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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Queens

August 7, 2013

Sandy asks…

what to ask for when renting a residental apartment in new york?

I am new to renting an apartment and was wondering is there a website or somewhere I could find questions that I should ask before I sign the lease? It is a residential rental and I just want to make sure I get all the info I need. Also I thought there was like a website for finding info about the area you are looking to rent I.E. Safety, School district things like that any ideas wold be helpful.

Administrator answers:

Where in NY? NYC or some other city…

If it is NYC … Just read the lease and make sure it does not violate tenant laws.. Links below

None of the public schools in NYC metro are good! Check into private and/or charter schools.. Try school lotteries so you can get a voucher to have your child attend one of the better public schools.

I did not feel unsafe in any area of NYC… Not even the Bronx when I visited my friend.. However, there are some scary places in Queen and Brooklyn..

Park slop in Brooklyn is very nice if you can afford it..
Astoria Queen is great as well..

John asks…

What is a nice neighborhood in Philadelphia for a family?

My family is thinking of moving back to Philly but we don’t know where? We want a reasonably safe area, clean, and at least 3 bedrooms. We are looking to rent and pay at least $850-$1200 a month.
A house not a apartment

Administrator answers:

East Falls is not a suburb- it’s part of the city. Rent for a decent apartment starts at about $1000 although you can find cheaper. It’s a great neighborhood that has easy access to Center City. It’s fairly diverse racially and socioeconomically. It’s very walkable and has everything except a good grocery store, which can be found in adjacent neighborhoods. Other good neighborhoods for families are Queen Village, Bella Vista, Roxborough, Manayunk, some parts of South Philly, Mt. Airy, and the Northeast. Good luck!

Helen asks…

How do I find apartment for rent in NYC?

Hi everyone!
I’m going to study in NYC. My school (St Joseph college) is in Brooklyn. I wanted to ask some recommendation about renting apartment. Which neighborhoods in Brooklyn are safe? I’m looking for any tips for a person who have never lived off campus before.
If I rent an apartment in Queens or Bronx, will it be so long to get to school?
Could you recommend any sites? And is it better to ask a real estate agent for help?
Thank you! :)

Administrator answers:

You should live near the college. Doesnt the school have a student housing office or a bulletin board with rentals from people who have a spare room to rent?

You go through a property management company to find a rental. It involves a fee. Some good areas are Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Bensonhurst, Boro Park.

Carol asks…

Where is the best place to rent furniture for a small apartment in Cambridge, MA?

I’m trying to rent a queen-sized bed and a sofa for 3 months I’m going to be spending in the Harvard area and am wondering if anyone has had a good experience with and/or would recommend a place down there to rent from. I’ve read so many headache stories of renting furniture and so if anyone could help with some tips I’d really appreciate it.

ps…I called one place (rent-a-center) and they listed it as 150 a month for the cheapest queen-sized bed. Knowing absolutely nothing about furniture, is that a rip-off or what I should expect?

Administrator answers:

For small apartments renting furniture is one of the best ways as it it cheaper as well as movable. There are many places where you can home furniture for rent at affordable cost in which some of them are,, etc. You may get good ones of your taste at reasonable prices in these sites.

Steven asks…

What is the average cost to live reasonably in New York City?

And, are there areas that have yards, in the city? I’m sure yards are rare, but how much do apartments/houses for rent with yards go for in NYC?

Administrator answers:


Compares how fare your salary will go where you currently live to the same salary at your destination.

Depends on what part of NYC your talking about. In Queens you can get a yard, in Manhattan no.

Ken asks…

In new york can i use my security deposit as last months rent without a lease?

I live in queens new york i dont have a lease but i want to move. I gave her my 30 day noticee on janurary 25 but i found an apartment and im gonna move feb 1st. There no damagae. Just the carpet has a couple of stains amd im gonna get someone to shampoo it before i leave. Even though the carpet was old before i moved in. But can i use my secuirty deposit as last months rent ???? Fyi no lease. Month to month living?

Administrator answers:

A security deposit is not last months rent, but held by the landlord for any potential damage and then is returned to you AFTER you move out and they have assessed the condition of the property. It is never considered last months rent. It does not matter if you had no lease, you knew it was security deposit.

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