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April 23, 2012

Joseph asks…

Who is fighting for the poor?

I am only voting for the candiates who are TRULY for the poor. I have been trying to do some research but have not found anyone who seemed truly sincere. I will vote and support a candiate who is these issues:
1. Affordable houring for EVERYONE who makes under the poverty limit regardless of student status.
2. Affordable to free health care.
3. A living wage
4. Rent Control
5. Fighting Homelessness
6. Fighting Cancer and AIDs
7. Increasing Social Security benefits and keeping Medicare costs low.
There are more issues but those are the main ones I am concerned about. I am terrified that someday all of our cities will be like New York or LA and will not be affordable.
A person needs to make $1,800 per month to rent a lower end 2 bedroom apartment in KANSAS CITY, MO!
The average person on Social Security makes under $700 per month; there is nothing they can rent accept low income housing which is lacking.
What do I do? How do I help? Who do I support?
I have a BS in communications and yet I still make under the poverty line! A lot of my friends and family are struggling. My cousin died because she was so poor; no one knew how bad off she was.
It almost seems like the poor will be homeless or dead in 10 years if we don’t do anything! The middle class is becoming the poor!
What can I run for to save our nation?
I am also for TRUE democracy and freedom for the people. I am about protecting the citzens for corrupt businesses.
I would also like to see candiaites who will stand up to these big businesses who charge OUTRAGOUS fees if you are ONE day late!
Some for your answers are just INHUMANE! I am poor and I am fighting but the only way to make a difference is through government or the masses.
Can I as one person change all these things?
Why do people have such negative reactions when to comes to the poor? I don’t get it? I came from an upper middle class family myself and I always had a heart for the poor.
I think this means WE all need to change our nation.
We are talking the humane thing to do not for moneterial gain in away shape or form. Besides if the poor pay less in rent and have more income they have more money to spend!
I think this is the most important issue facing our nation due to the recession and unemployment. There are 33 million people in america that live in poverty! That is not a small number!
Affordable housing means based upon one’s income. No one should pay more than 30% of their income to rent.
A living wage would vary from state to state in Kansas City, Mo that would be about $2,000 per month. So around $13 per hour.
Aids and cancer are not specfic to the poor that is just other big issues I think need to be addressed.
What happened to my cousin is the recession. She lost her job, then her kids, she got on drugs when a friend of hers gave her come for free. She had untreated depression, she had no insurance and little food. She only did the drugs to help her forget her hunger pains and that her kids were gone.
Her friend got her drugs for free because she worked for the guy. He was an owner who was very corrupt and did not care about his workers. He paid them in drugs and sometimes food.
My cousin got in with the wrong crowd only AFTER she lost EVERYTHING. She could not pay her rent and she tried to go back to school to be a nurse.
The DR said she had meth in her system but not a single drop of food in her stomach. She died of severe malnutrution and drug over dose.
none of what I am suggesting is the least bit harmful. It is good for everyone! If we help the poor then we help ourselves! Have you heard the saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link?
Well imagine if we all could be equally strong then what could our nation become? Imagine if everyone had housing,clothing,food,education and health care. What do I do to REALLY CHANGE THINGS! I can’t live in a soceity like this!
I never said communism. Of course in the society I am thinking about you won’t need as much money. The problem is I am not talking about patching up an old system or systems.
I am talking about coming up with a NEW system.
Just think outside the box; don’t think in terms of this current society. This system is broken and can’t be fixed.

Administrator answers:

Dems fight for the little people. ?

Lisa asks…

Summer job, student Filing taxes, Family.. help?

I’ll be working during the summer, over a 8 week period at an internship, totaling about $1800, I’m also considering working a second job that will only be about 5-8 hours a week, but this one is long term.
I expect that I will only have about 3500-4000 dollars total by December, less than $5000.
Will I need to add my income, the $4000 to my family’s total income?
We are renting an apartment and the government helps assist our low income with covering part of our rent.

I’m worried that the $4000 I make will put them into a higher bracket, leading to paying more rent, and less money back. My parents say they don’t know because of the instability of filing taxes and the bracket ranges each year. It also might affect my financial aid?

Can someone help me out on this? It’s been stressing me out if I should take the second job…Thanks a lot…

By the way, I wrote on my W4 “exempt” for my internship because I was not expecting this second offering. Is anything wrong with that? I’ve never had a job before this.

Administrator answers:

The income doesn’t get added to your parents tax return, but since you are part of the household, it’s household income and might affect your subsidy for your apartment depending on what type of subsidy it is. Your income could also affect your financial aid since you have to report it on your FAFSA form.

“exempt” is OK on your W-4 if you’ll make under around $5700 for the year.

Sandra asks…

help on goverment loans/grants!! please!!?

well to put a long story short i got kick out of my house im 19 years old i cirrently work at kolhs department store part time and shoot photography part time and am a full time student. my kols income is low about 450 a month at the least and with the photography i can make up to 1700 a shoot depending on who will hire me. i live in my truck currently and im looking to get a apartment in the next 2 weeks or so and i was wondering is there any goverment grants, loans, anything to help me out cause im taking more units next semester and i cant pay rent on a hope of getting a photo shoot and my kolhs salary wont cover alot. so if you could tell me any goverment related “help” for someone in my situation i would greatly apprecate it. anagin i am a full time student if that matters.

thanks, lucas

Administrator answers:

Maybe try to rent out a room from a private residence. There are always people looking to rent out a room in their house these days…a whole lot cheaper than an apartment would cost.

Linda asks…

Apartment??? Nosy Parents???? I need to move out? HELP!!!!!!!!?

Does anyone knows a place in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Saint Cloud where i could find a cheap apartment???? around 500monthly

I am a full time pre-med student, and I just got hired for 12 dollars an hour full time at Osceola Regional Medical Center, working on the ER as a Teckh so i am low income

I am 22, turning 23 on January,, and i really think is time to move out from my parents, house, and move on with my life.

My dad treats me like if i am a little kid, example today, i brought a friend (a girl) to see a movie and, he was like we are going out, and i dont want you here to be alone with her,,,, I mean common is not like i am going to be having while sex…… i just wanted to see a movie,,,, and i think is time for me to move out……. Because i am not a little kid, and i dont deserve to be treated this way

And is not like i am living for free…. am currently helping with 325 a month to pay for water and electricity

So what you guys think???? ANy Idea to rent a cheap place

Administrator answers:

At almost 23 yes you should be on your own, I was at 18. Sometimes parents just cannot let go of the fact that their children are now adults, adults who need to make their own life, and make their own decisions. Another option is to sit down and have a real heart to heart with them hoping they will understand that you are no longer a child. Do realize that they are that way only because they love you, and want the best for you. It is just sometimes parents have got to realize that they have done all they can to have raised their children and it is now time to stand back and see what they have done, let their children experience life with it’s ups and downs, make their own mistakes, or their own paths in life. If they cannot allow that while you are in their home, then it is time to stake your claim on your own. Best of luck

Thomas asks…

Income vs. debt question? help please?

Ok, my husband and I paid a whole year up front for our apartment which ends in November. We want a house now. We can get a loan but we need at least a 50% or lower when it comes to income vs. debt. What im wondering is, since we paid a year up front (apt) do we have to include that as a monthly payment (debt.) Also, will they include the monthly payment for the mortgage loan that we want approved for? I hope that’s not confusing i guess im just wondering if it only includes our credit card debt, car loan, and student loans since we already paid a year of rent.
Thanks for any and all help.

Administrator answers:

No. Your prepaid rent is an ASSET not a debt.

They are making this calculation to determine how large a loan you can get which drives your mortgage payments. Not as you state here.

You will include your credit card debt, car loans and student loans.

MAKE SURE you show that you have 0 rent expense as it is prepaid to November.

James asks…

I need a help finding an apartment in Tampa FL.?

I will attend at USF, in Tampa FL. By the spring semester of 2012. Already time is too short for me. I have to finsh some more courses here in Orlando. I am not a collage age student and got back to school at 50. So I don’t want to live in the campus, neither I am interested in any student lifestyle. Here in Orlando I am having a very bad experience from the neighborhood. To be honest nothing wrongs to my neighbors. Nice and neat and clean low income and hard worker people. The problem is with all of these extra people hanging everywhere on the each corner, around stores and shopping centers, and dumpsters. As soon as I walk out. Go to grocery or the bus stop some body cuts in front of me and asks for a change, or use my phone. You might think just ignore them. This is what I am doing, but it gradually became a sickness for me. I hate to see these people are suffering, in the other hand it’s not in my power to help them all. I am visually impaired, and I like to walk everywhere, and I am doing so. But I am keep being advised by someone to, not to do so. Very much I have eliminated by now, and I am not happy about it.
Now that I am moving to Tampa, I really don’t want to experience the same. I think it is Okay if the commute to the school be longer, but the neighborhood be okay. I am form Alexandria VA. Over there we didn’t have much of these problems. – Or not as much as here in Orlando- (some morning or evening walkers carry baseball bat with them, this is embracing) Please let me know your opinion, if you are in Tampa, especially if you know about USF and commute to it. Or if you live in an apartment complex and are happy about it.
Thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

The area around USF is not a good area. Check into Temple Terrace-go east of Bruce B. Downs Blvd adn you will still be close enough.

Mary asks…

How to live with my son in a studio apartment?

I lost my job and now am having to downsize our two bedroom apartment into a studio…My son is five, so he is ecstatic about sharing a bunk bed with mommy, but I don’t know how this is going to work…

What programs can I get onto with low income (I work another job doing online sales, so it brings in a tiny bit of money…)? I never thought I’d have to be on welfare, but I don’t know what else to do…

How do I apply for these programs?

I am also a student working on my master’s degree, but I’m paying off student loans from my undergraduate degree…How do I ask for the payments to be deferred until I get back on my feet?

Administrator answers:

Try getting on section 8 where they pay most of the rent.My son too downsized into a studio in our basement with his son he sleeps on the couch and he has a bedroom,they did have bunks but the ceilings were not high enough,and it was stuffy on the top bunk what you need is a trundle bed that the exrta bed pulls out from under the main bed it saves a lot of room this is what my son should have bought instead of the bunk,the bottom is full size the top is a single.Good Luck and happy holidays.

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