash for (food, gas, restaurant meals,,,), earmark that much cash to pay the cc bill, and then pay in full when it comes. {credit creeps up over time, generally speaking}

Technically, just paying the minimum due every month on time will help your score, but there is no point wasting your money on interest charges.

EDIT: Do not cut it up or cancel it (unless Amazon charges a fee just to carry it) because even store credit that gets reported is good, and in the future you may want another card or two. The key is to use them wisely, and you know that.

I would think landlords must have alternative methods of approving non-working college students, but again, idk.

William asks…

Fiance wants to keep unplanned baby, I don’t.?

I’m 31 she is 25. We have been a couple for almost 4 years now and engaged for less than 1. We had a long-distance relationship for most of last year and she dumped me at one point (After saying yes to the engagement) but we have slowly gotten things back to a better place and are engaged again. We just found out she is (at most) 6 weeks pregnant last week, more than likely she’s 3-5 weeks, as she was about 10 days late on her period when she tested positive. She wants to keep the baby, I do not. (For clarification, I don’t care which option; termination or adoption, though I think adoption may be emotionally harder for both of us)

We are both currently unemployed. She worked for a family business that went under in Feb. I have been unable to find any work due to the economic slowdown since I relocated back to be with her in November of last year. I have about $30k dollars of consumer and student debt and no income. She has about $12k of debt and is collecting unemployment. (which I have been repeatedly denied) I have only a non-transferable and basically worthless Associate of Arts degree that I’m still paying for. She has even less earning potential, having not even finished an associates degree. At this point we’ve been living in a small 1 bedroom apartment with one bath, it’s very cramped. With the economy the way it is, and based on the 80+ positions I’ve been rejected from in this time, it’s realistic to say an average wage I could get for a full time job would be between 11-13 dollars per hour, maybe earning as much as 14 if I worked two jobs. We have been sustaining ourselves with a small severance package she received, a small amount of savings I had after selling my motorcycle before moving, and we both got tax refunds, but funds are running very low.

I know that there is NO WAY that any child we would have now would have anywhere near the life it deserves, or at least what we could be capable of giving in more time after we get things more under control financially, and when I’m more ready emotionally as well. I’m trying to look at the big picture, with all the details of the situation, to make the best and least-painful decision for everyone involved. Looking at this logically and realistically, it’s obvious that this is NOT the right time for us to have a kid. BUT she is apparently incapable of looking at the details of our situation without just saying “I can’t do this, we’re having this baby.” She’s making me feel like I don’t matter at all anymore. She just tells me she’s sorry, but nothing I say matters or will even get her to think about other options. And I’m sick of people playing the morality card as an answer, because I’m agnostic and I think it is MUCH more irresponsible to go ahead with a decision like this KNOWING all the bad things we’re facing and the suffering that will take place for the child, and that we’re unprepared to care for it, than it is to sentence a child to a troubled life, not to mention what it will do to her, me, our relationship, and everyone else involved.

What can I do?

Administrator answers:

You sound very intelligent – the decision is up to the both of you

no one on YA can answer for you including ME

Donald asks…

Being accepted into an apartment and paying all rent up front?

My girlfriend and I are trying to move into an apartment but first we have to submit paperwork to see if we will be accepted. This will be fine for her because she has a (low paying) job, but I am a full time student and do not currently work. I have more than enough in savings to cover the entire 6 month lease, but all the same, we will probably not qualify because I do no have an income to guarantee that they get paid each month. I also have a cosigner lined up who is ready and willing – but as an alternative…

What would happen if, with our application (with or without a cosigner?), I submit a check for the amount of 6 months of rent (the entire lease) in addition to the deposit and fees and what-not? I would think that this would make it so that they don’t have to worry about getting rent on time and such, and would this drastically increase our chances of being accepted.

Any advice or insight into this idea of paying all rent up front will be highly appreciated!
I asked one of the managers at the apartment this question, and she said that “it will have no effect on whether or not you are accepted”… because they still go by your credit and rental history. HOWEVER, I am guessing that the odds are still much better because I do not have a negative rental history or bad credit, so that along with having all money up front /should/ give them less to worry about.

Administrator answers:

I have thought about this before myself. If it is a private rental then they may be very happy with this. If it is an apartment complex they may not want you to pay rent up front in case they want to evict you. This is what I was told by a property management company that owned several apartment complexes. Evictions can happen for many reasons that have nothing to do with not paying your rent on time. For example you could be evicted for disturbing your neighbors or getting arrested (I am not saying that you would do any of these things). The apartment owner wants the right to be able to evict you if necessary and if they have all of the money up front this can create an issue. I would speak directly with the place you plan on renting from and see what their policy is.

Mandy asks…

How do you buy a mobile home in a mobile home park?

My husband and i are very interested in buying a trailer in a mobile home park. We have never been home owners but have rented a apartment. I am 23 and make no income, my husband is a truck driver and makes a good living. We do have low credit scores in the 550′s, due to credit cards. We do also have a truck payment and his student loans. We are currently living with his parents and it is horrible. The trailer we are looking at is in a great trailer park and is around $26,999.00. The park does offer financing even for people with bad credit or who have ever had a foreclosure. MY question is how does this process work? We need to finance it obviously. Does the loan get worked into the lot rent or is that a completely different bill? Do we need to have home owners insurance or some type of insurance? Also we have 2 dogs that the park will allow. We also live in Newport, Michigan not sure if that would make a difference. I know that we will probably have a high interest rate cause we have such a bad credit score. I just need to know how all this works. Negative comments are not appreciated. Link to the trailer and the park website——->

Administrator answers:

I work with a Mobile Home Dealer over in Oregon. First off, Credit matters only to some parks and not to others. It depends on the park and what the bad credit is for. I would say, since you are going to go through an agent as that is what is posted on the MHVillage listing, call them specifically and let them know your situation. They will let you know first off it is possible with that park and financing and such. Then just ask them what their process will be from beginning to end on a normal deal(deals very and there are sometimes rare things that cause extra steps with counties and what not).

However, in direct answer to your question. This would be our process in Oregon(and this may change depending on dealership and state/county and park). These are the basic outline, but there is a lot that goes into each step, but what to expect in basics.

1.) Customer calls dealer and dealer does a pre-qualify to see if home is right fit for buyer & Seller(usually totally honor system except if credit is close then they may pull a report).
2.) Appointment to see the home to see if it would even fit what the buyer wants.
3.) Write up the buyer for the price they want to offer. (Like a normal home there will normally be a earnest money check or cash taken but not deposited till there is a signed purchase agreement by both parties, this goes towards the home purchase)
4.) Dealer works with the buyer and the seller to find a happy medium price with all stipulations and contingencies IN WRITING ON A CONTRACT (make sure it is in writing or it can be changed on you, I’ve heard of some pretty shady outfits).
5.) AFTER AGREED ON PRICE, then go in for Park approval and get in the application for financing. (Don’t do park approval before home agreement because your forking out a credit and background check fee before you know your getting the home).
6.) Hear back from the park within a few days normally. Hear back from bank within 1 – 4 weeks depending.
7.) If all looks good, you have a closing date and go in to close once financing comes through from bank.
8.) The dealer acts as an escrow company(not to be confused with being the escrow company), but they are usually licensed and bonded so if anything happened you as the customer are covered.
9.) Moneys you are responsible for:
a. Park fees (rent, deposit, etc, find out from agent about these or call the park)
b. Closing costs
c. Down Payment
d. Finance fee (which is usually put into the loan)
10.) Keys are exchanged when money is exchanged
11.) Dealer submits the home transfer to the state/county, and buyer gets title in the mail.

For yours specific being financed through the park, that will be different and you will need to discuss that with the park. And since your credit isn’t going through the bank, just the park, then you will need to talk to them again about the time it would take and any stipulations with the loan.

I hope that helps :)

Enjoy the weath… Wow, I just checked your weather report and apparently you are expecting thunder and lightening tonight. So, Grab a cup of coco and a good book:)

Lizzie asks…

Can I kick my brother out?

Me and my mom live together and we’re both on the lease. We split the rent and water bill down the middle. I pay the electric, phone, alarm system bill, and I put the initial money down on a rent to own washer and dryer set, but we do split the monthly bill. The only bill she pays by herself is the cellphone bill for both of us. I was laid off last year, and I still haven’t been able to find a job, despite my best efforts. I receive unemployment benefits and that’s my only income. I’m also a full time student and I have a enough stress to deal with, with school and job searching. My deadbeat loser little brother who’s 24 years old, just showed up one day and now lives with us. He doesn’t have a job (of the 3 jobs he’s EVER had, the longest he’s held down a steady job is 3 months), he dropped outta high school, he doesn’t have any type of income, and he has the WORST attitude problem ever! My dad has supported him for the last 4 years, but he kicked him out after my brother got into a fist fight with him for the second time! (the fight started because my dad asked him what he was doing with his life) He left my dads house and stayed at our sister’s home until he kept starting fights with her teenage son, so she kicked him out. Now he’s here and driving us both nuts! He eats all day, he’s extremely loud and ignorant, he argues with my mom, and he leaves our apartment unlocked at night (he came in last night after 4am) while he sits in the parking lot in the car of low self esteem girls and smokes weed or gets a bj. Because me and my brother have never gotten along, my mom and dad feel like I’m cold and mean by wanting him to go and knowing he has nowhere to go. If they don’t stop supporting him now, he’s gonna be a 40 year old loser still mooching off of family. I want him gone, but my mom wants him to stay because he’s her son and she feels bad. My mom gets mad at me and we end up arguing over this loser who shouldn’t be here in the first place! He drives her nuts just like me, they argued just this morning and he’s yells through the house, and slams our doors. I don’t care how mad my mom gets, I’m kicking him out! If we’re both on the lease, can I kick him out even if she wants him to stay? I don’t care if I have to call the police to escort him out, he’s gotta go. In the state of Missouri, can I just call the police and kick him out, or what should I do legally to get rid of him?
Our lease is up in 3 months, and I plan on leaving. I’m hoping that my recent job interview is successful, so that I’ll have a stable income so that I can get my own place.
He’s also a porn addict. He crashed my dads laptop filling it with porn, he kept deleting my sister’s computer history because he looks at porn on it. Her computer is a family computer that her 5 year old daughter uses, and there would be graphic adult sites in the computer’s history that they go to, to pull up nick jr. for her. He closes himself in my moms room, on her computer to watch porn all day. We’ve caught him on several occasions deleting history or closing the browser when we walk in. I bought that computer in 04 when I graduated high school and it’s never crashed, but it crashed after he was here one week!

Administrator answers:

Get rid of him
for two reasons
– Your sanity, quality of life, financial survival. Etc
– The faint hope that he will wake up and take responsibility for his own life

Now your mother might protest this
You must convince her that in the long run it is the best thing for him
He needs to face his own problems

Talk to him – maybe with others around for your physical protection
He had been violent and abusive so you might want to consider talking to the police before hand.

Give him a date
Chance the locks if he had a key
if he does not leave call the police.

If this dos not work
you must leave

Build you own life…

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