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October 24, 2012

Steven asks…

Felon Friendly apartments in Denver, Co?

My fiance and I are looking for an apartment. The problem is he has a non-violent felony from 2002. Were having trouble finding somewhere that will give him a chance. Does any one have any resources for Felon Friendly BUT SAFE and Decent apartments in Denver? We prefer the DTC area as we both work and “play” in DTC. We also have a 5 year old daughter and stress the fact that the apartment complex MUST be safe. We don’t want to be around a bunch of hardened criminals. He got in trouble yes, but he has managed to turn his life around! And yes, I know finding a private renter on Craigslist is an option but it’s not a great one.
Just to clarify the felony occurred in 2002. He is not and never was on parole. He received his felony in Texas and we live in Colorado.

Administrator answers:

Contact his PO for help this sometime works since he is trying to mend his ways

Ruth asks…

What apartments/condos in the Denver area (preferrably Broomfield) will not look at credit ?

I have an apartment collections on my credit. I know the easiest way is to either pay it or may pymnt arrangements with the collection co, but it is for a considerable amt and is pretty recent.
The amount due is around $2000 from a broken lease (I moved out due to a family situation).
I am relocating to the Denver area from out of state due to job and do not have enough time to get it paid. I dont want to make arrangements with the collections agncy until I am settled and can honor the arrangement.
What apts in the Broomfield, CO will lease if this is unpaid ?
What communities do not do a credit check ?
I would also be interested in renting/leasing a duplex or townhome in this area if anyone knows of a good place to locate them ( besides the newspaper).

Thanks everyone !!

Administrator answers:

No one, sorry

try attending college 12 credits (full-time) to apply for college dorms downtown

they are brand new and cheap

Lisa asks…

Best Affordable Apartments in Denver.?

I’m moving to Denver in Oct. all the way from N.C. Although I have friends there I have no idea how to go about finding the best apartment. Does anyone have any apartment community’s they recommend? I’m not very wealthy so price is an issue. I do not want to sacrifice safety or cleanliness for price though. I’m looking for a 2 bed/1-2bath apartment. I’ve used and a few others but since I live so far away it’s hard to really know what an apartment would really be like. Thanks for any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Stay in NC, there is a water shortage here and more people moving here will only make it harder on the ones that are here already.

David asks…

What apartments are available near Denver, CO?

I live in MI and I am considering moving out to Colorado. I want to stay close to Denver, preferably within a half hour. I’ve only been out there once for a week so I have no idea what is available in the area. I was thinking Aurora, Golden, & Boulder areas. Any information/advice/recommendations would be helpful.

Also, where is the best place to look for job openings online? Any really good websites?


Administrator answers:

You are not going to find a job on-line. II just does not work. Employers have to many choices to bother hiring someone from an on-line application. Fewer than one in a hundred who job-hunt on line find one. You need to GO to Denver, stay in a hostel or long term residence hotel a couple of weeks and job hunt. When you find a job, THEN look for an apartment nearby…if you are going to work in Denver, you sure do not want to commute from Golden or Boulder….too far and horrid traffic. When you are ready to look for an apartment ask your employer or co-workers for recommendations, look on Craigslist, and in the papers, or go to an agent.

John asks…

Apartments in Denver?

Looking for an apartment in Denver – where do I start?

Administrator answers:

This website has a good list of Denver apartments.

Richard asks…

How difficult is to rent an apartment in Denver Colorado?

I used to live in NY and renting an apartment was a hassle. Security deposit, first and last month, application deposit, credit check deposit, proof of employment and some cases if you didn’t make 40,000 or more a year you were disqualified automatically.

Anyways, my question is how difficult is to rent an apartment in Denver, how are the rents and how many of these things they ask you if you want to rent… anyone? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

I would imagine it would depend on what part of town you moved to.
They have illegals there that rent so that can’t be to hard.

If you get into the wrong part of town where they ride those crotch rockets you are in a bad part of Denver.
They have the Asian & Mexican gangs with shootings and all that stuff.

You might want to look at the outskirts of town.
I was just up there in June.

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