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June 12, 2013

Betty asks…

How much do New Yorkers pay for apartments?

I want to move to New York City and ive found an apartment for $3695, another for $2500 and another for $3724. Is that reasonable? How much is a regular priced apartment. If any people from or live in New York read this question, how much did you pay. What is a good price a regular person could pay for an apartment?

Administrator answers:

It 100% depends on where you are living.
Manhattan can get pretty steep (like the prices you quote), but there are random deals out there. Sometimes you can sublet a rent-controlled place for $1000! However, prices vary wildly in Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. I know places that are under $1000 in parts of Queens.

So it all depends on what you mean by “regular person” (I know i could never afford $2000+), and on where in the city you want to live. Also remember, the City is considered all 5 boroughs.

Carol asks…

Do the British people support the Queen and her family financially?

I’m curious to know how Queen Elizabeth supports herself . Is it through her own inheritance through her Royal ancestors or is she being supported by the British Citizens through taxes? Also if the people of England are supporting her and her Royal family then can they claim her and her family on their taxes as a dependents or do they get a tax rebate? I know it sounds like a silly question but I had to ask.

Administrator answers:

It’s not a silly question, but the answer is not very clear. When William the Conqueror conquered the kingdom of England he owned the entire country by “right of conquest”. However, he quickly gave away large portions of it to his trusted men. By the year 1760 the king was still the largest landholder in Britain, but he signed away all of his land to parliament. The lands and property became the “crown estate”. Today, the crown estate is managed much like a large corporation. It generates a profit of about 200 million pounds which goes into the treasury. Various government organizations give to the monarchy roughly 40 million pounds a year. So some people think that the government is making a huge profit, while others think that they are paying taxes for the monarchs.
Technically each new monarch signs an agreement with parliament agreeing to give the proceeds of the “crown estates” to parliament. If the United Kingdom votes to become a republic, then theoretically the last monarch could break the agreement.
Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Holyrood Palace, all belong to the “crown estate”. Sandringham and Balmoral are considered private property of the monarch. Since Sandringham and Balmoral are very large and expensive palaces they are need to generate money. They are open to tourism and particularly Balmoral is a “working” estate.
The “Prince of Wales” is entitled to the profit from the dukedome of Cornwall. He pays taxes on the money that he receives. The mansion that he lives in in London (Clarence House) is considered public property. The renovations cost millions of dollars. The Prince paid some of the expenses related to his personal taste, and the government paid other expenses.
Kensington Palace is considered property of the “crown estate”. Many of the lesser royals live in Kensington palace. It is also where Diana had an apartment where she raised her two sons after splitting with Charles. Parliament decided that the elaborate “grace and favor” apartment that Prince Michael lived in since 1978 should no longer be free. He will start paying rent next year for about 10,000 pounds per month. Prince Andrew lives in a mansion near Windsor Castle owned by the “crown estate”. Right now he pays a minimal rent.
It is generally believed that the privelages extended to the royal family (especially the ones that are not closely related to the monarch) will continue to shrink. Prince Andrew is the royal of his generation that gets the most public criticism. Partly because he is a bit of a playboy. The princess royal has a more modest apartment in St, James Palace. Prince Edward has a very nice mansion as well. Princess Alexandra has a beautiful home, but she is very dignified, and is subject to much less public criticism. She managed to sign a 150 year lease on a property that a Russian billionaire would spend a fortune to own.
It is not clear what will happen with the next generation. Princess Eugenie and Beatrice are just getting to the age that they will want their own homes.

Lizzie asks…

How much does it cost to live in a average apartment in NYC?

I dont want nothing fancy but i dont want to live in a dump! Can any1 give me an average rent price, of a place like that?

Administrator answers:

You’d have to be far more specific, as something as small as having an elevator in your building can affect the price.
Also, what part of NYC? Manhattan? Bronx? Queens? Brooklyn? The price difference between Manhattan and the Bronx is astronomical.

I’ll assume you mean Manhattan…

An “average” studio will probably start at $2,000 for 600 sqft or so.

A one bedroom will probably start at $2,700 depending on location, size, amenities, etc.

My apartment is $4,200 for a two-bedroom penthouse in Morningside Heights.

My old apartment was $3,000 for a one-bedroom in Midtown West.

If choose a different borough, you could find a very nice apartment for a quarter of the price. You could get a nice place in the Bronx for under $1,000; perhaps even $600/month if you look hard enough.

Donald asks…

How much will it possibly cost to move a one bedroom apartment 155 miles away?

I’m moving from one town to another in the same state. All I need to move is my bedroom furniture (dresser, queen sized bed, desk/hutch, night stand) and an armoire. I can move the rest myself.

Administrator answers:

You might be better to rent a U Haul that will take all your stuff, make one trip, which shouldn’t be more than a one day charge for the U Haul
don’t know the prices currently but it can’t be too much, maybe $100-$200?

Michael asks…

How much is a small apartment in the US(to buy)?

A studio apartment or I have even heard of some apartments where there is only a kitchen, a restroom with a shower and a room with some place to sleep at. It can easily be on outskirts of a city. At locations:
1) at New York City(not the most ghetto district)
2) at a small city (population 100 000 people)
3) at a smaller city (population <100 000 people)

Administrator answers:

I understood buy, not rent. Correct? In NYC outskirts (queens, bronx, brooklyn) studios would go around 150g to over 300g. Westchester cty (outside NYC) maybe a little cheaper, but not by much.
As far as small cities are concerned, it really depends on the city. They vary greatly.

William asks…

What house or apartment can I get with this in NYC?

Okay first of all me and my fiancé will be making 200,000 a year, give or take a little. We hears that to find out your budget a month for an apartment, you just divide your salary by 40. What kind of apartment can we get in Manhattan with 5,000 a month? Also what is a good borough to buy a house in with that amount?

Administrator answers:

NYC is expensive. That’s not very much money. I guess if you want a small place for most of your pay check you can do it. I live in Queens in a small one bedroom and my rent is 1400 a month. I don’t think you can afford a house unless you save up a lot of money and have a good down payment. Most people are leaving NYC. The people who are here often inherited their houses from their parents who bought them when it wasn’t so expensive.

Steven asks…

How do you get in as a property manager for an apartment building with little-no experience?

I have leased apartments before but never managed.

I would like to have a place up on Capitol Hill in Seattle or Queen Anne Hill.

Administrator answers:

It’s not who ya know, it’s who ya blow! Hahahahahaha

Seriously, I don’t know much about that. I think you’d have to find out who the owner is and ask them about it. I do know it’s a great way to possibly get free rent!

Good luck, Buddy, and don’t stay away so long. I’ve missed you and all our other friends.

Speaking of……..if you’re lucky, maybe Dawn Davenport will weigh in on this one. She carries a lot of weight. I’m sure Babs J. Could tell you how to get in the position you need….

Any word for St. Paris? Or is she too good for us commoners now that she’s sprung from the pokee. I KNEW her humility wouldn’t last!!!

Lisa asks…

What are the best cities to live in that are in commuting distance of New York City?

I’m considering a job there when I graduate, but I know how high the cost of apartments in the city are. So, I’m interested in hearing what the best cities within commuting distance of the city are, in no more than an hour by train or car. I’m looking for good deals on housing, a good economy, low crime rates, etc. Like I know Hoboken and Stamford are good as are a lot of places in Conneticutt. Are there any other good cities I’m missing?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what type of environment you are looking to live in: An apartment in an urban environment, with a lot of things in walking distance, or an apartment in a quieter suburban environment where you have to drive a lot.

A lot of the towns in Long Island fall into the second category (except for a few, such as Freeport and Valley Stream, which are near the LIRR into Manhattan). Westchester has a couple of urban areas such as White Plains, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Port Chester, New Rochelle, and Yonkers (though Yonkers has more bad areas than the other towns).

For a suburban area with decent prices on homes, you can look further east in Long Island, in areas such as Hicksville, Levitttown, Amityville, and Babylon (Amityville and Babylon have areas that resemble and urban “downtown”)

You can also try looking into some areas of northern New Jersey, such as North Bergen, Union City, Weehawken, and Fort Lee. There are also a bunch of suburban areas near train lines that go into NYC.

You can also try looking in the 4 “outer boroughs” of NYC: If you go a few miles out into Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island, you’ll probably be able to find a safe area with a reasonable rent.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Mark asks…

How can I stay and work in Ireland?

One of my friends and I are planning on moving to Ireland for a gap year. Where would be the best place for us to move? We would like to find jobs and rent an apartment. We are looking for a fairly cheap area. It does not matter to use if we are in a city or not but we would like to be relatively close to some fun nightlife. Anything you could give us would be great. If you know about any place to 19 year olds could work that would be amazing also. Also I was looking into going to university there or taking a few classes so any suggestions on that would be nice too.

Administrator answers:

Well done for wishing to try out this beautiful island!
You could find yourselves a bit spoiled for choice. There are many places to consider so you may want to research each to make your minds up. The good thing is, you can get around the whole island fairly easily and you wherever you set up base, be sure to visit all the main culture centres.
All cities here have their good bits and bad, cheap and upmarket. Here in Belfast where I live is fantastic, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
If you are not too fussy there are furnished apartments or 2 bedroom houses for as little as £300 p.c.m.
However, furnished might mean just a sofa and a single bed in an otherwise empty house so always check exactly what you’re paying for and you can often negotiate your lease to run month to month.
There are 2 Universities in Belfast you might want to check out. The first is Queens University, which is located close to the city centre. It has so much going on there, you should look it up. The building itself is beautiful but I’m biased because I went there!
The other is the University of Ulster. There are campus’ around Northern Ireland, but again the Belfast campus is in the city centre. Student life in Belfast can be wild at times but it is what you
make it. I am proud to say Belfast is one of the safest ( yes, safest!! ) cities in the U.K. And Ireland.
As for work, all the major supermarkets absolutely love students so that shouldn’t be a problem! Pick up an application form from customer services like I did. And if like me your luck is in, you’ll start 3 days later!
Hope some of this has been helpful. Belfast loves to welcome people from all across the globe and friendlier warmer people you will not meet.
Its a great base to explore the entire island. You can get to Dublin in about 1hr 30. Cork is beautiful, my wife lived there for 5 years. If you like fishing, Galway and Mayo are fantastic. Fermanagh has loads to do. Basically everywhere on this island has something so pick a good base and take in as much of it as you can. I suppose I should mention flights to Europe are cheap from Ireland so you can always nip off to Paris, Rome or Madrid for a weekend too. I’m telling you, you will not want to leave these shores once you arrive. I know. I moved here from the Netherlands in 1995 and haven’t looked back!
Best of luck and I wish you and yours all the very best!

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