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October 27, 2012

Chris asks…

New York Apartments for rent?

Hi i am having a bit of trouble looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in the New York city area (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) anywhere between $600 & $1000. I have tried looking on Craigslist but every time i think i find something, it turns out being a scam. Are there any good websites that can be that can help me find an apartment for under $1000.

Please don’t send anything stupid
Thank you

Administrator answers:

Try these.


On these pages you can select the rent range to narrow down your searches.

Helen asks…

what the cost for a 1 room bedrrom apartment to buy in queens newyork?

please just give a logical estimate how much to purchsae a 1 room bedroom apartment not to rent but buy.

Administrator answers:

Studio start at 175k, 1 bedroom, 225k

David asks…

Where can my parents rent for a week in Glasgow this November?

My Mum & Dad are looking for apartment to rent in Glasgow Southside from 16 Nov 09 for a week, as they are coming thrugh for my wedding and I don’t have space to put them up. It should be 2 bedroom as my brother is coming to Glasgow too – and hopefully not too expensive as they are already forking out a fortune for the wedding. Somewhere around Shawlands would be perfect. They had booked an apartment near Queens Park, but the company went bust so they need to make other plans. I haven’t been very impressed with what I’ve found online so far.

Administrator answers:

Have a look at the flats & houses section of Gumtree, or place a free ad yourself. Good luck!


Ken asks…

How much is rent per week in Queens?

I am moving to Queens for the summer. How much roughly would rent be in a small apartment. 3 people will be sharing bills. Two bedroom. Most likely living in woodside or Astoria Thanks

Administrator answers:

Queens rental do not usually go by the week. 2 bedrooms run between $1500-3000 a month.

John asks…

Why is parking not included in most apartments for rent?

I live in Honolulu, HI and most apartments here include a parking stall with it. A 1 bedroom apartment with no frills is around 1200 a month and that includes water, sewage and a parking space. I looked about 1 bedroom apartments in Seattle with no frills in good places like Queen Anne, Capitol Hill and University and they were around 950 dollars a month which sounds like a good deal but they do not include parking and charge much more than they do in Hawaii for additional parking space. I feel like a 1 bedroom apartment is a $hitty deal in Seattle because 2 bedroom apartments no frills go for 1200-1300 which is only a few hundred dollars more.

Administrator answers:

The areas of Seattle you mention are some of the oldest parts of the city and many of the apartment buildings were built before there were so many cars and some of them are houses converted into apartments so they weren’t built with parking in mind. Even the newer buildings don’t have a lot of parking spaces available and the street parking in some areas is hard to find. A lot of the people who live in those areas don’t have a car so they wouldn’t have any need for a parking space. Then there is the law of supply and demand – they charge for parking because they can and those who have a car will pay for it.

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