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November 13, 2012

Susan asks…

who is studyng at QUEENS UNIVERSITY ONTARIO in kingston??? urgeeeent?

hi i am from mexico, and i am going to queens univeristy in kingston in augost so i am looking a cheap and beautiful house or apartment near the univeristy or in downtown, but i want to share with 1 or 2 girls, so am looking for roomies (girls)…

i already look for apartments in rent, but i didnt find anything… somebody that can give any information about apartments in rent, roomies etc…

tnks a lot

Administrator answers:

Im going there…but im getting a dorm..go to their site and look at housing…theyll have some listed there

Maria asks…

Can i rent a $2000 apartment in NYC if i make roughly 60k to 70k a year alone.?

Can i rent a $2000 rent apartment in NYC, say Upper East/West Side, Midtown, or riverside Queens area, if i make 60 to 70k a year, job being a physical therapist. Also in addition, what would be some really nice apartments for that range near downtown manhattan or that area?
Also probably just a Studio or 1 bedroom. Im a single guy and i want to be near alot of other singles so to say..i mean i know its NYC but still

Administrator answers:

Not if you want to eat, get to work, wear other clothes and pay your other bills. Your rent should be less than 1/2 your take home monthly pay. Normally I would say 1/3 but NYC is very expensive. Good luck!

Michael asks…

how much does it cost to rent an apartment in seattle or cities near it ?

how much does it cost to rent an apartment in seattle or cities near it ?????

i will be trying to get to cornish college of arts in seattle WA

is seattle an expensive city to live in ??? and how much approx does a 2 bedroom apartment costs in seattle or cities near it as long as there is public transportation like trains or buses thats fine

im from New York City i paid 1100( monthly) for a 2 bedroom apartment ands thats in queens in manhattan studio or 1 bedroom apartments cost somewhere from 1000-2000$

oh and also what is the weather like there??? im assuming that since its near canada that its a bit coolers than here in NYC

Administrator answers:

An apartment anywhere near Cornish will likely cost you about the same as you pay now or more. I know someone who lives in a 600 sq ft studio in Belltown (not far from Cornish) and she pays about $1100/month.

We don’t have trains into that area of town, so your best bet is the bus. You could probably get a more reasonable 2-bedroom on the north end of town and still have a reasonable bus ride (30-45 minutes each way, depending). I would check and look at neighborhoods like Greenlake or Northgate because they have large transit centers in those areas. Other neighborhoods might include Fremont or Lower Queen Anne (you could bike from these locations), Wallingford, Maple Leaf, U-District, Greenwood, etc.

As for the weather, it’s actually not nearly as cold here in the winter as it is in NYC. We have pretty mild weather by comparison — so it’s not nearly as hot in the summer either.

Sandy asks…

how much can the rent be for a 3 bedroom apartment in south ozone park queens?

Administrator answers:

Generally between $1800-$2400 a month…depending on the amenities and what…if any… Utilities are included.

Daniel asks…

What are to the good places in Brooklyn and Queens to rent?

Looking for a decent neighborhood, decent price one bedroom apartment<1,500. Close to city if possible
Any ideas? thanx

Administrator answers:

Do yourself a favor and stay far away from soundview, there are no townhouses as well as no decent people.

In brooklyn, check out bensonhurst, its a traditional type/close knit community type of neighborhood. Youve also got park slope and williamsburg, theyve recently become great areas, but being hit by the hipster invasion, you’ll be paying 4,000k+ a month for a room the size of a closet.

In queens we’ve got astoria, another great area, as well as forest park, whitestone, and bayside.

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