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October 5, 2012

James asks…

How much money would I need to save up for an studio apartment in Astoria Queens NY?

What would six months worth of rent saved up look like?

Administrator answers:

Star’s answer is within range for rent alone, but you also have to figure a security deposit which is at least one month’s rent, sometimes two. Not sure if she figured that in. Monthly rent on a studio in Astoria probably ranges from about $800 to $1100. So, I would figure more like $6,000-7,000 for six months.

Nancy asks…

Is it usually free to view an apartment through a realtor?

I booked a last-minute appointment for a viewing of an apartment (to rent) in Queens, NY tomorrow. I didn’t even think to ask if there was a fee before making the appt. because I didn’t think there would be one. Now I’m having second thoughts. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

There is never a fee to look at any real estate.

If there is, turn around and walk away

happy holidays!

Betty asks…

Where is Queens, NY? Can I stay there for vacation? Good neighborhood on Manhattan?

I am trying to find a good apartment to rent out for March 15-19 and was recommended one in Queens for 160 a night. Is this a good deal? Good neighborhood? I know queens is a burrow of NY but what part of town is it in? North, South, East, or West?

Administrator answers:

Queens is a separate borough; in other words, it’s not in Manhattan at all (it’s East of Manhattan — for a map of the city take a look at .) It’s also big. For anyone here to be able to tell you whether the apartment you’ve found is in a good neighborhood and/or convenient to Manhattan, you’d have to let us know what Queens neighborhood the apartment is located in.

If you’re looking for a room, you can find good deals in Manhattan if you look for them, checking with and other such resources. If you’re looking for an apartment, however….well that IS another story, and I can’t think of where you can look for one at that price. Manhattan has its reputation as an expensive place to live for a reason! However, if you do have to secure a place outside of Manhattan, and are visiting NYC and intend to be spending time IN Manhattan, you’ll want to make sure that the apartment is conveniently located — in other words, check out what subway line it’s on, how far from the subway, etc. That is, of course, in addition to safety.

If you post more information on the apartment/neighborhood you’ve found, you may get some helpful answers here.

Susan asks…

How do you assign a lease in NYC?

I want to break my lease in a rent-stabalized apartment in Queens, NY. I have to give 60 days notice and find a replacement renter to take on the rest of the lease. Am I responsible for running the credit checks and checking references before I give my notice?

Administrator answers:

Try this website regarding NYC rent controlled apartments, it should have all the info you need.

New York City Rent Guidelines Board
51 Chambers St., Suite 202, New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-385-2934 | email: |Top|

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Ken asks…

rent an apartment in NY and broker fee?

I am looking for an apartment in kew gardens Queens, I went to the area and found out that for renting an apartment in buildings in most cases I have to got hrough a real estate and paying a comission (1 month rental)…my questions:
1. can I trust real estates to find an apartment for me? (it’s my first time that I may deal with a real state) they charge the owner in addition to renter for comission(broker fee)?
thanks for your attention

Administrator answers:

Find it yourself on

Mary asks…

Breaking a lease in Queens NY when there are 2 tenants listed?

I made the mistake of renting an apartment in Queens with my second cousin. The situation is unbearable- I buy groceries most of the time, do most of the cleaning, all the utilities are in my name so I have to wait for her share (which is always late), she borrows money all the time (and I can never keep track of it all), flips out over the stupidest things (is a spoiled rotten only child), and makes the apartment a living hell… etc.

Both of our names are on the lease. We have 11 mos. to go. I believe the lease says I cannot sublet the apartment.

I know my cousin cannot afford the place on her own. If I were to move out would I simply forfeit the security deposit and the lease would be void, or would the landlord be able to sue me for my share of the 11 mos rent? And, assuming my cousin would be bold enough to refuse to move out if the landlord were to sue me, might I then have to pay for half of a 2BR apt for her to occupy by herself??? Please help!

Administrator answers:

You signed a legal binding contract to rent these premises for a year, apparently. Both of you are equally bound to pay the full cost of the rent, should either one or the other default.

Legally, if you cannot sublet, you are bound to at least your half of the rent for the duration of the contract. If your cousin defaults, you will be responsible for the full amount.

Not a pretty picture.

Donna asks…

I will rent a basement apartment?

Hi, I would like to ask some opinions if I am getting a good rate of renting a basement apartment in Queens NY, for 600 dollars a month, utilities are included, the basement already have bed, ref, and own bathroom…
Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

That price sounds ok to me, but do a thorough inspection for bugs (roaches, etc) and water damage. Remember that you are at the bottom of the building – if a pipe breaks above you – it’s YOUR apartment that will be flooded. I’m not real keen on sleeping on a used bed though. You might want to toss that or at least, again, inspect it thoroughly for bedbugs (which are unfortunately making a comeback here in the USA).

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