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June 18, 2012

Nancy asks…

Jehovahs Witness & Others ! Serious answers ONLY! Moving from Denver Co, To Amarillo TX. Please Help!?

Okay so my fiance lives in amarillo tx & I live in denver at the moment. I was just wondering since I’m gonna be moving to Amarillo tx. B4 we get married . & I need somehelp. I’m a. Baptized Jehovahs Witness at the moment & he is just a regulor Chrstian man.

The first half of my questions are just the basics , but the second Half involve my Religion.

My following questions are;

1. Will it be easy for me to get a job out there?

2. Me & my fiance plan on getting an apartment for $450 -$575 is that considered a good deal in texas ?

3. Is it true you can’t put stake sauce on your stake out there?

4. Are the people in Amarillo racist ? ( I only ask cuz am black & my fiance is white & I know there are a few rednecks in tx).

5. How easy do you think it will be for me to adjust to the diffrent atmosphere in TX?

6.what are some good resturants to go to?

7. What are some fun things to do out there?

8. My fiance makes $500 a week cuz he works for a beer company with only his income coming in at the moment will we be able to afored a 1 bed room apartment for $450 -$500?

9. Does Amarillo Tx accept interracial relationships ?

10. Any tips on what to do & not do in TX?

11. What stores do you have in Amarillo?

12. Where’s a good cheap place to get furniture for an apartment in Amarillo?

The next questions would involve my religion!

13. Are there any Jehovahs Witness kingdom Halls out there in Amarillo TX?

14. My fiance is just a regulor christian & I am a Jehovahs witness at the moment , Once I marry my fiance how long will it take me to be allowed back as a Jehovahs witness in TX?

15. How will this affect me being away from my family & friends once I get disfellowshipped after moving in with my fiance & marrying him?

16. If I get disfellowshipped is it true that I will not be allowed to talk to my younger brother & sister & my parents will disown me ? And I can’t talk to them unless its an emergancy?

Any advice is helpful , Please NO smart remarks or hu

Administrator answers:

I Corinthians chapter 7 says you can marry an unbeliever. It doesn’t say it is wrong to do so. So if your church is telling you it is wrong, ask them why they would tell you it is wrong when the Bible says the exact opposite.

Thomas asks…

I am looking for an apartment for rent based on an income of between $200-$500 3bdr. in amarillo tx..?

I’m needing a 3 bdr. apartment or house for rent that is between $300-$600 0r based on income in amarillo tx.

Administrator answers:

Here are all the listings amarillo craigslist – apts/housing for rent
You’re sure to find something there.

Helen asks…

21 and moving to Amarillo, TX?

I’m moving to Amarillo, Tx from a small town in Virginia. I’m 21 and will not know anyone there. Can someone give me some good advice as to what are good neighborhoods for someone my age and maybe what apartments younger people live in? How hard is it to find a job? Is Amarillo College a good school? Is there lots to do? Just any random info would be great too.

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

If you don’t know much about the city and don’t know anyone there, I’m curious as to what made you decide to move there?
They call Chicago “the windy city” but Amarillo could easily have that name. The wind blows constantly from the same direction causing the trees to grow away from the wind. It’s extremely flat — very unlike Virginia –you can see forever. It’s in tornado-alley. The summers are hot and in winter they get blizzards.

The 3 major employers are a meat packing plant, an aircraft assembly plant and a nuclear assembly plant.

The population is just under 200,000, with 10% being between ages

Amarillo is “beef country”. There are many large ranches. It’s got a true western atmosphere.

I don’t know anything about the school or entertainment in Amarillo, except the musical drama “Texas” presented in nearby Palo Duro Canyon during the summer months.

Charles asks…

If apartment does not uphold amenities advertised, does it constitute breach of contract?

I live in Amarillo, TX. We chose to move to arden ridge apts partially because of an amenity listed online. Their website advertises free high speed Internet. We have been here nearly 4 months and there is no high speed Internet and I have been given the runaround as to why it’s not working and when it will. My question is does this constitute a breach of contract on the apartment’s end?

Administrator answers:

No, for breach of contract you need to look at what is listed on your lease, nothing online means anything at all. That is no contract.

John asks…

The Timbers Apartment Homes Reviews?

im loking into moving into The Timbers Apartment Homes at
4615 South Virginia Amarillo, TX 79109. if anybody has ever lived in these apartments before coud u please let me know if they are good quality?

Administrator answers:

Check out the link below. It looks fairly nice to me, and very reasonable. They have some specials going.


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