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April 12, 2012

Maria asks…

i need student housing for either kittanning,pa or worthington,pa?

does anyone know of any student housing for kittanning,pa or worthington,pa i dont have enough money to live in a regular apartment and need some low income stuff does anyone know about how to go about doing this help????

Administrator answers:

Put an ad on Craig’s list, under woman seeking man. You could live rent free + dollars.

John asks…

How do you go about making a civil/law suit against a neighbor?

I live in an apartment/house owned by my boyfriend’s boss, and some tenants moved in around the end of June that are honestly the worst kind of people. My real complaint about these people is about the parties they have every other week. I’m a (low income, female) student living off campus for the purpose of having somewhere quiet to do my work, because I essentially get paid to go to school for the purpose of school (I also go to a private school, where tuition is absurd). These two “kids” that live downstairs have parties that go on from anywhere from 2pm to 2-3am with ridiculous amounts of bass, screaming people, and giant fights that involve a lot of house destruction (usually happening at the after midnight time slot when people are absurdly drunk) in a house that’s paper thin. This happens almost every other weekend, and doesn’t include the weekdays where there aren’t parties but they play their music/bass loud enough to shake every wall in the upstairs apartment.

My landlord won’t do anything about it because he’s pretty much the worst kind of person to do a job like this. He’s told us that he wants it to “handle itself,” but after almost 4 months they’re doing whatever they can to be irritating. We’ve called police multiple times to have the parties either contained to a respectful level or shut down and went down when they’re not to the point of knocking stuff off walls to have them turn it down, only to have it turned back up later. After last Saturday, the main problem-maker has even threatened us via Facebook that he’ll break our necks and that we should leave town before anyone can find us, all because we told them to shut off the bass. This most recent party, the kid (who is also a registered sex offender for “forcing sex on a person physically incapable of consent”) that started the party cussed us out and told us we were just a bunch of, erm, female lady parts and homosexual slurs, in front of police for calling the cops even though the volume was so loud that he couldn’t even hear that the police were knocking.

The noise ordnance where I live is 24 hours a day, not from 7pm to 5am or something like that, no amount of noise can cross property lines, and counts for within an apartment complex (so the bass/screaming that floods our house isn’t ok), and that after many attempts to work out something without any luck, we’re can take the tenants to court about it. I don’t know how to do this, so I come to figure out how.

Also, moving would be an option in a few months, but not right now. My boyfriend and I don’t have enough money saved up to afford a deposit needed for a nicer place. I want to end the ridiculousness while I have to live here, especially with finals coming up in a month and a half. I’m getting rather unnerved by the possibly that they may eventually try to physically attack us in our home, and given one of their histories, I personally don’t quite feel particularly safe anymore to be at home alone.
There isn’t actually a lease, and we would move if we had the funds to (our rent is VERY cheap for living near a campus). The police seem to do nothing when we call, they just put the party back to where it was or louder once they leave–so we’re just supposed to sit here and deal with it til we can move?

Administrator answers:

Easy answer.. It is done often in California.. Don’t know where you are..

1) Continue to call the police. Request copies of the report or incident log. Keep your own diary which documents the times and duration..also and if you have a guest there have them sign the diary. You are building proof to show a pattern. Consider running a recorder and capture a few parties.. Then edit out some of the noiser sections

2) Give the neighbors a written notice that outlines your problems and tells them that if there is another incident you will take action via the court.

3) Concurrent with this get copies of the noise ordiance and determine in what ways and how often the incidents occur

4) When you have enough proof (say a couple of weeks worth), and it happens again, file a small claims action for the maximum amount your jurisdiction. Your claim is for the intentional loss in your quality of life. In California it is $5,000. That claim is for a SINGLE night. It will cost you under $100 to file the paperwork and have the tenants served. Make sure you name EACH of the tenants (whom ever is on the lease/rental agreement which the landlord can supply you with).

5) You will have a court date set when you file the papers but if it happens again before then go file ANOTHER lawsuit. (yep.. Because it is PER INCIDENT). That should shut them down until the trial. You can request the clerk that both cases be tried before the same judge or you can keep them separate.

6) Assemble your ducks (in a row) and go to court. Bring the stack of police reports, the tape, the diary, the witness, maybe even subponea one of the officers if you know that he is in your corner.

7) Practice before you go to court. Do not yell or harrange.. Let the neighbors do that and shoot themselves in the foot, You simply assert the loss of the quality of life because of the consistent and persistent violation of the local noise ordinance and their refusal to respect the rights of others.
8) Do not address the defendants.. Only talk to the judge always be respectful and polite and NEVER question the judge – even if he is wrong.. (suggest alternates for him to consider) .. Let them mess up and yell at you.

9) Should be a slam dunk.. You won’t get the full $5k.. But you should win something and then you move on to the NEXT violation. They will move or quiet down very quickly.

Good luck

Ken asks…

U.C.Berkeley questions, Can someone help me out on these questions? [look in details]?

What are the options of housing if you live on campus?
What’s included in the housing payment?
Is there a plan for low income or non-California resident students?
Will you be able to pick where you would like to live on campus grounds?
How big is the dorm?
How many are able to live in one dorm? Co-ed?
How many meals do you get a week?
Can students pick who they want to live with in a dorm room?
What must I do if I am taking a leave of absence at the end of the winter?
Is it possible to apply for off campus housing?
Are there walk-in meetings or continuous assignments for graduate housing?
Is the community quiet, loud, active, or suburban, etc.?
How much do the apartments cost that are close to the university?
Is the campus safe?
Who can you contact for a vacant room or apartment?
Is the food included in the housing cost or is it separate?
Is there a single dorm room or a double dorm room?
Can I use financial aide?
How much will financial aide cover?
Will financial aide cover the initial payment?
What are the ways to obtain an application for housing?

Administrator answers:

Ummm… Email an admissions officer!

Daniel asks…

I am a father. What can I expect at a custody hearing.?

I’m 25, a full-time student pursuing a Nursing degree, and work part-time in a hospital. At the time I am living at home with my mom and step-dad, it’s a big help since I’m in school. They are also terrific with my daughter.

My ex is living with another girl in low-income housing. Their apartment is often filthy. She also just found out that she is pregnant with some dude’s baby she just met a month ago. She claims they are going to move in together. I’m so worried for my daughter. She needs a strong routine, and clean environment. Myself and family can provide that.

Just wondering what someone might think a judge will say/think/do since I am a father and they don’t typically rule in our favor. Thank-you.

Administrator answers:

Next time you are at the mom’s take a cell phone with a camera and snap a few. Introduce them as evidence. Judges favor moms generally but if the place really is filthy and you can argue that it is not the right environment for a child then you will have a chance.

Steven asks…

Low budget in Germany ?

I’m a student
And i’m going to go to Ulm Germany for medical training with 4 other students.
Our monthly income is 1100 € each.
Will this amount of money be enough for us to rent an apartment for six months and travel during weekends to nearby countries by train or by renting a car ??

Administrator answers:

Things like renting an apartment or a car will be well within your budget. 1.100 Euro (did I read that right, one thousand and one hundred) is more money than many a German has as a fulltime worker. Just take care to rent a cheap flat, and there will be enough money left for travel expenses. Don’t buy a car, they’re very expensive here, and insurance costs a lot. If you only need one on weekends or for holiday travel, rent one. Trains are also cheap on weekends, check out the “Wochenendticket” at

Richard asks…

Is Saudi prepared for thousands of new families?

Reading that Saudi may change the criterias for issuing family visas, I am wondering if Saudi is prepared for this.
What’s about all the needed apartments for families? I assume that a bachelor didn’t rent or didn’t get provided with a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. Are that many available?
What about schools? Are they prepared to take that many new students? The same for nurseries.
What’s about the employers who provide accommodation? Are they suppose to pay higher rent for bigger places?

I am just thinking of all the middle and low income people who were not able to bring their families because of their “profession”. They getting all exitited, but will this work? Do they know the higher the demand on accommodation the higher the rents? Will these people be able to make ends meet even when they meet the financial requirements of obtaining a family visa?

In the UAE these group of people could bring their families. The result is that many families are sharing apartments and often it’s one room – one family. Also as soon as the fare for the school bus gets raise for i.e. AED 10, families start struggling and have to send kids back home. Some expats are not able to afford school fees for all the kids and the result is that the boys go to school and the girls stay home.

What do you think how it will work in Saudi? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yes, H. I was also thinking about this.. Me and my husband were having this very conversation this week.. I dont think the men employed here thought this through in their excitement of just being able to bring their families here.. It opens a whole nother can of worms that they are not ready to deal with..
There isnt enough housing.. Seriously there isnt enough housing for even the Saudis, how can they expect more for these thousands of families moving in.. And most will be probably from india.. I was thinking, here in khobar we have one huge indian national elementary school between khobar and Dammam.. It is bursting at the seems with the children it has already.. They claim that the classes are jammed and over crowded.. There was even an incident about bussing last year when an over crowded bus lost control and overturned. The driver was speeding trying to deliver the children home faster cause he has so many to take home. Otherwise it would be like 2 hours for some kids.. This presents more problems.. Just one in a million other problems like you’ve mentioned..
Also one issue no one addressed.. What will happen when these wives get pregnant? Will they recieve medical care appropriately? Do the employers allow for this? I think there are too many variables that no one has thought through well yet.. Oh well! Sometimes it takes two steps back to get going forward.. We will learn.. Maybe the hard way..
The only issue that scares me.. Is right now after they took census last year. There are more foreigners employed in Saudi than there are Saudi’s themselves.. There are like 2.5 foreigners for every 1 saudi.. This is scary.. Our country is over taken by foreign work force.. We need to cut this by 3/4ths to save our own identity..

George asks…

About low income housing for single mother and full time student without being on a waiting list?

Im pretty much homeless Me and my five year old moved to Phoenix arizona to stay with my sister until I get on my feet she wanted me to leave because her apartments didn’t want to upgrade I’ve just been bouncing around I’m in school full time I just got a job but not making enough to afford an apartment or anything I need a low income apartment without the long waiting list does anyone know if there is help available I’m not just a government hand out I’m going to school for computer engineering and I work and only have one child????

Administrator answers:

Look up your local H.U.D office a few years ago I was in a similar situation and I applied for low income housing and was in my own apartment from start to finish in less than a month.

Mark asks…

How can I pay for college? low income family?

My mother makes about 12g a year & I want to go out of state for college, to Long Island University Brooklyn, which will cost me 38g (Tuition + Books + Room&Board)
FAFSA gave me a Pell Grant Estimate – $5,550.00
Direct Stafford Loan Estimate – $5,500.00

I am 18, never worked a day in my life due to the fact that my mother wanted me to focus on school blahblah. I’m a senior of HS graduating 06/11/12 and I am currently applying for jobs. (Hope to work at least 30 – 35 hours a week, which might be hard depending on my college schedule) – I don’t think I want to do work-study. & I don’t care about how much debt i will get into when im done w/ my 4 years of college

I’m also thinking about renting an apartment since only 2X% of the students live on campus ..

Administrator answers:

You should expect college to take up about 40 hours a week between classes and studying. Having a full time job in addition to that is a very bad idea; you’ll end up spending less time on coursework just to keep the job that’s paying for college, and getting poor grades or failing out as a result – either will keep you from getting a job. Start at a local community college instead – stay at home, work to save money, and transfer after a few years to a state school. You cannot afford a private school, and almost no major would make it worth the cost for you.

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