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June 2, 2012

Helen asks…

Where can I rent an apartment in Queens or Brooklyn for 3 month?

I plan to stay in New York for 3 month next summer with my mom. We need an apartment for 3 month. Is it possible to find it?? And if so, where can I find it?

Administrator answers:

Impossible. NYC does NOT have short term leases. Finding an apartment with a 1 yr lease is almost impossible

Steven asks…

How much is the average rent for an apartment in queens with 1 bedroom?

1 bedroom apt in queens,
whats the average rent?

Administrator answers:

It depends where in Queens; also is it through housing or rent stablized? I know you can check for places that are available and how mush they cost.

George asks…

I’m looking for An apartment to rent in Queens, New York?

I’ve been searching the website but have no luck. I really want to move in no longer than a month. I’m looking for a good realtor that can find me an apartment and not rob me. Do you by any chance have any info that can help me. I check graigslist every second. also and I REALLY NEED TO MOVE> Thanks…………………… I prefer Flushing, Whitestone, College Point.

Administrator answers:


Checkout for some valuable tips on finding an apartment for rent in New York. Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Im just wondering is it possible to rent an apartment in queens with a monthly income of 800?

I want to move out but i currently go to college and work part time i earn 900 a month and i am thinking of adding one more day to get more money…I dont have a car so ill have to pay for food, and transportation as i go to school in long island so I need to take the lirr…if i get a roommate to help with the cost is it possible to have an apartment with my income in queens without living paycheck to paycheck or being worried i cant pay my rent or have no money??
In Queens NY by the way..

Administrator answers:

The worse neighborhoods in Queens (jamaica) start at $1200.00 a month for a 1 bedroom.

Joseph asks…

Credit Score to Rent Manhattan, Or Queens Apartment?

I am just recently out of college a year. I work two jobs but have had some serious credit problems due to my parents( I won;t get into it) Anyways, I am in job right now making decent money and I would eventually like to move to NYC or a close borough ( Queens, Brooklyn) My credit score is not that great right now, and I am NOT looking to move for another year. I can’t ask my parents to co-sign, because they are not in the best financial shape. Besides paying my bills on time, what else would I need to do to reach my goal? What kind of score is a creditor looking for a rental of an apartment.

Administrator answers:

In Harlen, all you need is a welfare check stub.

Jenny asks…

i want to rent a apartment in manhattan or queens for 1 week…help required?

Administrator answers:

Weekly apartment rentals are quite common, but costly in NYC. You may want to visit craigslist or a website that offers alternatives to hotels.

Here’s some places to get started….

NYC Craigslist (check “Sublets” and “Vacation Rentals”)

Nightly Apartment Rentals in New York City:

Temporary Apartments in New York City:

Good luck.

Chris asks…

How much does an apartment go for in the Sunnyside Queens Area go for?

i need to know what apartments cost to rent and to buy in sunnyside queens and surronding areas like maspeth and astoria also long island city. thank you
a studio or one bedroom

Administrator answers:

I have a friend who rents a 1-bedroom in Sunnyside for $1200/mth. I rent a 3-bedroom in Maspeth for $1300/mth. You should check out Craigslist for more info.

John asks…

How much is rent In queens?

I am moving to Queens for the summer. How much roughly would rent be in a small apartment. 3 people will be sharing bills. Two bedroom. Most likely living in woodside or Astoria Thanks

Administrator answers:

Queen is a borough. You need to ask specific areas like Astoria and Jamaica.
Http:// (Rents in Queens) (Renting tips)

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