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July 24, 2013

Helen asks…

I want to move to New York City in 2-3 years. How much money would you suggest saving?

Where is a good place to rent my first apartment?

How easy is it to land a job in public relations/communications and how hard is it to do that in one of the music industry companies?

And anything else you want to suggest?

Administrator answers:

With the economy the way it is right now I would strongly suggest not moving here until you have a job offer in hand. Former co-workers of mine on Wall Street – very experienced and skilled people – have been out of work for months. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of music and publishing but I’d assume that it isn’t any easier there.

That said, I would suggest saving about $8-10K before moving here. That not only covers a few months of rent but also your security deposit (usually 1-2 months rent), broker fee which can also be 1-2 months rent, moving costs, and living expenses. Once here, I assume you will want to find a neighborhood that is 1) safe, 2) convenient to Manhattan and 3) affordable. A few suggestions:

1. Astoria, Queens – A homey Greek neighborhood about 25 minutes from Midtown.
2. Flushing, Queens – A very diverse, interesting place – tends to be loud and crowded but is relatively affordable and about 35 minutes to Grand Central.
3. Inwood, Manhattan – A beautiful, hilly neighborhood, very affordable by Manhattan standards. Convenient to midtown (30 or 40 minutes) but feels remote from the rest of the city.

All of these places you can probably find a 1BR apartment for well under $1500 (or even less for a studio).

Michael asks…

What neighborhoods are good to stay in for teenagers?

So I’m doing this program and it’s prestigious, only the downside is that they don’t have housing, so the people attending have to find their own housing and we’re only high school students, so I found two other people looking for an apartment to stay, but I was wondering what neighborhoods in New York are pretty safe for teenagers to spend three weeks in!! Thanks guys :)

p.s. What neighborhoods are not so good to stay in?

Administrator answers:

It would be helpful to know where the program is located, so we know which areas to direct you to. If your program is in Midtown, areas in Queens like Astoria and Sunnyside might work. If your program is in Lower Manhattan, areas in Brooklyn like Park Slope might be best. If it’s somewhere else, then let us know so we can find a good area for you. Also include your rent budget and how long you are willing to travel to reach the program.

I hope this information was very helpful.

David asks…

What are the safest areas to live in Queens, NY?

I’d like to rent out an apartment that is closer to my job and I’ve heard that Queens is generally more secure and safer than Brooklyn and Bronx, etc. Now I am well aware that each borough has its good and bad areas no matter where you go, but specifically in Queens, which areas are considered to be better areas, and which are considered to be more dangerous areas? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Douglaston, College Point, Yellowstone, Flushing are all good.
Jamaica and South Ozone Park are poor

Sandy asks…

Should I keep my apartment or put my things in storage?

I am currently living in a 1 bedroom apartment that costs $575 per month. In April, I will be leaving town for 6 months for work, and then coming back. Should I risk losing the apartment and put my things (heaviest pieces of furniture are an armoire, a queen size bed, and an upright piano) in storage, or just pay the rent while I’m gone? This would mean paying for storage, finding a new apartment, and moving twice… What would you do? Is the hassle worth the cost?

Administrator answers:

It’s going to cost you a couple hundred dollars to rent a storage, plus the cost of moving. I’d keep the apartment if you are happy with it. Perhaps you can get someone to sublet it or a friend to keep an eye on it for you.

Sharon asks…

How should we divide up our rent?

My friend and I are splitting a two-bedroom apartment, which is $1680 a month. One of the bedrooms is substantially larger (by about 30 square feet) and has a queen bed and about twice as much closet space. The smaller room has a twin bed. Any advice on how we should split the rent?

Administrator answers:

Do it by bedroom square footage. Say the large is 30 sf, the small is 22. Total bedroom sf is 52. 30 is 57% of the total bedroom sf. Hence, the 30 sf room pays 57% of the rent, or $958 and small room pays $722.

Lisa asks…

How much is rent in the Bronx or Queens?

I am trying to move in the Bronx or Queens.

In the Bronx I plan on moving to the Pelham Parkway, Pelham Bay,Parkchester, or Morris Park areas.

In Queens I plan on either moving to Jackson Heights, Woodside or Jaimaica areas.

I am looking more into the Bronx however. So I want to know if anyone has any ideas how much an apartment in these areas cost, if I move in with a friend.

If I live alone, how much would a studio cost?

If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks a ton.

Administrator answers:

Craigs list knows

Maria asks…

Can a couple live comfortably in Manhattan for $80000 a year between the two of them?

If we get an apartment for around $2000 per month will we be ok? By the way I’ve calculated things out it seems like we would but all I hear about is how high the taxes are in New York. I’m worried that we’ll be taxed way more than expected and struggle to get by. I understand we won’t be dining at the finest restaurants but I want to know if you think we’ll be able to live comfortably and maybe even build a little savings.

Administrator answers:

First of all, you will be hard pressed to find anything but a studio in a decent neighborhood in Manhattan for $2,000 a month. If you expand your search to Brooklyn and Queens, which are not that far from Manhattan via subway and actually preferable for many people, you can get a decent sized one bedroom. But 2,000 a month in Manhattan is not much rent money these days. I do not see how couple can live in a studio together and not get on each others nerves after a few weeks.

Second, do you need a car? If you live in Manhattan, or close in Brooklyn or Queens, it is going to be expensive to park unless you search for a place on the street and move it. Many New Yorkers do just fine without a car. Factor that into your calculations.

Third, there is a New York City tax on income, as well as New York State and all the federal things you need to pay. You can deduct these off your federal income taxes. As a very rough calculator, figure 6% additional tax on a salary of $40,000 a year.

You are going to live the lifestyle of a New Yorker who has a small apartment, takes public transit and some subways, and can afford to buy groceries and pay for basic living fundamentals — but will not be eating out much or going on vacations someplace exotic.

If it were me, and I could make this money in a place like Florida or Nebraska where the cost of living is lower, especially for housing, I would not live in New York City to be honest with you.

John asks…

What is a good apartment complex in the heart of downtown Seattle?

That doesn’t have $30,000 rent hahaha.

Administrator answers:

Whatever you do, do NOT go to Fountain Court. Trust me. They advertise like CRAZY on craigslist, but charge a ridiculous amount of money and screw you when you move out.

If you are looking to be in the hip and happening center of everything, you want to be in Belltown. But it’s pricey, you’ll pay about $1200+/month in rent for a one bedroom. A couple good places include the Sidney Apartments (206) 239-9700), and the Centennial Tower Apartments (206) 443-9300.

If you want to stay in the heart of Seattle but not want to pay the Belltown prices, may i suggest the Queen Anne area (it’s where i live!) — it’s on the north side of the Space Needle, still about 10 blocks from the heart of downtown (Pike Place Market, shopping, etc) but Queen Anne is really becoming the new hot spot neighborhood here.

Look on Craigslist for Queen Anne apartments — most of them are reasonably priced (900/month or so for a 1 bedroom) like the Chelsea (206.281.1700). Stick to lower queen anne, though, and avoid the hill.

Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

What part of NYC is best to live in for a skyline view of the city? I was really looking at Brooklyn?

I am looking at moving to NYC and was just wondering what areas are the best to have a skyline view of the city? I have been looking at Brooklyn, thats where my family is from. My rent range would be from 0-3000 a month.

Administrator answers:

There are some really awesome views from Long Island City…which is obviously in Queens, but a very short trip from Brooklyn.
In Brooklyn, there are some new buildings with views in Williamsburg — likely to run you near the top of the cited rent range. Then, as others have mentioned, there’s the Brooklyn Heights promenade area, also expensive.
It really depends on why view is so important to you, exactly what you want a view of, and whether you really want to pay twice the rent in exchange for a better view. I’ve been in apartments on the southern end of Park Slope, miles inland into Brooklyn, with perfectly angled windows and unobstructed views of the Empire State Building and/or Statue of Liberty at a distance.

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