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August 3, 2013

Mandy asks…

Roughly how much is the average rent for an apartment in Denver?

I’m looking to move out to Denver in approx a year and half. I was wondering if anyone knew roughly how much a one bedroom apartment would be per month in Dever Colorado

Administrator answers:

There’s no way to tell you what the rent will be in a year, and it depends on where you will be living – downtown, suburbs, mountains, etc. Look on

Charles asks…

are there any studio apartments in denver colorado for 300.00?

Administrator answers:


Jenny asks…

Where is a good place for a 23 year old to live in Denver, Co?

I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in Denver, Co. It would be nice to find an apartment complex or building of some sort that has people my age, in their 20s. I am not opposed to living downtown if there are safe areas and hope not to spend more than $900. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Capital Hill is a nice walkable community near downtown, grocery stores, night clubs, cool shops and restaurants. It’s a fairly social and young area as well. Check out the area known as “Poets Row” (Sherman street) which has a lot of nice apartments named after poets. Lots of young people! Fun area.

Also, the area around the University of Denver would have a lot of college age students. But the pricing might be more cause of the area.

Mary asks…

How would I go about renting a nice apartment in Denver, CO when I am living in NJ?

I was offered a job in CO to start a.s.a.p. but I need to find a place for my family and I to live before we move and I can’t make a trip out there before hand. This is my first time moving like this and I’m not sure how to rent without being in person.

Administrator answers:

See if your new employer can recommend a good realtor in the area. No sense guessing, especially since the landlord pays the realtor fees.Or go with a National company, Prudential, Century 21,etc

Donald asks…

Cheap Apartments near/around Denver, Colorado?

My friend and I are moving to Denver, Colorado in the end of Summer, beginning of August to attend Metro State College, and were wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that the apartments are under $600 for a 2 bedroom, 1 or 2 bathroom??

We aren’t too familiar with the Denver area, but we want somewhere fairly close, and with a safe neighborhood.

Thanks !

Administrator answers:

However I don’t have too much knowledge regarding this but I have came across these awesome websites which are full of all the info which you are seeking for. Hope this helps.


William asks…

Has anyone lived in one of the Boutique Apartments in downtown Denver? Good experience?

Administrator answers:

I’m sure they were nice but if you make a moderate amount of money you have very limited resources answering if a place downtown was a good experience. Furthermore I feel that most Yahoo! Users are a middle class level that would never live downtown like that (for price and conventional reasons.) Ask us about a realistic place. If you still want to know about this place contact the real estate agent. He/she will tell you how wonderful it is and why.

Thomas asks…

A friend of mine lives in a terrible government assisted apartment in Denver. There is mold, lead paint, and?

asbestos everywhere. I believe the apartment constitutes a sever health risk. Which federal agency should she contact to file a complaint.?
To those that respond with criticism, please remember that these apartments are suppose to meet certain federal guidelines in terms of health safety. She has a job, but unlike you worthless live at homes doesn’t make enough to support herself, family, and pay for college.

Administrator answers:

Try your local housing authorities and local health authorities.

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