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June 17, 2012

Jenny asks…

Are there any Apartments in Denver that allow Exotic pets?

I own one bird and two leopard Geckos. Are there any apartments in Denver or around Denver that allow those animals?

Administrator answers:

I dont think reptiles are much of a hassle in apartments

John asks…

Does anyone know any apartments that take Dobermans in Denver CO?

I am having the hardest time finding an apartment complex that allows dobermans. My max payment is $800 per month. If you know any apartments in Denver, Westminster, Boulder, Broomfield area that allows dobermans please let me know!

A Doberman Owner

Administrator answers:

I know that Toscana apartments in Arvada take german shepherds, as I’ve looked at moving in there in the past. They are off 80th and Sheridan. They are a low income complex, so rent starts at 499$/month. The apartments are smaller, but I think they are nice, I like the area, and they have a nice fenced in dog run area to give your dog some time off leash. I don’t know if they accept dobermanns or not, but because they accept shepherds I assume they would? They just have an 80lb weight limit, but a nice vet or tech could always slip on a form and put in 79lbs ;)

My mom’s boyfriend use to live in the Aspen Park Apartments in Northglenn, right behind that DMV off Malley Drive and Washington, I think they accept any breed of dog. He had neighbors with pit bulls, one neighbor had two chows, the woman across the hall had a giant black lab/newfie mix. They are a bit pricier, but still well under 800$

Sandy asks…

what is the income restrictions for income restricted apartments in denver?

need to know what is the max income you can make and any other info. that would be helpful. first time trying to get this kind of apartment need as much info. as possible please!

Administrator answers:

Your case worker will tell you what, if any, programs you qualify for. There are too many details to answer your question here. Contact the housing authority and ask them about applying.

David asks…

best and cheap apartments in denver metro?

where could my boyfriend and i find nice, cheap, apartments in the Denver metro?!
specifically around Aurora?

Administrator answers:


Carol asks…

The good, bad, and ugly of Denver apartments…?

Hey all-
I am searching high and low for an apartment in Denver. There is a whole lot of stuff to choose from and I was wondering if any of you have any good recommendations OR complexes that I should just stay the heck away from. My ideal location is the Cap Hill/Wash Park areas… but anything will help!!

Thanks so much

Administrator answers:

Capitol Hill? I don’t think so. That place has a reputation for being the “ghetto”. I don’t think you would want to move there.

The Washington Park area, however, is beautiful and safe year-round. As you know, it’s close to the Cherry Creek District which is one of the best places in Colorado. Out of those two, choose the Wash. Park area. You won’t be disappointed.

Thomas asks…

Nice apartments in Denver, CO really cheap and reasonable?

2 bedrooms with everything included…
What are some? Closer to Bel Rae College?

Administrator answers:

Nice and also really cheap tend to be mutually exclusive. Here is a link to CraigsList Denver where you can look for yourself and get an idea of what is available.


ADD: Near Bel-Rae – look in Glendale

Sandra asks…

What are some good apartments in Denver?

Mainly in Cherry Creek, Washington Park and Stapleton

Administrator answers:

I don’t have a ton of info but thought I’d give you what I do have.

The Seasons at Cherry Creek is a very nice property that feels like a hotel (big lobby, lots of elevators). They do lots of fun tenant events – I’ve attending a gambling night there and it was a really nice setup. The only drawback is that either the windows don’t open at all or they do open but there are no screens. If you don’t have any pets the no screens thing probably isn’t a big deal because bugs are scarce up here. They have a workout facility with indoor pool and the units are very nice.

Areas very close to Cherry Creek like Congress Park and Cheeseman Park are also good options. The Arboretum at Cheeseman is a nice condo property about a block from the park and the botanic gardens in the middle of a residential neighborhood where you can either rent or purchase.

I did not care for the Retreat at the Park by City Park due to the quality.

Colorado Pointe is very nice and close to Cherry Creek. The only drawback for me is its location – it’s right on a busy street.

Donna asks…

nice apartments between denver and colorado springs?

looking for a good apartment community that is safe and reasonably priced with good staff if there is such a thing preferably in castle rock
in castle rock, what is a good apartment to live at?

Administrator answers:

Castle Rock has a number of excellent houses for rent. These rental apartments differ from each other in terms of size, number of bedrooms/ bathrooms, and many other details. They are situated in different Castle Rock, Colorado localities and these apartments all have different levels of comfort and amenities. At the same time, there are an abundance of cheap apartments in Castle Rock, Colorado that provide quality living accommodations for a percentage of the cost of the city’s more affluent rentals. From affordable apartments and cheap studios to luxury rentals in the city’s upscale neighborhoods, Castle Rock, Colorado has something for everyone.

I am happy to recommend you some cheap and fine apartments within that area.
1. Pines The At Castle Rock
2220 N Castlegate Dr
Castle Rock, CO 80104

2. The Bluffs At Castle Rock
483 Scott Blvd.
Castle Rock, CO 80104
If you’re looking for a beautiful one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment in Castle Rock, you will be satisfied with it.
1 Bedroom $745
2 Bedroom $940 – $1060
3 Bedroom $1200 – $1300

3. Rolling Hills
1129 South Eaton Circle
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Rolling Hills Apartments convenient address places residents in close proximity to an abundance of recreational, cultural, educational, business and health care options.
1 Bedroom $642 – $833
2 Bedroom $821 – $966

4. The Links At Plum Creek
1100 Plum Creek Parkway
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Adjacent to the exclusive Plum Creek Golf and Country Club, The Links at Plum Creek offers unparalleled golf course and mountain views. Conveniently located in Castle Rock, you will find yourself just 30 minutes from the crowds and noise of Downtown Denver and 30 minutes from Colorado Springs.
1 Bedroom $810 – $1010
2 Bedroom $1060 – $1110
3 Bedroom $1220 – $1225

If you are not satisfied with the info above, you can consult the web where you may find more options~~

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