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September 4, 2012

Linda asks…

where can i find no credit check apartments in denver colorado?

Administrator answers:

At the YMCA or at a homeless shelter.

Steven asks…

Do you know of any affortable high rise apartments in downtown Denver?

It can be a studio or one bedroom. And please in a safe area. :) thanks!

Administrator answers:

Nope… High rise apartments are pretty expensive in Downtown Denver.

Lizzie asks…

High rise apartments in denver?

Also the price and a website.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what type of apartments you are looking for, however here are some of my favorites. These are all in very trendy areas.

Glass House Denver. 24 stories tall. 1 year old complex. Beautiful views of cities and mountains. Many apartments for sale. –

1600 glenarm place – older building located in the very center of downtown. Apartments are currently available –

One Lincoln Park – 31 story skyscraper currently under construction. Upscale living in a very trendy area of denver. Should be finished by late 2008. Http://

Four seasons denver. A beautiful 45 story tower in the heart of downtown. Http://

Spire Denver – a 42 story building located next to the convention center. Http://

Hope this helps!

James asks…

Does anyone know any apartments in Denver that don’t require a credit check?

Administrator answers:

Keep looking a small and mom pops units, while it may seem that every one does credit checks, is not completely true, need to look around ask up front if they charge a fee for application this will be a good sign they run checks,

Nancy asks…

Any apartments in the Denver area that work with bad credit?

Administrator answers:

There may be, but they are going to be hard to find and few and far in between.

Try calling Relocation Central. They are a locator service and they work with lots of different apartment communities, private homes, small duplexes owned by private parties, and they may know where you can rent with bad credit. You’ll probably have to put down an extra deposit though.

Richard asks…

Help! Nice apartments in Denver Metro area?

Moving to Denver, will be working near Fiddlers Green Cir, Englewood, and want a short commute. I want to live in a nicer neighborhood in the Englewood, Littleton/Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Villiage Areas.

Anyone know of any nice apartments around here? Also needs to be relatively inexpensive-between $500-800 a month, and pet friendly.
Just myself–1 bedroom, 1 bath. Loft or study area preferred.

Administrator answers:

I live and work in Englewood/Greenwood Village, few min from Fiddlers. Its called the Enclave at DTC, theres always a few for rent between 600-900 but very nice area…You can check craigslist for them, or call property managers or realtors..and across the street is the brigewater, also very nice in GV/Englewood. Good luck!

John asks…

Is there an e-mail address or a website for the Moana Apartments in Denver, CO 80220?

I am trying to locate my son. His cell phone is no longer in service, and I don’t know if he is still at that address. 825 Dahlia St. I called the phone number of the apartments (303-355-4711) but got no answer.

Administrator answers:

I just searched under Yellow and this is all I found… They don’t list a website, which is what I was looking for… I guess I’d just keep trying to call that number.
? Hope this helps

Mark asks…

What apartments are good in Denver?

I’m not familiar with Denver, but I’m relocating there. I have tried to search for 3 bedroom apartments that are under 1000 a month. But on, I keep finding nothing but bad comments about every apartment I have looked at. What do you recommend? Or, are there any apartments that you would stay clear of?
anywhere in Denver, my husband is getting transferred there. He doesn’t care about commuting, because it’s what we do in Jersey, so we’re used to it.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t take too seriously. Remember that people tend to complain about something a whole lot more than they will complement something. And most of the posters on there are a) ex employees with a grudge; b) renters who did something wrong and got caught and are trying to get revenge; and c) people who think they should get A quality homes for C quality rent.

You should definitely know the area you want to live in first. Downtown, close to downtown (Cherry Creek or Washington Park area), suburbs (Lakewood, Aurora, Highland’s Ranch, Broomfield). Once you know how close to downtown you want to be, then I would call a locator service, such as Apartments by Cort, or Apartment Guyz, someone like that. You can tell them what you want, your price range and any particulars and they can narrow it down for you.

Also, I don’t know where you’re coming from, but prices may be higher here. As a rule of thumb, always choose an apartment at the top of your price range. You’ll be signing a lease for a certain amount of time, and nothing will make you more uncomfortable than living somewhere cheap because you thought you’d save money that way. Pay more for rent, save money elsewhere.

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