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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Illinois

February 8, 2013

Laura asks…

Are there any website or companies that help you rent an apartment or home even if you have bad credit?

My boyfriends home was foreclosed, and now he needs to find a home or apartment for rent in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. He will not be able to repair his credit for a while, and we are in need of a home fast. Help?

Administrator answers:

Only scams.
Work the applications yourself. Some LLs don’t care as long as you qualify for apartment rent.

Steven asks…

Does anyone know of any apartments in illinois that allow pitbull mixes?

I am trying to find an apartment and I have two dogs that are about 60lbs each. One is a pit mix, and one I think is a lab mix. Has anyone had any luck finding an apartment in Algonquin, Carpentersville, Crystal Lake, Rolling Meadows, Bartlett, or any other suburbs in that area that do not have breed restrictions?
The pit is 8 years old and has lived in apartments most of her life (with the exception of when she was still a small pup). the lab mix is almost 10, and very lazy.

Administrator answers:

You most likely wont find a place that accepts pits because insurance wont cover them no matter what. It was hard enough finding a place for my 65 lb golden. Try to find a house for rent, usually they’ll be more apt to do it. Or you can ask if an appt will let you if YOU purchase renters insurance, its only like $10 a month. Good luck :)

Helen asks…

What are the good and bad neighborhoods in Joliet Illinois?

I’m moving to Joliet Illinois and looking to rent an apartment (not a flat) in a safe and quite area. I’m totally unfamiliar with the city. Does anyone know the good nieghborhoods vs. bad ones? Please include some street names so I can mark it on a map. Thanks to anyone who helps!

Administrator answers:

Most of Joliet is ghetto especially downtown and the east side. The west side by the mall is probably the nicest area.

Charles asks…

Requirements for renting an apartment in Illinois?

What are the requirements needed to rent an apartment in Illinois. I am thinking Lake Bluff – Waukegan area.

Any information is VERY valuable please & thank you.

Administrator answers:

I hope you have a very good income. Those areas are some of the most expensive in the Chicago area. If I could afford an apartment in Lake Bluff I would buy a house elsewhere unless it was my first year moving here from out of state or something and I didn’t want to buy until I checked out the area first.

James asks…

What is the best or cheapest way to move my belongings from Utah to Illinois?

I have a one-bedroom apartment’s worth of stuff to move, including three vehicles, and two people to drive. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Rent a U-haul truck, pack everything you can into that, and sell 1 or 2 of the cars in Utah. You may be able to rent a car dolly or trailer, and tow one car that way. Otherwise, hire someone to drive any cars you can’t tow. You’ll probably have to pay for their airfare to get back home, too.

I have also heard of people who buy an old school bus, strip out the seats, and use that for a moving van. When they get to their destination, they either sell the bus or convert it to a motor home. Some say it works great. One guy said he broke down, had to rent a truck, and paid a lot of storage bills until he was able to sell the bus for a fraction of what he paid for it.

Lizzie asks…

Am I responsible for utility bills for an apartment when I moved back home for the summer?

At the University of Illinois I shared an apartment with two other people and we each split utilities and rent. Our lease lasts until august 16, and my roommates are staying at the apartment all summer while I went back home to the suurbs to work. They have asked me to continue splitting utility bills in addition to the rent. Is this right, considering the fact that I am not using their water/internet/power?

Administrator answers:

In my opinion, you should only be required to pay your portion of the rent and you should not be required to pay the portion of the utilities, etc.
Yet, that is only an opinion! You should look up your lease agreement and come to a median with your roommates about this situation because there are no right answers here (only opinions) except for the answers that you all decide on! Good Luck!

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