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January 16, 2013

Lisa asks…

How much should I spend each month?

Is it realistic to spend $1300 to $1400 on rent (utilities included) for 1 bedroom apartment. I will be making $6,000/month and living in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Administrator answers:

That will get you a very small one bedroom or studio in Astoria that is not near a subway. $1800 for rent plus utilities is a better bet. I think you need to up your budget a bit.

Daniel asks…

I just got a job in Manhattan NY; need help choosing residential area?

I need to get an apartment in the 800-1000 range; therefore i’m looking to rent in NJ(right across the hudson or close), Brooklyn or Queens. However can some1 please advice me on where to stay; pros n cons; Which specific neighbourhood?? (ie Brooklyn => Crown Heights for example) I used to live in Queens last year so I know NY, the trains, and so on; however I just need pointers… HEEEELP

Administrator answers:

I live in Brooklyn. The commute from Bay ridge to downtown manhattan is 30 mins to midtown its 45 mins and uptown can get close to an hour. You can get decent 1 bedrooms in bay ridge for your price range and it is generally nice to live there.

Sandra asks…

will I be kicked out?

I live in queens NY. I pay rent for a room who pays the landlord for the apartment under her lease. Now my roommate has decided to move out and I can’t find a place soon. Can the landlord kick me out of the room?

Administrator answers:

Unless you can afford the rent, yes. Realize you were not on the lease, so you are not offered the same tenant rights. You can try to get tenant rights from your landlord (roommate) but it would be a tough situation.

Good luck.


Check at nearby colleges to see if they have a roommate needed board. There are also companies that help match people up after interviewing you. Some will do background and credit checks also.

Lizzie asks…

Can a landlord evict a paying tenant?

My mom pays rent for a Queens, NY every month on time. The landlord did not give her a lease but she was told that the rent was $1400 and she paid just that. The only thing he has fixed was the water leakage in the bathroom when she first moved in. He refuses to fix the leaks in the house because it snows a lot where I live and he does not provide a doorbell. The bell all of a sudden stopped working after she moved in. He claims that the bell with and without the intercom is get this… $6000! No bell is worth that much. The fridge leaks and water seeps in through the window when it rains and snows. He has security and his rent payments every month and my mom got fed up and asked him to fix the defects in the apartment and he told her that he was gonna get a lawyer to send out a letter to her for her to leave because he doesn’t want to fix anything. He does not provide heat meaning the heater doesn’t get hot and the apartment is freezing cold in the winter. He does not pay water, gas, or garbage pick up. On top of that he said he wanted to increase the rent by $200. there anything she can do? Does he have the right to kick her out even though she pays rent on time every month?

Administrator answers:

If your mother is on a month to month rental agreement, the landlord only needs to give her a 30 day notice to vacate. And he can raise the rent at any time by giving her 30 days notice.

BTW, the landlord is choosing to not renew the agreement and that is very different than evicting her.

Richard asks…

Need help! Moving to a bigger apartment…?

So im moving to a bigger apartment but it has smaller rooms and the kitchen area is smaller. I usually had my maytag epic washer and dryer (gas)stacked in my other apartment in the kitchen but now this new kitchen has smaller space and I need a smaller washer/dryer preferably stackable and the dryer has to be electric. Does anyone know what brand makes small washer/dryer for small space. Thank you ;)

Now for the advice: This apartment has two bedrooms, kitchen, full bathroom and large living room. Im going to be paying electric but the rest is included. If I have an electric dryer will it cost me more then gas? I dont want to spend too much on my electric bill since im sort of on a budget at the moment because we are expecting a baby soon. I live in NY (queens area to be exact) and usually rent is pretty expensive. Im going to be paying 1300 with everything including parking space but no electric =/ Should I just look into another apartment???

Administrator answers:

In general (gas) is cheaper than (electric) & depends on use. All I can
say is find a place that meets your minimum needs & go from there. And stick to your budget.

Try Kenmore or GE or get a good used stackable with a warranty.

Congrats on the baby.

Sharon asks…

Verbal Agreements on a Lease?

I was apartment hunting online and found something that looked okay in Queens, NY. I live upstate, so I contacted the guy via email, who was moving out to live with his girlfriend. Technically, I’d be sub-leasing from him. The rent was a short-term thing- 4 months. I spent a month figuring out if I could afford it, and I called him and I told him that I’d take the apartment. It was a little out of my budget, but I hadn’t found anything else. That was 2 weeks ago. We decided to figure out payments once I was in the area. Two days ago, a friend of the family offered to let me live in his fully-furnished condo for $400 a month cheaper, all utilities included. I contacted the guy from the old apartment to tell him I wouldn’t be moving in next week, and not surprisingly, he’s really upset. He wants me to pay this month’s rent being we had a verbal agreement. Am I bound to this?

Administrator answers:

Legality aside, you did tell him you would rent it and then just a week before moving in you backed out. Since you told him you would take it two weeks ago, he probably stopped looking for a tenant.

If I were you I would offer him half of a months rent, 2 weeks, since that is the time you cost him by not looking for a new tenant. If he wanted to make a case of it, he probably has one. By offering him the 2 weeks you are making it worth his while to not bother with a civil case and save the effort and money going after a full months rent.

It’s not all about whether you are legally responsible or not, sometimes it’s just about being a responsible person and doing what is right.

Broken Wings points out exactly what is WRONG with most people. “Don’t pay him, go to court and LIE that you ever had an agreement with this person.” You would be furious if someone did this to you, so why would you do it to someone else?

Realtor.Sailor doesn’t know what he is talking about. This is an existing tentant sub-leasing his apartment for less than one year. Per the NY Attorney General regarding Tenants Rights, “Leases for apartments which are not rent stabilized may be oral or written…An oral lease for more than one year cannot be legally enforced. General Obligations Law § 5-701. ” A verbal agreement between two parties is enforceable under these conditions. Although as I already stated, the onus would be on the existing tenant to show reasonable proof that a verbal agreement existed and that he was harmed by your withdrawal from it. I think he would be able to meet those conditions which is why I suggest you offer him half the amount and everyone walks away from it.

Nancy asks…

I have an Opportunity to move to NYC! Idk what to do!!?

I’m 20 years old, I turn 21 in December. My parents are from NYC (queens) and I was born there but my parents moved my brothers and I to central Ny because it was a cheaper and nicer place to raise us. I’ve been living in upstate my whole life and i feel like I’m not progressing here. I work part time and I went to community college for 2 years, I want to transfer but idk where! I’m currently not going to school (taking a semester off) my grandma lives in brooklyn Ny and I have an opportunity to move there. I wouldn’t be paying rent but I would have to find a job. She lives in sheapshead bay. I usually go to the city a few times a year to visit so im a little familiar with it. Im looking into transferring to a nursing school.. In the city I hope. SHOULD I MOVE THERE OR NOT!? I’m so scared because I don’t want to make the wrong decision, are there good nursing schools there ? And I know it would be a big change from living in a huge house here to a little apartment with my grandma. HELP!

Administrator answers:

If you are asking here – and a non travel related question at that – no.

Robert asks…

Could I successfully live in New York as a journalist?

Maybe it’s just a stereotype, but it seems that New York is where most of America’s excitement happens :P and plenty of news. I’ll most likely go into J-school (at Mizzou, one of America’s most revered). I’d like to live as a journalist in NY. I’ve heard that the avg starting salary for a journalist is $30,000 – $40,000, and could be as much as $90,000 as an editor. I’ve also heard that Queens is a good place to start.

And when I say “successfully”, I mean that despite the fact that I’ll probably work insane hours at a paper or magazine, I’ll be able to enjoy a clean apartment with a bit of a monetary cushion. I don’t necessarily enjoy the idea of constantly struggling to pay rent.

So could I, in your opinion?

Administrator answers:

No. Most will fail. Even the skilled ones. New York is VERY expensive to live in. I would highly advise that you move to a city a few tiers down.

I know people will say “follow your dream” or “anything is possible” but I don’t say that. I say things as I see them and consider the odds of it happening.

I would advise getting a job that pays decent and saving money and working hours you can handle.

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