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Your Questions About Apartments In Aurora Co

May 3, 2012

Mary asks…

HELP I’m looking for Beautiful/Safely located Apartments in Aurora, CO not far from Buckley AFB.?

Administrator answers:

I have a friend that lives in an apartment complex called The Estates at Mira Vista. It’s technically in Denver, but literally on the Aurora border. They’re on Alameda which makes them easlily accesable to Buckley. They are new, safe, relatively nice compared to other apartment complexes, they have ammenities (pool, gym) and rent is affordable. Here’s the link.


Helen asks…

Does anyone know the name of the apartments on 11913 maple in aurora co?

Administrator answers:

Chelsea Park Village

Steven asks…

what do you think about the apartments….Brentwood on the park in denver/Aurora co?

Iam thinking about moving to these apartments and don’t know anything about the neighborhood..please hep?

Administrator answers:

It’s a nice enough place, one of my cousins live there. Not a whole lot of noise or irritating people from what I’ve seen. I don’t know too much else about the area, but I’m sure visiting often enough will give you a rough feel for it.

George asks…

How do i move to aurora, colorado?

Alright, so i found an apartment in aurora, co on craigslist, and now after i get it i need to get a job to pay that off? How do i do it? I’m currently in Los Angeles, CA and i suppose i CAN make a move, BUT i am broke right now! If i move to colorado, is there anyway i can find some shelter to save myself, until i get a job? Please, someone tell me when you were broke and you moved to a different state, how easy was it?

Administrator answers:

You need to have the job lined up before you can get the place. With some job history from your current job wherever you are, plus a job lined up at the new location; a landlord will consider your jobs income to get the place, no problem (without any income currently coming in you won’t be getting a place). Then once the job in lined up just visit places and put in applications (assuming your credit and income are good enough to qualify).

Linda asks…

I’m looking to move to aurora, co within the next year?

im gonna be working near fitzsimons area by hwy 70. any local residence have any advice on apartments in some nicer areas in aurora thats within a reasonable distance of my job? thank you

Administrator answers:

This is a very high crime area. Your nearest safe hoods are South of Illiff Ave east and west. Stay out of Commerce City. Email me if you want more info.

Daniel asks…

Where do I look for find a house for rent in Aurora Co?

A house… not an apartment.. other than Craigslist?
I live in Vegas, and will be making the move blind…. so I can’t drive around town unfortunately :(

Administrator answers:

You can look in the Aurora Sun (Daily paper) which is free in newstands all over Aurora. The other thing to do is drive around the neighborhood you’re interested in. My friend just did that and found a great house right off Iliff.

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