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May 27, 2013

Ruth asks…

Is roosevelt island a nice place to live?

I found an apartment for rent online in a complex on roosevelt island in manhattan. It looks real nice but how is the neighborhood. If anyone lives there is it safe is there anything to do and how do you get to manhattan from there?

Administrator answers:

I have a lot of co workers who live there and they love it…The rent is lower than they were paying in Manhattan. There are a few restaurants (fewer than 5) on the island and I’m told they’re not very good and very expensive.

There are a few small grocery stores…again over-priced.

Most people take the tram to Manhattan but the tram will be going out of service at some point this year for what is projected to be a 6 month overhaul.

The F train however, runs into Manhattan via Roosevelt Island and there is also a bus that goes there from “mainland” Queens.

Sharon asks…

Is there an apartment for rent in Flushing area?

I am looking for a two bedroom apartment in Flushing, NY. My budget is 1200 to 1400. A living room is a must. It is for three adults. One working full time and the other part time.

Administrator answers:

If you mean Flushing, Queens..NY, you will be hard pressed to find an apartment in that price range.

Donna asks…

Where can I find low rent apartments in NYC without having to live in housing projects?

Currently, I live in housing projects in NYC and I really want to move to somewhere elce within the city that much closer to a subway line without taking the bus. I really need to find a 2 bedroom apartment that is lower than $800 a month! I really need help!

Administrator answers:

Yeah, two-bedrooms for under $800 is almost impossible anywhere! I would head to Queens. Try Flushing. The 7 train goes there. You might find something in the Bronx. You could always find a place in west Jersey City, near Journal Square or (gasp) Newark. The PATH trains run from there to midtown. Good luck.

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