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December 24, 2012

David asks…

White girl moving to jamaica?

im planning on moving to jamaica, Queens soon by myslelf to start my life out of my parents house and idk what part would be best i go to jamaica all the time i love black people obviously thats the reason im moving…i know i dont fit in but im just wondering what part of jamaica is cheap but not as bad as south jamaica and an apartment rent about $800….does anybody think something bad would happen to me there for being white? thnxx

Administrator answers:

Ahh! Oh my god, i love black guys aswell, and im white,
i really want to go to jamaica one day, or africa. It would be such a good experience,
good luck to youuu

Robert asks…

Am Looking for an apartment for rent?

I’m looking for an apt in the queens area ..richmond hill ..near to the train between 100st and 121st on Jamaica .. a 1 br 1 bath with kitchen .priced about $700:00 .if you see any ads or posts please let me know

Administrator answers:

As i have visited this site when i am needed. This helps me a lot in searching the apartment for rent may this site help you in searching your query.This site is basically a Canada site . They provide apartments on rent any where in Canada with affordable pricing.

William asks…

how much rent for a room (not apartment, but 1 room) in queens?

I’ll be probably moving to NYC to get a masters….
the thing is, my budget will be a bit mmm tight,
does anyone know around how much would it cost me to rent a
room in someone’s house?

I don’t think I’ll want to pay for an apartment of my own,
I just want a room to sleep, somewhere to plug my computer,
a kitchen to cook and a bathroom…you know, the basics.

I’m also thinking of finding a roommate, but well,
seems like my budget won’t allow it.
not sure if it matters much, but I’m thinking Woodside would be a nice neighborhood…

Administrator answers:

Expect around 700 to 1000 a month, depending on how many people live there.

Carol asks…

Life in New York?

Regarding pay per hour?
what is the price for rent an apartment in queens?
Distance of queens to manhattan (in min)?
what are the jobs for mexican people?
wich are the best jobs or better pay for mexicans?
Is an advantage that mexican has an extensive knowledge of English for their work
mexican places?
mexicans helping mexicans?
As is spent per meal per month?

Administrator answers:

Pay per hour depends on the job, but entry level jobs usually run around $8.50-9/hour.
The least expensive apartments in Queens might be $750/month.
Travel time Queens-Manhattan on subways would be from 10 minutes (Astoria) to an hour (Rockaway or Douglaston).
NYC does not assign jobs by ethnic group.

Helen asks…

Where is the best place to look for an apartment?

I am trying to find an apartment for rent, no rush or anything i have the whole summer to look for one.
I live in NY and i am interested in finding an apt. in Queens. I have tried Craig’s LIst and everything that is in my price range or i like, is a scam from Africa!!!!
Where where can i look? I want to rent, and not go through a broker. I would prefer to skip the broker’s fee and go directly through the owner.
Thanking everyone is advance for their answers!

Administrator answers:

Here are a couple sites you could try in addition to Craigslist…I don’t know if these are in your price range, but they do list several properties in Queens, including Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Jamaica:

Hope this helps…good luck!

Sandy asks…

Is it a good idea to offer more rent if I really want an apartment?

I’m trying to get an apartment in New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan) and it’s pretty cut-throat for the best ones. I found one I really liked that is way below my budget limit, and also at least a dozen other people are trying to get the place too. The tenants are renting out their empty room so they’re deciding who they’d prefer to live with out of the applicants. Would it be tacky to offer them a little more than their asking price to try to give myself an advantage?

Administrator answers:

If you are a suitable prospect I cannot imagine any person in their right mind declining to accept more rent than they are asking for. There’s nothing tacky about offering them more if you are really anxious to get the place.

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