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June 4, 2012

Betty asks…

I need to find a house or apartment for rent in corpus christi texas cheap as possible where do I look?

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

Furnish an apartment after moving in?

My boyfriend and I are getting an apartment in corpus christi. I live in the dfw area and he already lives down there in a dorm. I would rather not have to pay to move a bunch of furniture down there like a couch, table w/chairs, and other large pieces of furniture, yet if he buys it there ahead of time, he has nowhere to put it. So should we just get our apartment and then furnish it later?

Administrator answers:

YEP, get it first, furnish later. Furnishng it can be fun. And don’t forget resale shops, upscale ones, Goodwill or Salvation Army as sources for great furnishings. And estate or tag sales, too.

Linda asks…

Coast guard housing in corpus christi?

Does anyone know where I can get some help finding a place to live in Corpus Christi? We are Coast Guard and need help finding apartments that will help with housing. Thanks!
We’re heading to the cutter in Port Aransas.

Administrator answers:

The Coast Guard unit you are going to should send you a welcome aboard package with all the information you need on housing. If they have not call them and ask for it.

What unit are ya’ll headed to?

Donna asks…

Where can I live for not much?

Meaning, not much in rent, and not much in credit checks.

I used to live in Texas, and I was astounded that 1 bedroom apartments in Corpus Christi were $300 a month compared to Austin or basically anywhere in Texas.

My question is, where can I live with a roommate that offers that kind of city discount around the nation?
Corpus Christi isn’t legal? What’s this insinuation about being free of charge – if that’s what you meant. Please elaborate.

Administrator answers:

The least expensive rents that do not require credit checks and so forth are relatively easy to find in any city because they exist in the worst neighborhoods where no one else wants to live. But in general the least expensive rentals exist in states that have the lowest property taxes and in areas that are less desired. Often, the more rural you get, the lower the rental cost will be.

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