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Your Questions About Apartments In Corpus Christi

April 28, 2012

Donna asks…

Where can I find low income apartments in Corpus Christi, TX?

my Fiancee and I are looking to move into an affordable housing or apartments and he’s the only one getting money I have no job.

Administrator answers:

Unless you both work you will not qualify. You can’t be low income because you decided workign is just not for you.

Mary asks…

Any opinions on North Side Manor Apartments in Corpus Christi, TX?

Administrator answers:

I had a freind who lived there and he enjoyed it very much. It wasn’t as nice of a facility as he would have liked but when he figured the condition and location against the price he felt he had a very good value. If luxury is important and money is not a factor, i would choose a different option.

William asks…

costa tarragona apartments in corpus christi, tx?

Has anyone ever lived there or have any reviews??

Administrator answers:

No check

Richard asks…

Corpus Christi Apartment Guide?

I’ll be looking for an apartment in Corpus Christi. Any good online references for Corpus Christi TX?

Administrator answers:

This site has a good list of Corpus Christ Apartments.

John asks…

Can anyone tell me where I can find houses (not apartments) for rent in Corpus Christi, TX?

I am not there yet so any good places online, papers online or real estate places that handle rentals?

Administrator answers: is the link to the local newspaper.

Craiglist has a section for corpus as well.

Or you can try looking up a local realtor. They often handle house rentals.

Paul asks…

What is a good apartment complex in Corpus Christi TX?

I am thinking of moving there. Any good apartments under $600 per month?

Administrator answers:


Steven asks…

Is there a Marine Reserves base in Corpus Christi?

I have a lease on my apartment in Corpus Christi, that I would like to be stationed near after basic training. I see that there are Navy reserves in Corpus Christi, and one website showed a unit called Company C, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines. I do not know if this is for reserves or active duty, but the website itself seems to be semi-inactive. I know that the Marines are a branch of the Navy, could it be that they send you to Marine boot camp and station you at a Naval Reserves base? Also, I had to leave my permanent address registered in a different state, as I was under my parents insurance until I was through with college. Will this affect where I will be assigned to train? Lastly, is an MOS as a firefighter an option within the reserves, or only active duty? So many questions!.. Any guidance would help, Thanks!

Administrator answers:


Try this link and call the unit. The best information is from the source itself

Maria asks…

Should I wait to move to Corpus Christi until after Hurricane Season?

My boyfriend is in the military and recently got an apartment in Corpus Christi. I live in Southern California and am moving there soon, I’m just wondering if I should wait until after hurricane season. I have 4 small animals that require large cages, fish, and a 45 pound dog, evacuation would be very hard if a bad storm hit, I drive a VW Jetta and my boyfriend’s Mustang isn’t any larger.

Today is September 7th and I know Hurricane season is until November 30th, are any large storms likely before the season ends?


Administrator answers:

Chances of a hurricane hitting any one spot is rare even during hurricane season. I don’t see any reason why one should wait until after hurricane season since hurricane season happens every year. However, to buy storm insurance for your home or apartment, they usually don’t sell them when the tropics are active in the Atlantic Ocean.

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